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John Oliver Lays Out Clear, Concise, Cogent Case For Marijuana Legalization

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, April, 5th 2017 by THCFinder

Marijuana laws in America are a running joke. By now, you could be forgiven for forgetting to laugh, but it’s undeniably true. Everyone knows it. Look at the blatant incongruity, always fodder for humor:

Marijuana is federally illegal in all 50 states, yet is sold openly in licensed, taxable transactions in over a dozen of them. Cannabis is legitimate medicine, a fact proven time and again by scientific method as well as personal anecdote, yet is officially classified as more dangerous and less medical than cocaine and methamphetamine. The government could shut down and seize all the assets of any one of the many marijuana businesses generating tens of billions of dollars of economic activity every year for being illegal—but demands they pay federal taxes in the meantime, all in cash. And state-legal marijuana use can get you fired and get your kids taken away from you—that is, if you can actually find any. 

And all this is for your own good! We’re the government, we’re here to help.

You could go on and on. You could easily go on for 17 minutes, as comedian John Oliver did on his show Last Week Tonight on Sunday.

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Scarface - Drug Deal Gone Wrong

Category: Videos | Posted on Wed, April, 5th 2017 by THCFinder


A 'massive undertaking' as California races to regulate marijuana so legal sales can begin Jan. 1

Category: News | Posted on Wed, April, 5th 2017 by THCFinder

The passage of California's Adult Use of Marijuana Act in November left a 14-month gap before businesses could begin selling marijuana to recreational users.

For residents eager to purchase and use cannabis, that may have seemed like a long time. But that period is almost half over — and for the state, which has been tasked with regulating the sprawling cannabis industry, there's a lot more to do.

"In order to start issuing licenses on Jan. 1 or Jan. 2, we need people in place and we need them to be up to speed," said Alex Traverso, chief of communications at California's Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, or BMCR. "From everything we've seen and heard, there's an amazing amount of interest. We expect to be busy on that Jan. 2 date."

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How to Enter the U.S. as a Marijuana User

Category: News | Posted on Wed, April, 5th 2017 by THCFinder

The Trump administration’s crackdown on marijuana has begun, but it’s not in Colorado, Washington or anywhere else in America where cannabis is legal. Instead, the “greater enforcement” around marijuana, hinted at by officials in the White House and Justice Department, has been at the border.

As Leafly News reported at length in a three-part series last week, foreign nationals, green-card holders and would-be U.S. citizens have been denied tourist and business visas and rejected for U.S. citizenship after admitting marijuana use to customs and border officials—even if the marijuana was legal medical or recreational marijuana, used in accordance with state law.   

This was going on when Barack Obama was still president—and was the cause of tension between the U.S. and Canada, after a Canadian citizen was denied entry into the U.S. after admitting to a border guard that, yes, he’d once smoked marijuana.

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