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Can Consuming Marijuana Help Cure An Alcohol Hangover?

Category: Odd | Posted on Thu, January, 1st 2015 by THCFinder
alcohol-and-mjCan Marijuana Help Get Rid Of That Alcohol Hangover?
Did you booze it up at a New Year’s party last night? Maybe you started with one drink. One drink became two drinks. Two drinks became many drinks, and so on. Hopefully you didn’t blackout, and whether you did or didn’t, hopefully you didn’t do anything you will regret because you drank too much. How do you feel today? Stomach a little queasy? Head hurt? If so, you are in the middle of a battle with an alcohol induced hangover.
A couple of years ago I wrote an article asking if marijuana could help cure a hangover, and I thought it would be worth revisiting this New Year’s Day. There’s always a spike in traffic to that article this time of year, and the reason for the spike is obvious. Let’s start by looking at what an alcohol hangover is, per the Mayo Clinic:
Alcohol causes your body to produce more urine. In turn, urinating more than usual can lead to dehydration — often indicated by thirst, dizziness and lightheadedness.
Alcohol triggers an inflammatory response from your immune system. Your immune system may trigger certain agents that commonly produce physical symptoms, such as an inability to concentrate, memory problems, decreased appetite and loss of interest in usual activities.
Alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach. Alcohol increases the production of stomach acid and delays stomach emptying. Any of these factors can cause abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting.
Alcohol causes your blood vessels to expand, which can lead to headaches.
There’s only one thing on the list above that marijuana doesn’t help – dehydration. To fix that you need to consume as much fluid as possible to replenish your body and flush out the toxins that are ravaging your body from the inside out. But, marijuana can help with everything else found above. Marijuana is great at treating neuroinflammation. Marijuana will help increase your appetite too. It is well known that marijuana can help treat nausea, which is one of the most common symptoms of an alcohol hangover. The other most common symptom is a headache, which marijuana can also help.
Probably the best thing that marijuana can help with is tolerating the hangover itself. Consuming marijuana will relax you, and provide euphoria, which will help you deal better with the hangover while fluids and cannabis work their magic. If you have a savage hangover, then you are likely learning the hard way why marijuana is safer than alcohol. Hopefully you don’t drink anymore in the future, but if you do, make sure to have some marijuana ready the next day to help you get over the lame after effects!


Vanilla Kush (Indica)

Category: Nugs | Posted on Thu, January, 1st 2015 by THCFinder





Vanilla Kush - Indica

Vanilla Kush is an incredible new Indica-dominant strain and is one of the most fragrant, full-flavored and potent plants that Barneys Farm has ever offered. Vanilla Kush genetics come from Kashmir and Afghan. The intense aromas from large, dense colas heavily speckled with red and gold trichromes  bring to mind wild vanilla and lavender, accented with lemon and orange peel. Once lit, the floral and herbal aromas become more concentrated and the smoke offers sweet flavors. Outdoor harvest time is the end of September. The THC is strong of 22%. The long lasting high allows the mind to relax and eases muscle tension.


Four Lessons Learned From Colorado In The Last Year

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, January, 1st 2015 by THCFinder
lessons-learned-from-co-mmjMore states are jumping on the legal marijuana bandwagon. In 2014, Alaska, Washington DC, and Oregon all passed legalization measures, allowing their citizens to consume, possess, and cultivate marijuana. Recently, the US Justice Department passed legislature allowing American Indian tribes to join the legal marijuana market. But what has been learned over the course of the last year while everyone’s eyes remained locked on Colorado?
First off, it’s important to establish a legal framework for the sale and distribution of the plant. Considering it is still federally illegal, there are some grey areas when it comes to what’s legal and what’s not. While it isn’t allowed for the states to trump federal law, the US is a democracy and the citizens of these states voted to have these measures passed. But with the allure of such a large revenue to be made, states can’t help but work hard towards regulating the plant. 
The second lesson would be more strict regulations on things such as BHO extraction. There were a lot of issues with people in Colorado causing explosions while trying to extract the oil themselves. While it may seem easy to do while you’re watching it on YouTube, the process of extracting THC to make BHO is difficult and requires the know-how of a professional. Establishing somewhat stricter guidelines for the production of this form of concentrated cannabis is definitely something that newly legalized states and areas need to take in to consideration. 
Setting regulations for testing and contaminated marijuana is extremely important. People want to know that their legal marijuana is safe to consume. There have been many different contaminants found in cannabis, ranging from ecoli to mold and mildew. There should be testing of the marijuana before it is sold in stores to make sure that consumers are getting a safe and healthy product to smoke. Washington managed to tackle this problem head on but Colorado is still struggling to set up a system to test their weed for dangerous additives. 
The last lesson would be that there should be a more stable system to label edibles. The packing rules should be set forth before companies start packing their products and distributing them. There should be a way to label these products to say exactly how much THC they contain, dosing instructions, and suggested wait time before going to town on a bag of medicated brownies. There have been numerous questionable incidents involving medicated treats since legalization in Colorado and Washington so it’s important to let people know what they’re eating before they eat too much.


Marijuana Vs Big Tobacco

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, January, 1st 2015 by THCFinder
mj-vs-tobaccoThere has forever been a war between cigarettes and marijuana. While some stoners indulge in both, there are some that strictly do one or the other. Some people even use marijuana in order to help them quit smoking cigarettes, smoking a bowl every time they want a butt. Most people have found that it helps to deter them from actually smoking a cigarette. Big Tobacco is fully aware that their high profit market is about to be pulled out from under them and they are actively attempting to gear up their products in order to keep customers loyal. 
With marijuana legalization on it’s way, Big Tobacco is worried that the plant will become more desired than the traditional pack of cigarettes. Sure enough, many smokers will tell you, “If I could walk in to a store and buy a pack of joints, I’d never smoke a butt again.” Last month, two more states and the District of Columbia legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, joining Colorado and Washington. 
Unfortunately for Big Tobacco, they’re giving the marijuana market a leg up. Back when cigarettes weren’t so popular, companies had to use serious marketing strategies to sell their products. Since the marijuana market is doing the same thing many years later, there is already a basic structure of how to sell, market, and produce the plant. While consuming tobacco pretty much stops at smoking it, the marijuana industry stands to grab more attention because it can be consumed in so many different ways. 
Cannabis isn’t nearly as addictive as tobacco and seems to have the opposite effect for many of the problems that come with smoking cigarettes. Tobacco and nicotine can cause cancer, lung issues, and other problems while marijuana doesn’t even need to be smoked necessarily but can be vaped, eaten, applied as a salve, or taken as a tincture. the industry is sure to evolve even more as time goes on and Big Tobacco better watch out for the blossoming marijuana business. 


Colorado Attorney General: Home Hash Oil Production Is Illegal

Category: Concentrates | Posted on Thu, January, 1st 2015 by THCFinder
hash-oil-productionConcentrates, dabs, BHO, hash oil – whatever you call it, it’s becoming more and more popular everyday. Due to the increase in popularity, more and more people are making hash oil at home, which is a two edged sword. One one hand, people that are responsible and know what they are doing should be allowed to do whatever they want with marijuana. On the other hand, there are a lot of stupid people out there that, if given the opportunity to work with volatile chemicals, can hurt themselves and others. I’m sure we have all read stories about BHO explosions in houses, garages, and apartments. It’s a case of a handful of people ruining it for the rest of us that are responsible.
A lot of hash oil is being made in private residences across Colorado, which is something that is illegal in Colorado according to the Attorney General. Per 9 News:
Attorney General John Suthers said in a press release Tuesday:
Amendment 64 expressly prohibits an individual from making marijuana oil and unfortunately, Colorado is experiencing a real public safety issue as a result of unsafe and unlicensed manufacturing and production. The Blue Book made it clear that Amendment 64 allowed for the responsible and safe use of marijuana, so to decriminalize dangerous and unreasonable behavior in which people are getting hurt and houses are blowing up, defies the intent of the voters.
If a person is caught making hash oil at home without a license in Colorado, they can be charged with a felony. That’s a legal fact that I don’t think a lot of people know about. I think we will see more and more states legalize marijuana cultivation and possession in the future, but most if not all of them will ban home production of hash oil without a license. That is the case in my home State of Oregon, which recently voted to legalize marijuana.



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