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Maui Wowie - Hyrbid

Category: Nugs | Posted on Thu, January, 29th 2015 by THCFinder


Is Marijuana As Dangerous As Other Schedule 1 Drugs?

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, January, 29th 2015 by THCFinder
marijuana-vs-scheduled-one-drugsThe short answer? No. Most people recognize the fact that marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as the other drugs that the government has lumped them in with. Considering the deterioration of the human body when introduced to something like heroin, marijuana seems as harmless as a seashell. Yet the plant is still under the classification of a Schedule 1 substance, saying that it is as dangerous as heroin and that it contains virtually no medicinal value. Of course, this ridiculous claim has been proven by many different studies to be untrue. Cannabis holds the potential to help many illnesses and diseases that are currently untreatable or treated with more dangerous substances, such as drugs closely related to heroin. 
Recently, during a case involving alleged marijuana growers in Northern California, US District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller held a five day hearing late last year in order to determine whether or not the Schedule 1 classification was unconstitutional, as the defendants contend. Even though this subject has to be brought up by a judge, it should be common sense to see that marijuana and heroin have virtually nothing in common and lumping them in to the same category is just unfair. 
Even though there are 23 states that have allowed the use of marijuana for medical reasons, the feds still defend the classification of the plant as a Schedule 1 substance. They claim that there are not enough long term studies available to see what the long term effects of the plant are. Their argument goes on to include the idea that marijuana may have long term health risks that should keep in in the Schedule 1 classification. But as well all know, celebrities like Cheech and Chong have been smoking for years without any ill effects and Chong even beat cancer using cannabis oil as part of his treatment. Thankfully, Congress and Obama passed legislation saying that the federal government cannot use funding in order to enforce marijuana laws in states that allow medical marijuana. This ended prohibition on medical marijuana in every state that currently allows it. 


Obama And Marijuana

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, January, 28th 2015 by THCFinder
obama-and-cannabisWith the recent 2015 State of the Union speech, people are wondering why there was absolutely no mention of the most popular plant in the news today. While cannabis has been proven to not only be a benefit in a medical sense but also in an industrial one, the President didn’t even mention marijuana once in his speech, leading many marijuana supporters to be disappointed. The speech contained many topics that could benefit from marijuana, much like the following quotes.
“That’s what middle-class economics is - the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules. We don’t just want everyone to share in America’s success - we want everyone to contribute to our success.”
Cannabis is legal in a number of states and medical in many more but the White House has repeatedly tried to stop the growth of this new industry. If everyone is to get their fair share, why not allow those in the cannabis industry to contribute as well? Provided they follow specific rules and guidelines, they should be just as well respected as other industries.
“So no one knows for certain which industries will generate jobs in the future.”
Many people are aware of the fact that legalizing marijuana would create hundreds if not thousands of jobs for people. From growers to trimmers to dispensary workers, marijuana would not only rake in revenue but prove people with employment in good environments. In a recent estimate, the marijuana industry was expected to add 200,000+ jobs to the workforce in 2015. And as marijuana expands and begins to grow as a business, there are surely only more jobs to be created. 
“When what you’re doing doesn’t work for fifty years, it’s time to try something new.”
This part of the speech was enraging to activists of marijuana everywhere. For the last fifty years, the government has worked their asses off to prevent people from ingesting a harmless plant. They’ve spent millions of dollars on propaganda, most of it nonsense, along with “educational programs” designed to teach kids about the dangers of the plant, not to mention the people that are serving jail time. Marijuana prohibition has done nothing but hurt this country and for Obama not to mention it during this part of the speech is astounding and shocking.
“As Americans, we have a profound commitment to justice.”
There are thousands of people that are in jail or have a record because of a nonviolent marijuana related offense. From possession of a resin stained pipe to cancer patients that tried to grow their own medicine, no one is safe from prosecution because of marijuana. While these people have done nothing to hurt anyone and have simply just been in possession of a plant, they suffer life-long consequences that can prevent them from living life normally. Justice? Not so much.


XXX OG (Hybrid)

Category: Nugs | Posted on Wed, January, 28th 2015 by THCFinder


xxx-og-weed-2 xxx-og-weed-2 xxx-og-weed-4

XXX OG - Hybrid

XXX OG is a heavy indica with dense green buds and a skunky aroma. Comes with very indica effects, best for nighttime use.


Proper flowers to give to your SO = )

Category: Fun | Posted on Wed, January, 28th 2015 by THCFinder



Study: Patients Get More Relief From Medical Marijuana Than Painkillers

Category: News | Posted on Wed, January, 28th 2015 by THCFinder
more-relief-from-marijuana-than-pain-killersI always say that the best medicine is the medicine that works and is safer. That is almost always the case when it comes to medical marijuana compared to pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals almost always come with harmful side effects, and have led to a lot of death and misery across the globe. Sadly, marijuana opponents would rather have patients using those harmful pharmaceuticals than using medical marijuana, even in states where medical marijuana is legal.
The results of a study were recently released which found that Australians who were suffering from chronic pain found more relief from using marijuana than they did using other conventional pain killers. Per the Sydney Morning Herald:
Australians suffering from chronic pain may get more relief from their symptoms using cannabis than they do from some conventional medications, researchers have found.
A large study of people suffering from chronic problems such as back pain, migraine and arthritis has discovered many are turning to cannabis to relieve their symptoms, despite already being prescribed heavy-duty opioid medications such as morphine and oxycodone.
In a finding that is likely to further intensify the debate about medical marijuana use, the National Drug and Alcohol Centre researchers found people who used the illegal drug said it was more helpful than the highly addictive and potentially dangerous opioid medications.
I have had multiple friends die from overdosing on pain killers. I have never, ever had a friend die from using medical marijuana. If patients get more relief from medical marijuana, whether it’s in Australia or beyond, they should be allowed to use it. Any politician or opponent who says otherwise doesn’t have a heart or soul.



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