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OG Sativa Weed

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, March, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder


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OG - Sativa

The "Ocean Grown" OG Kush comes from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and is considered to be the strain that put Southern California buds on par with the flowers coming from up North. Developed over three generations and years of stabilizing as well as developing the perfect fertilizer / food for this particular strain, resulted in a phenomenal kush, said to be the strongest indica today. OG Kush, when properly grown, has the highest THC content of all kushes.


Girl's story may lead Idaho to approve marijuana oil

Category: News | Posted on Mon, March, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder
girls-story-may-lead-to-mj-approval-of-oilBOISE - Idaho lawmakers are considering legislation decriminalizing cannabis extract oil while not loosening marijuana laws.
"Alexis' Law' was sparked by a Boise family who has watched their 10-year-old daughter struggle to survive with a rare but intractable form of epilepsy marked by seizures.
Clare Carey says the oil could change Alexis' life. Carey says that the oil has shown to reduce the amount and duration of seizures in children with epilepsy.
Carey is prohibited from possessing the oil because of Idaho law.
The family has been lobbying lawmakers for almost two years, putting Idaho in a movement to decriminalize the oil. The oil is legal in 12 states that still ban marijuana smoking.


Which would you choose to smoke today?

Category: Fun | Posted on Mon, March, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder



There Is A Shortage Of Medical Marijuana In Washington D.C.

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, March, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder
shortage-of-mmj-in-wa-dcWashington D.C. medical marijuana patients have three dispensaries to legally purchase medical marijuana from. That’s three dispensaries for roughly 2,500 patients, which is up from 800 last summer. That imbalance of patient to safe access point has led to a medical marijuana shortage in Washington D.C.. Per the Washington Post:
Operators of Washington’s three medical marijuana dispensaries have struggled to meet the rising demand, frequently limiting the amount patients can purchase and occasionally turning them away.
On Wednesday, “we opened without any product to sell or without a delivery expected that day,” said Vanessa West, manager of the Metropolitan Wellness Center in Southeast Washington. “It was a total bummer. We closed early.”
West has heard from some impatient patients that the shortage has pushed them back to the pot dealers they relied on before the District launched its tightly regulated medical marijuana network in 2013.
There are ten licenses currently issued to grow medical marijuana in Washington D.C. to supply the dispensaries. Only three of those growers have brought crops to the dispensaries so far, so there is room for a lot more growth on the supply side. Now that medical marijuana patients can grow recreational plants, I’d imagine that will affect things quite a bit. Although, there are no doubt quite a few patients that don’t want to, or can’t, cultivate marijuana themselves, so safe access points are still vital.


Black Widow - Hybrid

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, March, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder


DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana

Category: Odd | Posted on Mon, March, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder
utah-is-worried-about-stoned-rabbitsUtah is considering a bill that would allow patients with certain debilitating conditions to be treated with edible forms of marijuana. If the bill passes, the state's wildlife may "cultivate a taste" for the plant, lose their fear of humans, and basically be high all the time. That's according to testimony presented to a Utah Senate panel (time stamp 58:00) last week by an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
"I deal in facts. I deal in science," said special agent Matt Fairbanks, who's been working in the state for a decade. He is member of the "marijuana eradication" team in Utah. Some of his colleagues in Georgia recently achieved notoriety by raiding a retiree's garden and seizing a number of okra plants.
Fairbanks spoke of his time eliminating back-country marijuana grows in the Utah mountains, specifically the environmental costs associated with large-scale weed cultivation on public land: "Personally, I have seen entire mountainsides subjected to pesticides, harmful chemicals, deforestation and erosion," he said. "The ramifications to the flora, the animal life, the contaminated water, are still unknown."
Fairbanks said that at some illegal marijuana grow sites he saw "rabbits that had cultivated a taste for the marijuana. ..." He continued: "One of them refused to leave us, and we took all the marijuana around him, but his natural instincts to run were somehow gone."
It's true that illegal pot farming can have harmful environmental consequences. Of course, nothing about these consequences is unique to marijuana. If corn were outlawed and cartels started growing it in national forests, the per-plant environmental toll would be about the same.
But backcountry marijuana grows are a direct result of marijuana's illegal status. If you're concerned about the environmental impact of these grows, an alternative is to legalize and regulate the plant so that people can grow it on farms and in their gardens, rather than on remote mountainsides.
Now, regarding rabbits. Some wild animals apparently do develop a taste for bud (and, yes, best to keep it away from your pets). But I don't know that the occasional high rabbit constitutes grounds for keeping marijuana prohibition in place, any more than drunk squirrels are an argument for outlawing alcohol. And let's not even get started on the nationwide epidemic of catnip abuse.
There was a time, not too long ago, when drug warriors terrified a nation with images of "the devil's weed" and "reefer madness." Now, it seems that enforcers of marijuana law conjuring up a stoned bunny?
Not scary enough for the Utah Senate, it seems: the panel approved the bill and sent it to the full Senate, where it will be debated this week.



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