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Demand For Medical Marijuana Plummets In Colorado

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, January, 12th 2015 by THCFinder
medical-marijuana-demand-dropsMedical marijuana has been available at dispensaries in Colorado for awhile now. Until recently, there has been a fairly steady growing demand for medical marijuana. However, in November demand plummeted in Colorado. Sales for recreational marijuana held steady during the same time. Recreational sales have been allowed for a little over a year in Colorado. Per The Cannabist:
Colorado’s legal cannabis industry experienced an unusual autumn in 2014 — one that saw recreational pot sales reach a plateau of sorts as demand for medical marijuana took a nosedive.
Medical marijuana sales in Colorado tanked in November as they dropped nearly 17 percent from the previous month, according to just-released data from the Department of Revenue. Medical dispensaries sold $27.5 million of cannabis in November, a big downturn from October’s $33.1 million in medical revenues. Meanwhile the state’s recreational weed sales are holding strong — with $31.2 million in November and $31.6 million in both October and September.
It’s tough to say what caused the dip in medical marijuana sales. I’m sure people will be quick to point to recreational marijuana as the cause. However, if recreational sales remained steady during the same time, obviously people didn’t switch from buying at dispensaries to recreational stores. Patients simply didn’t buy as much marijuana from dispensaries during that time. Did they go back to the blackmarket, where prices are much cheaper? Did they just not buy any marijuana at all?


Jedi OG - Hybrid

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, January, 12th 2015 by THCFinder


Nebraska And Oklahoma Create Problems For Marijuana Reform

Category: News | Posted on Mon, January, 12th 2015 by THCFinder
issues-for-mj-reformNo one can deny that 2014 was a good year for marijuana reform. There were the two leading legal states, Colorado and Washington, that blazed a trail for Alaska, Washington DC, and Oregon to legalize as well. But now, there seems to be waves coming from the Colorado area, as Nebraska and Oklahoma feel compelled to create an issue with their neighboring state.
The two states have approached the US Supreme Court, asking the government to force the state to comply with federal law, rather than the law of the voters in Colorado. Allegedly, the weed from Colorado is creating problems in Nebraska and Oklahoma, with people buying the plant in bulk and then carrying it across state lines to resell it in the illegal states. Since the US Constitution allows states to go directly to the Supreme Court to settle these arguments, there may be a roadblock for marijuana legalization in the near future. 
If the ruling of the Supreme Court says that Colorado must shut down their legal marijuana industry because of the “damage” that’s being done in Nebraska and Oklahoma, it may potentially shut down the legalization movement as we know it. Even though the legal marijuana business in Colorado hasn’t seemed to put forth any severe negative consequences, the neighboring states are pushing forward with their idea to sue the entire state. Even though the rocky mountain state is basking in the tax revenue of their choice to legalize, there are constantly going to be obstacles with the illegal states surrounding.
As long as federal and state laws butt heads, there will continue to be problems like this. If the US Supreme Court decides to side with Nebraska and Oklahoma, then the will of the voters will be overturned and there will be severe backlash on the government for making such a decision. With so many grey areas at the moment, it’s difficult to see where the marijuana movement will go from here. 


Why Shipping Marijuana Is A Bad Idea

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, January, 9th 2015 by THCFinder
bad-ideas-shipping-weedThere have been countless people on the internet that have at one time or another asked someone to ship them marijuana. Even though it does bring a person down to be trapped in a state that doesn’t allow for the dankest of dank, sending marijuana through the mail has never been and will never be a good idea. The act is risky, with severe consequences, and the chances of getting caught are higher than ever, as the post office is constantly looking for suspicious packages that may contain some of Colorado or Washington’s coveted bud. 
A perfect example of why delivering weed through the mail is bad is the former post office employee from Maryland who was recently sentenced to jail time for delivering packages containing marijuana to the people on her delivery route. The 27 year old was given a year in prison in federal court for delivering the goods. 
Devona Charley of Washington took a plea agreement, saying that she provided 29 year old Dominique Jones and others with marijuana along her usual route. According to the US Attorney’s Office, people were shipping the packages to certain addresses that they knew Charley was delivering to. She would drop off the packages at a predetermined location along her route. The report started that Charley knew the marijuana was in the packages and that she received $350 every time one was delivered. 
The person that she was delivering to, Dominique Jones of Oxon Hill, plead guilty to his role in the delivery of the cannabis packages. He was sentenced to more than four years in prison for the charges. This remains a perfect example of why you shouldn’t ship bud through the mail. No matter how sneaky you think that you’re being, the chances of getting caught sending weed are very high. 


Cherry Kush (Hybrid)

Category: Nugs | Posted on Fri, January, 9th 2015 by THCFinder


cherry-kush-hybrid-weed cherry-kush-hybrid-weed cherry-kush-hybrid-weed-6

Cherry Kush - Hybrid

Cherry Kush has dark orange hairs, a dense nug, and aroma thats hard to mistake. It looks great, with a dark green middle surrounded by dense brown hairs and covered in crystals. As you break into a nug, you can see new crystals just gleaming in the light.


Anti-DC Marijuana Legalization Advocates Violated Campaign Finance Laws

Category: News | Posted on Fri, January, 9th 2015 by THCFinder
anti-dc-marijuana-violationsMarijuana opponents are a crafty, shifty bunch. They will do just about whatever it takes to keep marijuana prohibition in place, even if that means sometimes bending or even breaking the rules. That appears to be the case in Washington D.C., where it is being alleged that marijuana opponents violated campaign finance laws. In August leading up to Election Day, a group called ‘TIE D.C.’, formally launched a campaign to oppose the marijuana legalization initiative in D.C. (Initiative 71). However, the campaign didn’t play by the rules according to officials. Per the DCist:
According to documents from the Office of Campaign Finance obtained by DCist, TIE. D.C. was in violation of several campaign finance laws, including failure to officially register as a political committee, failure to file a financial report, and failure to include proper language on its campaign literature.
In response to the allegations against TIE D.C., head William Jones testified in a recent hearing with the OCF that “TIE D.C. was nothing more than a blog that he started to inform the public about the proposed initiative by voting against it.” Jones also stated that he was the chairperson for the “No On 71″ initiative, which he argued was the political committee he started to officially campaign against marijuana legalization.
But on September 17, 2014, TIE D.C. officially launched what was perceived to be a bona fide campaign. They even held a press conference outside of the Bible Way Church to announce their campaign. “T.I.E. D.C. is committed to protecting these communities and the rest of the city from the consequences of legalizing a third recreational drug,” Jones said at the presser in September.
According to the OCF’s allegations, TIE D.C. “may have begun as a blog, but it eventually became a full scale political movement, which was required to register with the OCF,” but it never did. Moreover, the OCF says that TIE D.C. never filed a receipt and expenditure report, which any organization or committee raising funds for campaigning are supposed to do.
The Office of Campaign Finance has recommended a $2,000 fine for the violations, which is a slap on the wrist in the world of politics. It will likely not dissuade others from trying the same tactic. However, it’s still significant to get the violation on record because it discredits the marijuana opponents, and can be something that can be pointed to in future elections where marijuana opponents will no doubt be active.



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