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How Will Marijuana Legalization Initiative in Colorado Affect the Presidential Race?

Category: Legalization | Posted on Mon, June, 4th 2012 by THCFinder

President Barack Obama is currently seeking reelection to the office of President of the United States, and he is facing what many believe will be a close race against Republican contender Mitt Romney.


Most political observers agree that Colorado is an important state for Obama if he is to win. Under normal circumstances Colorado should be in the bag for Obama, especially considering young voters are his strong suit and a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot this fall will bring young voters out in droves.


But will those voting for legalization also push the button for Obama considering the massive medical marijuana crackdown currently underway by his administration? Will they vote for a man who will likely attack the very initiative they just voted for?


Or will those voting for legalization avoid Obama and Romney and not vote for President, or vote for the person who would allow marijuana legalization to stand in the state, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson?


Brian Vicente, Executive director of the advocacy group Sensible Colorado said, “This is an issue that is really meaningful to young people, people of color, disenfranchised communities.


"Democrats and Obama need these groups to win," Vicente said. "The path to the White House leads through Colorado. We feel we can motivate these groups."


But the Democratic party in Colorado doesn’t seem that threatened by legalization voters.


"If they get 40 percent" of voters supporting legalization, "they should throw themselves a party," said Matt Inzeo, a spokesman for Colorado's Democratic Party.


How nice. Democrats have gained the most from marijuana user voters but can’t even be bothered to act civil. Instead they sneer at the voters they think they don’t need.


Until marijuana users start voting for those who support their rights, politicians have no reason to respect their rights.




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