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Armored Cars and Facial Recognition: Meet the Startups Securing California’s Pot Industry

Category: News | Posted on Fri, September, 1st 2017 by THCFinder

As long as the cannabis industry continues to grow, and as long as the feds and banking sector prohibit the scads of weed money from participating in normal banking operations, a couple of California companies are perfectly happy moving the dough around in their armored cars.

In addition to the banking morass forcing the industry to operate entirely in cash, there are also plants, products and equipment to move.

“We’re either going to triple or quadruple in size in 2018,” said Todd Kleperis, CEO of HARDCAR Security, referring to the fact that recreational weed sales will begin in California on January 1.

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What is the Best Way to Do Dabs? A Little Dab Will Do!

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, September, 1st 2017 by THCFinder

What is the Best Way to Do Dabs?

Dabbing is the common terms for smoking or vaping concentrated cannabis. While it has been around for nearly a decade, there are still some uncertainties as to how to perform this technique.  TWB has posted about dabs before, but we wanted to give you the lowdown on different ways to do dabs so you can decide which method is the best for you.

The preference for the concentrated version over the cannabis flower lies in its much stronger and powerful kick. The potency comes from its 70 to 90% THC content and no dead plant matter. With the heightened popularity of the ‘dabs’, the increased attention to consumption methods are growing. The below methods are guaranteed whether you are novice or pro.

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Nevada Tax Panel Makes Key Decision on Transporting Pot

Category: News | Posted on Fri, September, 1st 2017 by THCFinder

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada regulators said Tuesday they’ll open up the state’s pot distribution system to businesses other than alcohol wholesalers after rejecting an appeal by a liquor group that claims they have exclusive rights to transport marijuana from cultivators to retail stores.

The state Tax Commission voted unanimously to uphold a previous decision by the Tax Department to expand the licensing beyond alcohol distributors because they have been unable to keep up with overwhelming demand.

The distribution turf battle has been tied up in district court and administrative appeals since before legal recreational sales began July 1. And it may not be over yet.

Kevin Benson, a lawyer for the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada, said after a five-hour hearing before the commission his group hasn’t decided whether to file another lawsuit challenging the state’s decision.

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Marijuana Legalization: Economic Benefits

Category: Legalization | Posted on Thu, August, 31st 2017 by THCFinder

Marijuana Legalization: Economic Benefits

Unfairly lumped together with dangerous illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, marijuana - as plenty of studies have shown - is no likely more harmful than legal substances like alcohol and tobacco. Research has even shown that marijuana has plenty of health benefits, ranging from pain and stress relief to treatment in certain rare diseases.

As such, decriminalized use of marijuana is gradually gaining acceptance in the world today. Aside from having recreational and medicinal benefits, there are also economic benefits to legalizing marijuana, as some parts of the world have discovered recently.

Increased Tax Revenues for the Government

In 2015, the U.S. state of Colorado collected more than $135 million in taxes and fees from medicinal and recreational marijuana. Total sales in the state nearly reached a staggering $1 billion for that year as well, according to this infographic about legalizing marijuana. Obviously, there's money to be made in the legalization of cannabis.

Since many states consider the marijuana industry as a vice, like alcohol, taxes levied on the substance is high. The industry accepts it as a cost of doing business. Financially, it all works out for all the stakeholders concerned.

The government can then harness the vast financial reserves for more important issues like healthcare, public utilities, and infrastructure projects.

Decreased Government Spending on Prohibition

According to a consensus of economists, cannabis prohibition costs the local and federal government billions every year. Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron estimates that legalizing marijuana could save the government around $7.7 billion per year in enforcement expenditures.

These costs mostly come from the burden on the justice and penal system, as well as state and federal law enforcement's time and resources. Given the widespread availability of marijuana nowadays, the government's expensive war on cannabis seems to be practically ineffective anyway.

More Jobs, Increased Incomes

Marijuana nurseries and pot dispensaries are part of a state's regulation and control on the said substance. These establishments, in addition to requiring employees, can also jump start the economic activity around their areas. The increased traffic in the area can be an economic boost to nearby businesses.

An RCG Economics and Marijuana Policy Group study notes that legalizing recreational marijuana in the state can result in the creation of over 41,000 jobs until 2024, as well as generating over $1.7 billion in labor income.

Weakening Drug Cartels, Underground Markets

Selling illegal weapons and drugs is a wildly lucrative enterprise that criminal cartels and organizations regularly delve into. Legalizing marijuana cuts into a significant portion of these miscreants' profit streams and transfers the revenues to licensed businesses, and ultimately, the government through taxes.

In addition, the government gains the ability to properly regulate the use of marijuana in their jurisdictions, given its legal status. They can then set standards for marijuana nurseries and dispensers to follow, as well as control where marijuana can be used.


It's clear that there are plenty of benefits to legalizing marijuana. Aside from recreational and medicinal benefits, marijuana legalization can also result in an economic boon for governments. Taxation of cannabis can be a potential gold mine of revenue for any government, provided it has proper regulations and standards in place.



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