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Wisconsin Cities Are Legalizing Marijuana Themselves

Category: News | Posted on Mon, October, 2nd 2017 by THCFinder

Wisconsin, the land that gave us Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and former sheriff Richard Clarke— malformed half-offerings from a higher power who ran out of copier toner and just gave up—is lagging far behind other nearby states in getting right with marijuana reform. Instead of waiting on state lawmakers, a handful of Wisconsin cities are legalizing marijuana on their own.


Like everywhere else in the U.S., a majority of the citizenry in Wisconsin favors legalization—and unlike nearby Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and even North Dakota, Packers fans don’t enjoy so much as a workable medical marijuana system.

In Wisconsin, medical cannabis is limited to CBD oil only. There is a legalization bill in the state legislature—but considering it would require cooperation and a signature from Walker, currently on a holy quest to force all of the state’s welfare recipients to submit to urinalysis, it’s safe to assume cannabis reform at the state level is still a few big steps away.

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What strain are you smoking on today?

Category: Fun | Posted on Sun, October, 1st 2017 by THCFinder


Jimmy Kimmel Live - Marijuana for Mom

Category: Videos | Posted on Sun, October, 1st 2017 by THCFinder


Colorado Continues to Put Cannabis Taxes to Good Use

Category: News | Posted on Sun, October, 1st 2017 by THCFinder

Colorado continues to put cannabis taxes to good use, as funds are currently being used to build safe housing for homeless people with mental health issues, addictions, survivors of domestic violence and the disabled. Governor John Hickenlooper said the funds going into supportive housing for those in need ultimately save the state millions in future hospital and incarceration costs.


Touring a housing development in Denver being built on land donated by St. John’s Cathedral, Governor Hickenlooper reminded taxpayers that 40 percent of the homeless in Colorado actually have jobs but many were dealt a bad hand.

“That’s not the American dream, if you’re out there working 40 hours a week and still can’t afford an apartment,” he said. “This effort is looking at the other end of the spectrum; the chronically homeless, people who’ve had real challenges in their life and need the supportive services that this facility is going to provide.”

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Recreational marijuana sales won’t start in January in SF after all

Category: Politics | Posted on Sun, October, 1st 2017 by THCFinder

People eager to start buying recreational marijuana from shops in San Francisco when sales become legal throughout the state in January are going to have to wait a little longer.

The city won’t issue permits to sell recreational marijuana until it passes new laws to regulate the industry and creates an equity program to help low-income entrepreneurs, people of color, and former drug offenders break into the market.

According to Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, who introduced an ordinance with proposed regulations at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, city officials still have no idea what that program will look like or how it will operate.

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