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Chernobyl (Hybrid)

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Chernobyl - Hybrid

Rated one of the Top 10 Strains of 2010 by High Times, Chernobyl has a unique lime-sherbet odor. Originally bred by TGA Seeds, it is a cross of Train Wreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity, and is a sativadominant hybrid strain. Comes with a long-lasting cerebral high and the flavor of lime.


Man Seeks Dismissal Of Medical Marijuana Charges

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, February, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder
man-wants-mj-charges-dismissedLarry Harvey is a 71 year old man that was growing marijuana with his family on the property of their rural home in Washington state. They claim that the plant was for their personal medical use but yet Harvey and his family are facing year in prison if they are convicted in a high profile federal case over growing the marijuana. But the feds are being told to drop the case, as it conflicts with new medical marijuana protections that are contained in the newly enacted $1.1 trillion federal spending bill. 
Attorney Robert Fischer argues that the family was growing the pot for their own medical use and that this case undermines the Washington state law. By threatening patients with jail time and prosecution, it prevents states from implementing their own laws. Fischer says that the federal government is completely disregarding the recently passed Congressional protections for the states that have been passing medical marijuana laws.
“The law that was signed last month by President Obama was designed precisely for patents like Larry Harvey,” said Steph Sherer, executive director for the medical marijauan advocacy group Americans for Safe Access, in a statement. “If this law doesn’t stop federal prosecutions like the Kettle Falls Five, nothing likely will."
The federal government has long since stood by the idea that marijuana is a seriously dangerous and addictive drug. However, with the passing of recent legislature, the feds aren’t allowed to interfere with states that have implemented their own laws about marijuana. It names the 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana, including Washington, which is where Harvey lives. There is also an additional 11 states included that have legalized the use of the non-psychoactive marijuana-based oils that have been shown to benefit patients suffering from severe cases of epilepsy. But even though the omnibus package was passed, it didn’t change the attitudes of the federal government, who still are convinced that they should be fighting a plant.
Harvey’s family, referred to as the Kettle Falls Five, consist of Harvey, his wife Rhonda, their son Rolland Gregg, Rolland’s wife, Michelle Gregg, and close family friend Jason Zucker. All of them are facing federal marijuana charges for growing around 70 cannabis plants on the Harveys’ rural home in Kettle Falls, Washington. All of the people involved are state-legal medical marijuana patients. Through the trial, they have consistently maintained that their crop was in compliance with state law. In 1998, Washington realized the effect of medical marijuana and in 2012, passed another bill recognizing recreational marijuana. Each of the defendants are being charged with multiple felonies, as well as manufacturing, distribution, and possession of marijuana as well as possessing a firearm.
The Harvey home was raided back in August of 2012. When officials inspected the property, they found 74 plants growing near the house. The officers assumed that the family was growing the cannabis for a collective, rather than individually, and they seized 29 plants so that the family would be compliant with state law, which limits collective crops to no more than 45 plants at a time. State authorities did not press charges or seize anything else. But a week later, federal authorities raided the house, taking the rest of the marijuana plants, along with five pounds of raw cannabis and some edibles. They also took a 2007 sedan, money, personal belongings, and firearms.
Harvey suffers from symptoms related to gout, inflammation, and chronic pain, his attorneys said. His wife suffers from osteoarthritis and has undergone many joint and bone surgeries. She uses medical cannabis to ease the inflammation and the pain. Rolland Gregg and Zucker use cannabis to treat back injuries and Michelle used cannabis due to wasting brought on by a medical condition that she didn’t want to comment on. During pre-trial hearings, Harvey was also diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer and if he is convicted, he may not even survive until the end of his sentence, which started off at 40 years to life but was plea bargained down to three years each. But seeing as how the average life expectancy for a patient with metazoic pancreatic cancer is only three to six months, Harvey may not even see the end of the trial without access to his medicine.


Jamaica Prepares For Marijuana Reform

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, January, 30th 2015 by THCFinder
jamaica-prepares-for-marijuana-reformEven though there are a lot of people who think that marijuana is legal is Jamaica, the plant is still illegal. But now, Jamaica’s Cabinet has approved a bill that is full of much-anticipated drug amendments. With these amendments would come the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana as well as pave the way for medical marijuana on the island, the Justice Minister said on Wednesday. 
Justice Minister Mark Golding said that he expects to introduce the legislation in the Senate by the end of this week, following the Cabinet’s authorization. This bill, Golding said, would establish a cannabis licensing authority which would provide regulations needed in order to cultivate, distribute, and sell marijuana for medical and scientific purposes. “We need to position ourselves to take advantage of the significant economic opportunities offered by this emerging industry,” Golding said.
For those in Jamaica, the passing of these amendments would allow possession of 2 ounces or less to be a ticketable offense. In addition, the ticket wouldn’t be applied to the criminal record of the individual, therefore drastically cutting down those people who suffer with a nonviolent marijuana conviction on their records. Plus, the cultivation of the plant would be allowed as well, with up to five growing on a premises at a time. Rastafarians will also be able to legally use cannabis for religious purposes as well.
The island has spent many years debating on whether or not they should relax the laws on marijuana. But as many activists expected, the domino effect is occurring. As more states consider (and actually go through with) legalizing marijuana in some sense, others will follow suit. The profits that were made by Colorado and Washington were astounding and are leading many others to consider putting a system in in order to gain revenue from this wonderful plant. 
Golding stressed that the government in Jamaica won’t be relaxing it’s stance on transitional drug trafficking. The island intends to use a portion of the revenues from its new licensing authority to support a public education campaign that is aimed to discourage the younger generations from using marijuana and to mitigate any public health consequences. The bill is expected to passed soon in Parliament, where the Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller’s governing party holds a 2-to-1 majority.


Blue Venom - Indica

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How long would this much Weed last you?

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Marijuana Arrests Drop 75% In New York City

Category: News | Posted on Fri, January, 30th 2015 by THCFinder
mj-arrests-drop-in-new-yorkNew York City had one of the most racially disparaging marijuana arrest rates in the country. That led to outcries from the marijuana reform movement and civil rights activists, which then led to New York City reforming its marijuana laws. What once resulted in an arrest now results in just a fine. The policy change has led to a significant decrease in marijuana arrests in New York City, which is good news for marijuana consumers and law enforcement alike. Per the Associated Press:
After a mid-November turn toward violations and summonses instead of misdemeanor arrests for carrying modest amounts of pot, such arrests plunged by 75 percent in December compared to last year, from about 1,820 to 460, according to state Division of Criminal Justice Services statistics obtained by The Associated Press. The November numbers fell 42 percent, from 2,200 to 1,280.
Even summonses have fallen by about 10 percent since the policy change, to 1,180, compared to the same period a year ago, New York Police Department figures show.
“Since the inception of our policy in 2014, marijuana enforcement activity is trending down in all categories” for the bottom-rung marijuana charge, Deputy Chief Kim Royster told the AP.
A drop in marijuana arrests is great news for New York City. Cops should be going after real criminals, not marijuana consumers. Jail beds should be reserved for violent criminals, not marijuana consumers. Law enforcement almost always opposes marijuana reform, despite the fact that it benefits them greatly. Something similar is going on in Philadelphia, where marijuana arrests have dropped 88% since marijuana decriminalization took effect there.



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