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Reviewed by:
dankwiz (1 reviews) on September 8 2011

grand and compliant!

very ignorant review. you have a "LAW," that has made cannabis medicine, as viable as any medicine requiring a prescription, but it's called a recommendation for cannabis, get it? Any medicine prescribed with a prescription is compliantly placed in a child resistant container, so should cannabis follow suit. there are plenty of us patients that like having our meds placed in child resistant containers, and not some substandard, back alley, plastic bag. are the meds you getting worth more than your plastic bag? i hope so. if you're going and spending $20/$50, or however much a week in a dispensary, don't you want your buds preserved? so, sorry to say, gizmo, you really validated nothing, but the aspect of stoner trying to ruin a viable thing, for people, like me, with debility; i care, and i care about my relief! and, i dont' want some stoner mentality of not caring, ruining it for all patients that see a point in compliancy. NEVER do i want to go and spend an avg of $50 or more a week at a dispensary, and get my meds handed to me in a plastic bag...completely pathetic. if your club can't afford to buy a proper vial to place your meds in, what does that say about your club? they don't give a hoot about you, nor the value of relief you obtain! hello? maybe a $.30 vial is to much for some of these cheap ass clubs out there, so they opt for a plastic bag, costing maybe under a penny, then the bag strips your trichomes off, so you're not getting the full value of the money you're spending. when your gram costs you, on avg, $20, is the dispensary really losing out on a $.30 cost for a vial to preserve your medicine? phooey to you! i'm glad there is a compnay like
this selling these vials. medical cannabis is law compliant, not recreational compliant, and it's handing out should be in exact accordance.

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Reviewed by:
gizemdorett (10 reviews, Karma: 2) on November 18 2010

good but not grand

It's nice to see a shop that offers you interesting containers but to be honest I don't see the point in them (I'm sure each and every one of you has A JAR home that he could spare to be his general "stash") and to top that up, for how they look and how good the containers are, they're seriously overpriced!

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