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2 People Accused Of Smuggling Marijuana

Category: News | Posted on Tue, December, 14th 2010 by THCFinder

The mother and girlfriend of a Hinds County Detention Center inmate are accused of helping him smuggle marijuana into jail. The two women are charged in the same case in which detention officer Daniel Banks has been charged. 




The Clarion Ledger reports 48 year old Lisa Black and 24 year old Tiffany Givens are charged with furnishing contraband into a correctional facility, possession of marijuana and conspiracy. In November, Banks was arrested for allegedly smuggling marijuana and contraband to 23-year-old Michael Black. Lisa Black and Givens were arrested on Friday and remain in the detention center. Bond had not been set Monday.


Is Miley Cyrus' Salvia Worse Than Marijuana?

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, December, 13th 2010 by THCFinder
A Miley Cyrus salvia video hit the Net last week as reported at sites such as Pop Crunch. It was a sight that put to rest any doubt that Miley Cyrus is no longer Hannah Montana. 
Although salvia is currently legal in most states, it's a hallucinogenic herb that is becoming a cause for increasing concern, and it's not a drug intended for minors. Salvia causes "intense, but 
 short-lived, effects, including visual distortions, hallucinations, intense dissociation and disconnectedness from reality, physical or visual impairment, disorientation and dizziness." The drug takes hold within 30 seconds when smoked. You want to stay away from a drunk driver, and you'd want to stay away from a driver who has just smoked salvia. 
Many parents of celebrities choose to ignore or deny the fact that their child has a problem with substance abuse. Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, comes to mind. But Billy Ray Cyrus has taken an honest approach about his feelings. He recently wrote on his Twitter, after viewing the infamous video, "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I'm so sad. There is much beyond my control right now." It's not an easy time for the Cyrus family as Billy Ray and his wife Tish deal with divorce. We can only imagine how difficult the divorce must be for Miley, too.
The famous Dr. Drew is worried about the young singer, as well. "Adolescents don't get depressed the way adults do. They don't get sad and cry and withdraw. They often act out and become irritable, they act out with drugs and... get in trouble and she seems to be suffering," Dr. Drew said. "This cat is out of the bag. This is a child who is in trouble and who is suffering and this is her way of trying to manage that. Get professional help."
Currently, Cyrus is able to maintain her responsibilities, show up on time, entertain her fans. Was Miley Cyrus in the salvia video just having fun, and that's it? She may be sexier in her attire, but she's not a Lindsay Lohan. Not yet. 


Arizona police find fake patrol car with marijuana

Category: Odd | Posted on Mon, December, 13th 2010 by THCFinder
FLORENCE - Pinal County sheriff's deputies say they found a car disguised as a patrol car and another car off the side of Interstate 8 in southern Arizona, and both had bails of marijuana in the trunk.
Sheriff's officials believe the fake patrol car attempted a traffic stop Saturday night on the second vehicle to steal the marijuana it was carrying.
Deputies say the engines of both vehicles were running when they stopped to check the scene near Vekol Valley, but the occupants were gone.
The fake patrol car was a Crown Victoria outfitted with red and blue lights, a siren, spotlight and front push bar.
A deputy found it stuck in loose dirt, with the trunk partially open.
It was about 20 feet behind the other car, which had crashed.


Pot ads on Denver buses prompt complaints

Category: News | Posted on Mon, December, 13th 2010 by THCFinder

DENVER—Marijuana conference ads on Denver-area buses have law enforcement groups complaining they promote illegal drug use.


The ads for this weekend's KushCon "cannabis lifestyle" convention in Denver are believed to be the first marijuana-related advertising on public transit anywhere in the country. The ads say "Have a Kush Day!" and promote the convention. Kush is a type of marijuana and the name of the California-based sponsor, Kush Magazine.


The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police and the Colorado Drug Investigators Association have complained about the ads to the Regional Transportation District.


The Denver Post reports that RTD will keep the ads, but modify them to better reflect that they are paid advertisements.


Marijuana License Fee May Increase

Category: News | Posted on Mon, December, 13th 2010 by THCFinder

Layoffs in the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, raising permit fees for marijuana cooperatives and doubling zip tie fees are topics on the Board of Supervisors Tuesday agenda. Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman listed seven sworn positions for layoff, as the board directed him to do during its Nov. 30 meeting. "The sheriff recommends that additional funding be allocated to the Sheriff's Office, to avoid cuts to Public Safety," Allman writes under the portion of the agenda summary marked "recommended action/motion." Allman's list includes two sergeants whose layoffs would save $61,130 and $54,044; three deputies whose layoffs would save $41,202, $36,387 and $33,608; and two corrections deputies whose layoffs would save $39,644 and $37,482.




The layoffs, if they are approved, would be effective Jan. 22. Estimated savings for the remaining 2010-11 fiscal year is $303,497, and the annual savings would be $693,138. The discussion is scheduled to take place at 9:30 a.m. Allman is also proposing to raise the current $1,050 fee to grow up to 99 marijuana plants to $1,500, a 42-percent increase. He also proposes doubling the cost of his zip ties, which growers attach to each marijuana plant that meets legal parameters, from $25 to $50."It has been determined that the marijuana cooperative license fee process requires more time," a summary justifying the increase states. "The more accurate time estimate is 20 hours. Implementation and oversight of the permit


Anti Drug Groups Protest RTD Bus Ads For Marijuana Convention

Category: News | Posted on Mon, December, 13th 2010 by THCFinder

Colorado law enforcement groups are raising concerns over ads for a marijuana convention that are on RTD buses across the city. The Colorado Drug Investigators Association wrote in a letter last week to the Regional Transportation District board of directors that it worries that the ads — which promote the KushCon cannabis convention — send the wrong message. "Advertising a marijuana conference, on the sides of Colorado's main source of public transportation, will do anything but prevent further drug abuse," Jerry Peters, the association's vice president and an investigator with the North Metro Drug Task Force, wrote in the letter.




Peters asked that RTD remove the ads. On Friday, Daniel Brennan, president of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, said his organization was drafting a letter to send to RTD over the ads. "We're sending mixed messages, I think, to the public and to the youth on this," said Brennan, who is also the Wheat Ridge police chief. RTD spokesman Scott Reed said Friday the ads would stay up although the transportation district told KushCon to modify them slightly to better reflect that they are paid advertisements. "It's an ad for an event that is being legally held at the Colorado Convention Center," Reed said. "There should be no implication of support or endorsement for that event."


RTD policy prohibits ads that tout illegal products or services. Because marijuana distribution is illegal federally, Reed said, RTD does not allow ads for medical-marijuana dispensaries even though medical marijuana is legal in Colorado. But KushCon despite billing itself as a "cannabis lifestyle" convention with appeal to marijuana enthusiasts — is a legal event that will not include marijuana on site. Bob Selan, chief executive of Dbdotcom, which publishes the marijuana-centric Kush Magazine and is sponsoring the convention, said the event's main purpose is to provide information to medical-marijuana patients and other curious people.



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