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Marijuana is Actually Good for You

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, September, 7th 2011 by THCFinder

It seems that every new day that goes by, more and more scientific information is coming out to prove that marijuana is actually a million times healthier than previously thought.

Suddenly, my high-GPA, bong-fueled undergraduate years make so much more sense.
Two recent studies suggest that regular marijuana use may actually help, rather than harm, the human body.
First, a study published this summer (link to scholarly paper here) showed that cannabinoids (aka marijuana) work to protect the brain from damage that would otherwise occur from alcohol withdrawal.
According to the study, "In the current study we show, first, that ethanol withdrawal increases both basal neuronal death and NMDA-stimulated neuronal death in primary cortical cultures, probably due to a change in the expression of NMDA receptor subunits. Second, we evidence for the first time that, during ethanol withdrawal, the stimulation of the endocannabinoid system protects neurons from excitotoxic insults, whereas its blockade aggravates neuronal death induced by NMDA. We show that the neuroprotective effect of HU-210 during ethanol withdrawal could be explained by a reduction in Ca2+ influx through NMDA receptors."
In English? Marijuana stops the brain from killing itself when undergoing alcohol withdrawal. You now have a perfectly valid excuse for drinking all weekend and smoking marijuana all week, college students.
A second study that came out shows that marijuana use is linked to obesity — but not in the way you think. People who smoke marijuana regularly are LESS likely to be obese than non-smokers. That's not a typo.
The study found that 22 to 25 percent of people who don't smoke pot were obese, while 16 to 17 percent of cannabis users were obese. Among heavy users, the difference was even greater. About 14 percent of participants who used cannabis three days a week or more were obese, the researchers said.
Given the way stoners can throw down Doritos and Mountain Dew, that result shocked the researchers so much that the performed the study a second time...and got the same result.
And no, they weren't stoned while they were running the numbers.
Furthermore, marijuana is a fairly social drug. Not many people spend a significant amount of time smoking pot by themselves, unless they're using the drug to medicate themselves (legally or illegally). Most marijuana users do so in social settings. If they're regular marijuana users, then by default, they're spending a lot of time in social groups doing things with other people. This is another factor in preventing obesity.
Marijuana is also incredibly helpful in pain management and nausea, allowing cancer patients and others with chronic (no pun intended) pain to pleasantly relieve symptoms without the harmful side effects of addictive drugs. All in all, marijuana is pretty good for the human body. Science says so!.


Super fatty nug

Category: Fun | Posted on Wed, September, 7th 2011 by THCFinder

Can you top this one?



Marijuana tester finds 'Street-bought' pot unsafe

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, September, 7th 2011 by THCFinder

More proof is coming to light showing the real life consequences of shutting down dispensaries and collectivees. When patients have no legitimate means to obtain their meds they have to hit the streets and take a gamble with their health.

GAYLORD — The owner of a Gaylord laboratory which tests locally grown medical marijuana fears patients who use black-market pot may be subjecting themselves to unsafe levels of mold and pesticides.
Dan Tomaski, a certified caregiver who runs Northern Laboratory Services on North Center Avenue, said last month’s court ruling, which closed marijuana collectives across the state, forces some patients to buy cannabis from street dealers. That pot, Tomaski said, can harbor mold as well as pesticide at levels more than 60 times those allowed for store-bought spinach.
Tomaski, 33, is hired by local caregiver growers to test their marijuana for quality and purity. He dissolves a sample of marijuana into a solution and injects it into a gas chromatograph, which gives readings in parts per million (ppm) of pesticides as well as the plant’s active compounds — THC, CBD and CBN. He also uses a lab microscope to look for mold, which can cause respiratory problems, especially in those with weak immune systems.
He said cannabis from local growers that was being sold at Gaylord’s collectives tested “100 percent free of pesticides.”
Four samples of marijuana bought off the streets in Gaylord, Metro Detroit and Traverse City, however, contained pesticides upwards of 440 ppm of permethrin, 630 ppm of cypermethrin, and 485 ppm of beta-cyfluthrin. By comparison, for spinach, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets residual limits of permethrin at 20 ppm and beta-cyfluthrin at 6 ppm. Tomaski said the USDA limit for cypermethrin is 14 ppm.
Mold, dirt, and suspected insect droppings were also found in the samples, according to Tomaski.
“These are unfit for consumption,” he said, noting he’s published those findings on his Web site in what he calls “The Schwag Report.” “Schwag” is a slang term for low-grade marijuana.
“We published this report to show what some people would be forced back into using if these collectives close,” he said, referring to last month’s ruling. “It’s making it more dangerous for patients. I don’t understand why courts are forcing patients back into that.”


Only you!

Category: Fun | Posted on Wed, September, 7th 2011 by THCFinder

What more is there to say.



Weed Enthusiast Can't Change Name To ""

Category: Odd | Posted on Wed, September, 7th 2011 by THCFinder

The man just wants to change his name, we say let him, who cares...

NJ-born Robert Edward Forchion is a staunch and dedicated marijuana activist who has participated in just about every weed-related activity there is: he's a practicing Rastafarian who has opened up his own temple, he's been a "marijuana smuggler," he's operated a medical marijuana dispensary, and he's run for political office several times unsuccessfully with pot platforms. More recently, he's been fighting to legally change his name to But The Man won't let him!
Forchion, who lives in California now, filed a petition to have his name changed legally to "" after his website. You can read all about the case here, but ultimately, the courts decided against him for three reasons: domain names aren't forever, and people would be confused if he ever lost the domain; Forchion's legal name would be forever associated with a website that advocates a currently illegal activity; and NJ already rejected Forchion's requests to change his name.
But wouldn't a Ganja Dwarf strain by any other name still smell as sweet?


IDAHO hope fest

Category: Events | Posted on Wed, September, 7th 2011 by THCFinder

Idaho HOPE Fest is the first annual event being held in Boise, ID to advocate for the end of the federal government’s war on cannabis consumers and to promote the re-legalization of industrial hemp. HOPE stands for Hemp Offers People Everything, because it does offer people everything.  We will feature live entertainment, guest speakers, vendors, and educational exhibits on cannabis and the politics, culture, science, and controversy surrounding it. 

The people behind Idaho's first hope fest say it's because Cannabis, or marijuana, has been classified as a Schedule I drug like heroin, with no accepted medical value. It’s placed higher than methamphetamine, cocaine and anabolic steroids in the list of controlled substances, yet it is non-toxic and has not produced a single death in history related to overdose. Modern science has proven that cannabis does help treat and alleviate symptoms from many debilitating medical conditions and illnesses.





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