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The End of Big Home Grows in Colorado Draws Near

Category: News | Posted on Fri, March, 10th 2017 by THCFinder

Authorities in Colorado aren’t waiting to see what moves—if any—Donald Trump’s administration will make to pare back the state’s booming marijuana industry. For now, Colorado is cracking down on itself.

For years, law enforcement throughout the Great Plains region have blamed Colorado for an influx of cannabis and accompanying drug trade-related violence throughout neighboring states. This alleged havoc was one of the chief arguments used by attorneys general in Oklahoma and Nebraska in a (failed) lawsuit to try and convince federal authorities to intervene in the state’s legal cannabis trade.

Though the violence cited by Oklahoma AG Douglas Peterson—and later repeated by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions—may not exist (which may explain why the Supreme Court refused to give his lawsuit a hearing), the weed certainly does.

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What strain are you smoking on today?

Category: Fun | Posted on Thu, March, 9th 2017 by THCFinder


Grand Theft Auto V - Michael weed scene

Category: Videos | Posted on Thu, March, 9th 2017 by THCFinder


Los Angeles Sheriff Thinks Feds May Target Marijuana

Category: News | Posted on Thu, March, 9th 2017 by THCFinder

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The leader of the nation’s largest sheriff’s department expects federal drug agents will attempt to step up marijuana enforcement as California moves forward with legalization. But he believes there isn’t the manpower to conduct widespread raids on growers and businesses selling marijuana.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell also decried California legislation that would make the state a sanctuary for immigrants in the country illegally by limiting how much local law enforcement agencies can work with federal immigration authorities. McDonnell said doesn’t want his deputies acting as de facto immigration agents, but he believes the bill goes too far and would hamper cooperation on counterterrorism and gang initiatives.

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