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Cannabis Oil Fights Cancer

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, July, 25th 2011 by THCFinder
A number of recent studies have confirmed the cancer-fighting, tumor-shrinking value of medical marijuana. 
Although the first study to demonstrate that cannabis has anti-carcinogenic properties was done  back in 1974 by the U.S. National Institute of Health, more recent studies, which began abroad in 1999, have shown that cannabis can effectively and safely treat many forms of cancer. 
Since 1999, there have now been a number of studies that clearly demonstrate that cannabis has the ability to effectively shrink tumors, kill cancer cells, and safely treat many aggressive forms of cancer, including brain, breast, skin, prostate, and lung cancer. 
However, due to the political controversy that surrounds medical marijuana, some physicians still remain unaware of these valuable studies, and mistakenly believe the misguided government reports that cannabis actually causes cancer. In some cases, it may be important to educate your doctor about the important research discussed in this column.
A study done at UCLA in 2006 showed that not only does smoking marijuana not cause lung cancer, as had been previously thought, but that smoking cannabis actually protects the lungs from cancer. The study followed four groups of subjects: nonsmokers, cannabis-only smokers, tobacco-only smokers, and cannabis and tobacco smokers. 
The results showed that nonsmokers and cannabis-only smokers had the same amount of lung cancer, and that tobacco-only smokers had the highest rate of lung cancer. Those subjects that smoked both cannabis and tobacco had significantly less lung cancer than those who just smoked tobacco. In other words, smoking cannabis actually had a protective effect on the tobacco smokers’ lungs.


Case dismissed; men want their pot back

Category: News | Posted on Mon, July, 25th 2011 by THCFinder
The operators of a Tacoma medical marijuana dispensary beat drug charges earlier this year.
Now they want their pot back.
Guy Casey and Michael Schaef contend they are legally authorized to possess the marijuana seized during a criminal investigation and that the government no longer has any interest in the pot.
They’ve asked a Pierce County Superior Court judge to return to each of them 48 ounces of harvested marijuana and 30 plants – or their cash equivalents. Their attorneys contend each plant, likely dead now, was worth $3,000 to $3,500.
“Here, it is clear that Mr. Casey is entitled to a return of the property at issue,” his attorney, Aaron Pelley of Seattle, wrote in a pleading filed in Superior Court. “The case has been resolved, and the property is no longer needed as evidence.”
Deputy Prosecutor John Sheeran just says no. Schaef and Casey are in violation of the state’s Medical Use of Marijuana Act, Sheeran wrote in a counter pleading.
They have not proved they’re legitimate medical marijuana patients or providers, and they possessed five times more marijuana than allowed by law when they were arrested, Sheeran wrote.
“A person who takes one step outside the rules set up by the Legislature loses the protections offered by the act,” the deputy prosecutor said.
The two sides are scheduled to argue their case in court Aug. 9.
The outcome might establish precedent in Washington state, where courts have yet to rule on whether forfeiture laws apply to medical marijuana, Casey’s and Schaef’s attorneys wrote in their pleadings.
The two men – who are good friends as well as business partners – were arrested in May 2010 after agents with the West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team raided the Club 420 cooperative on Oregon Avenue and Casey’s Ollala-area home.


Awesome weed babes!

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, July, 22nd 2011 by THCFinder

It's time for another video of some awesome girls who enjoy cannabis as much as we do. Keep on token ladies!




Sen. Savino Seeks Medical Marijuana Law In New York

Category: Legalization | Posted on Fri, July, 22nd 2011 by THCFinder
BAY RIDGE — State Senator Diane J. Savino, (D-Staten Island/ Bay Ridge), recently praised New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to implement his state’s medical marijuana program and urged New York to follow the lead of its cross-Hudson neighbor.
“Anyone who has watched a loved one struggle with a debilitating illness would do almost anything to help alleviate their pain,” Savino said. “New Jersey showed real compassion for Garden State residents who are suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis and other life-threatening diseases. We need to follow this example and pass legislation to allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana when no other option is available.”
She has written to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, asking for his support of this cause.
Studies have shown that marijuana can mitigate pain, nausea, and other symptoms in some patients who are unresponsive to other medication. Senator Savino said her late parents, who both were unable to be treated for chronic pain during their battles with cancer, were among those who would have been helped.
Savino is a co-sponsor of legislation, (S.2774 Duane/ A.7347 Gottfried), that would legalize medical marijuana in New York. The measure would give seriously ill patients the ability to purchase the drug through a registered dispensing facility with a physician’s approval. The program would be tightly controlled with patients having to register with the state Health Department, and be permitted to have no more than 2.5 ounces at a time.
The New Jersey law was signed by Christie’s predecessor, Jon Corzine, shortly before leaving office in January 2010. It became the 16th state to legalize medical marijuana.


Sheriffs Threaten to Kill Paraplegic Mans Dog in Marijuana Bust

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, July, 22nd 2011 by THCFinder
When Alameda County sheriffs obtained a warrant based on an anonymous tip, to search paraplegic Jason Rivera’s home for marijuana, they came to talk to Rivera at his recording studio first. Rivera, a medical marijuana patient, was shocked when deputies threatened to kill his dog if he didn’t cooperate with the search:
"We can do this the easy way and you can take us to your house to look around," Rivera recounts the deputy saying, "or we can detain you for six hours while we get a warrant and go to your house and shoot your dog."
The killing of family pets by SWAT officers during marijuana raids has generated numerous headlines recently, including chilling video of a raid in Columbia, Missouri, where a man’s dog was shot seven times while the man’s seven-year-old child slept in the next room.  In these cases, police spokespersons defend the actions of the officers by explaining that in these no-knock raids, securing the premises and eliminating immediate threats to officer safety is standard operating procedure.
Of course, in Rivera’s case the police were obviously aware of the dog ahead of time so it in no way posed a threat to them – at least not one that required them to shoot the dog. Then again, the use of marijuana especially by people suffering from chronic pain poses no threat to the rest of society. So we have layers upon layers of absurdity at work here.
Which, again, is no real surprise given that we’re talking about the War on Drugs.


Chico POA won't enforce city's medical marijuana dispensary law

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, July, 22nd 2011 by THCFinder
Stupid is as stupid does I guess....
CHICO — The Chico Police Officers' Association executive board said today it will not enforce the city's medical marijuana dispensary ordinance.
The association planned to deliver letters to council members today stating that the ordinance allowing for two dispensaries conflicts with federal law.
"Our only option is this. The members of the Chico Police Officers' Association will not participate in any part of the medical marijuana ordinance that involves commercial marijuana growing or selling operations," the letter reads.
"We will not assist in any way in any activity that normalizes, standardizes, expedites or assists in the establishment of facilities set up for the commercial growing and selling of marijuana.
"It is our sworn duty to enforce all laws regarding controlled substances and we will continue to do so."



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