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Marijuana CEO Breaks Barriers with Chamber of Commerce Position

Category: News | Posted on Thu, March, 2nd 2017 by THCFinder

Marijuana has been fighting to make its way into mainstream acceptance since, well, as long as anyone alive can remember. That fight moved one round closer to completion with the election of Jake Salazar, CEO of MMJ America, to the board of directions for the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The appointment is a positive for both Salazar and the marijuana industry, giving them a nice recognition by the business community. A number of large businesses are represented in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, including Denver International Airport, MillerCoors, Bank of America, Xcel Energy and the ACLU.

Coming up on the 10th anniversary of MMJ America, Salazar has had the benefit of seeing the industry change from hidden grow houses to a full-scale industry.

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Hall Pass - Brownies Of The Pot Variety

Category: Videos | Posted on Thu, March, 2nd 2017 by THCFinder


Trump Vows to Win War on Drugs, But Doesn’t Mention Marijuana

Category: Politics | Posted on Thu, March, 2nd 2017 by THCFinder

Trump Vows to Win War on Drugs, But Doesn’t Mention Marijuana by Phillip Smith

Phillip Smiths, one of my favorite and most prolific writers on the drug war, latest piece examines last nights Presidential inaugural address to Congress in which Trump vows to win war on drugs, but doesn’t mention marijuana. I encourage all of our readers to follow Phillip and his writing at

In his inaugural address to Congress Tuesday night, President Trump echoed the ghosts of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan—not to mention Miguel Cervantes—as he vowed to defeat drugs.


If there is a silver lining, his ire appears directed at heroin and other hard drugs. The word “marijuana” did not appear once in his speech.

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States Plot Marijuana Defense As Sessions Goes Off Again

Category: News | Posted on Thu, March, 2nd 2017 by THCFinder

John Hickenlooper has never been a huge fan of marijuana legalization. When Colorado voted to legalized marijuana in 2012, Hickenlooper, a former mayor of Denver who’s served as the state’s Democratic governor since 2010, was in the minority who voted against legal cannabis. Now, the country’s marijuana movement is hoping Hickenlooper is serious when he suggests that he likes Donald Trump messing with him and his state even less than the reefer.

On Sunday, Hickenlooper appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press to utter the great conservative mantra—states’ rights—and declared, if in the most passive-aggressive (read: mainstream Democratic) way possible, his intent to abide by his oath of office and defend Colorado from all threats, foreign and domestic, even if that threat is the federal government and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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