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Doctors Son Jumps To His Death After Smoking A Joint

Category: Odd | Posted on Sat, December, 18th 2010 by THCFinder

A doctor's son threw himself to his death from a sixth floor window after taking just one puff of a powerful 'skunk' cannabis joint, an inquest heard today.  Ahmed Shammam, 23, began behaving erratically and frothing at the mouth after taking a 'deep puff' of the joint in the early hours of July 30 this year.  Friends frantically tried to stop him as he ran in to the bathroom and out the window, falling 75 feet to his death. The electrical engineering student, who suffered hypersensitivity and claustrophobia, called out for his mother before plummeting to his death.   




He died instantly of a ruptured aorta, but received multiple injuries on impact, Westminster Coroner's Court heard.  Deputy coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe said: 'This is the first time where I have come across something where it's a reaction to a very small amount.' Consultant pathologist Professor Sebastian Lucas said that toxicology reports at first showed no signs of the drug. It was only when it was sent back for a second check traces were found in Mr Shammam's blood. No traces were found in his urine, as it had not yet been processed by his body.  Only 2.5 mg of cannabis were found - any lower and it would have shown no trace, said Professor Lucas.  

He added: 'Cannabis can sometimes make people do very strange things very quickly.'  Mr Shammam, a Libyan national who had been in London for just four days, had spent the evening dining with his three pals close to the flat in Evelyn Court, Stourcliffe Street.  No alcohol or other drugs had been consumed, and Mr Shammam was a strict Muslim.  Recording a verdict of accidental death Dr Radcliffe said: 'On returning back to the flat it appears the cigarette was smoked by Mr Shammam that was described as being composed of strong skunk. 'His friends reported that Mr Shammam took a long deep puff and then his behaviour became odd and erratic. ‘He frothed at the mouth, he rushed in to the bathroom and went out of the window to the area below the flat. 


Stringent medical marijuana rules proposed in AZ

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Fri, December, 17th 2010 by THCFinder

PHOENIX -- Arizona regulators have posted preliminary rules for users and sellers of medical marijuana intended to make sure only those who truly need pot can get it.

Department of Health Services Director Will Humble said Friday his goal is to avoid practices in other states with less stringent rules.

The rules come more than a month after Arizona voters approved medical marijuana.

Patients seeking pot would need a recommendation from a doctor licensed in Arizona who has either been treating the person for a year or who takes primary responsibility for their care.

The preliminary rules are open to public comment. Final rules will be released March 28, and patients can begin applying for marijuana cards in April.




Feds Recover Nearly 11 Tons Of Marijuana

Category: News | Posted on Fri, December, 17th 2010 by THCFinder

Agents monitored illegal cache carried on rail cars from Texas-Mexico border to Chicago Heights. As their plans to smuggle nearly 11 tons of marijuana into the Chicago area neared fruition, the alleged plotters talked of a celebration that would last two or three days, according to a federal complaint filed against them Thursday. In reality, six Union Pacific Railroad cars carrying the cache of illegal drugs from Mexico had been under 24-hour surveillance for several days by multiple law enforcement agencies, authorities said.




Surveillance teams of federal agents were on board the train and also provided extra security at layovers as the marijuana made its way here over a five-day journey, authorities said. Once it arrived at its destination on Dec. 6 in Chicago Heights, investigators watched the warehouse with hidden video cameras and from the air as the marijuana was off-loaded.

Seven men were charged with drug conspiracy for their alleged roles in the smuggling. Officials called the seizure the largest capture of marijuana in the Chicago area in the last decade and put its estimated value at about $22 million. The investigation was launched last month after a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent discovered the marijuana bundled into sacks and camouflaged with a thick layer of red masonry dust on a train near a Texas border town.


L.A. Warns Prospective New Pot Shops Not To Open In The City

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, December, 17th 2010 by THCFinder

The city of L.A.'s top attorney on Friday warned new pot shops not to open their doors despite a judge's recent order telling City Hall not to enforce much of its new medical marijuana dispensary law.

In other words, hold your horses, weed peddlers. The City Attorney isn't going to standby if you try to take advantage of the situation.

Here's what L.A.'s attorney-in-chief had to say in a statement released Friday:


"The City's Medical Marijuana Ordinance remains in effect. Judge Mohr's ruling does not allow any new collectives to open their doors ... My Office is committed to public health and safety and will continue to protect patients from smuggled and contaminated medical marijuana, as well as enforce existing laws in order to prevent the proliferation of pot shops and the unlawful sale and distribution of marijuana to recreational users and others for profit."

Got that?

Step away from the bong.

Trutanich says Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mohr's ruling last week doesn't allow a free-for-all in the pot-shop scene. It only prevents the city from shutting down shops based on the time they opened (post-2007 moratorium).

L.A.'s ordinance states that cannabis retailers that opened after that moratorium won't be qualified to stay open. The judge put a halt to that part of the law. Mohr said the city's ordinance was too confusing.

But that doesn't mean new stores can open, Trutanich says.

According to the statement from his office:

Although the Court found the bulk of the ordinance to be constitutional and valid, Judge Mohr enjoined the City from implementing the following provisions: the "grandfather" provisions that allowed medical marijuana collectives operating before a certain date to have a preference in registering under the new ordinance; the imposition of criminal penalties for violations of the ordinance; certain patient information and record-keeping requirements; and the expiration date or "sunset clause" of the ordinance.

The C.A. also notes that Mohr's ruling doesn't take effect until Jan. 7. So he can still bust shops that don't meet the letter of L.A.'s law. Seems like.

Sounds to us like the city's afraid that the number of pot shops in town will rise again -- back to last spring's peak level of nearly 550.

In fact, Trutanich says the judge's ruling actually encourage the city to tighten up its rules. He quotes Mohr:

"The City has a duty to address the problem of drug dealers and recreational users who are attempting to hijack California's medical marijuana legislation for their own benefit."

The City Attorney said he's working with the City Council on this.



Cannabis Conference A Major Draw To The Mile High City

Category: News | Posted on Fri, December, 17th 2010 by THCFinder

The high temperature in Steve Lach's hometown in Hawaii on Thursday was 80 degrees, which is to say he had better have a darn good reason for spending the weekend in chilly Denver. Starting today, Lach will be hunkered in a booth at KushCon, where he will be showing off and autographing his handmade smoking pipes, some of which are plated in 22-karat gold. If ever there were an example of the gravitational pull KushCon has had on the marijuana industry, Lach is it. "The trade shows in California pale in comparison," said Lach, who owns Celebration Pipes. "Colorado is the geographic center of the universe for this industry."




This edition of KushCon a "cannabis lifestyle" convention that runs until Sunday at the Colorado Convention Center underscores the state's growing reputation within the pot community. While Colorado may not yet be the center of marijuana culture, it is the hub of marijuana business. KushCon organizers and exhibitors say Colorado's for-profit model legitimized by laws passed in the legislature and rules soon to be adopted by state agencies is the envy of canna-business owners across the country. "Denver is the leader in the world," said Michael Lerner, a marijuana media mogul who is putting on the show. "Colorado is light-years ahead of the rest of the world in how it regulates and taxes cannabis."




Speaking astronomically about KushCon seems fitting. This second version of the trade show the first was in April stretches over a cavernous 300,000 square feet in the convention center. More than 500 exhibitors will have booths at the show. Organizers have planned concerts, cooking classes, glass-blowing demonstrations, skateboarding exhibitions, panel discussions, speeches and thousands of dollars in giveaways. But it is the breadth of the show that makes it significant in the cannabis world. Lerner, who owns Kush Magazine.


Amsterdam's pot "coffee shops" could go up in smoke

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, December, 16th 2010 by THCFinder
A new ruling by Europe's highest court may help pave the way for a ban on foreign tourists buying marijuana at free-wheeling "coffee shops" in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities.
The European Court of Justice announced Thursday that the mayor of Maastricht -- a southern town near the German and Belgian borders and not far from France -- was right to close down a coffee shop that had been selling cannabis to non-residents, says Reuters.
"A prohibition on admitting non-residents to coffee shops ... constitutes a measure capable of 
substantially limiting drug tourism and, consequently, of reducing the problems it causes," the Luxembourg-based court said in its judgment.
Flooded by pot-smoking foreigners arriving at the rate of 10,000 a day, Maastricht passed a law in 2005 to prohibit marijuana-selling selling coffee shops from admitting non-residents.
The Dutch supreme court asked for an EU ruling after a coffee shop owner sued when he was forced to close for breaking the "no foreigners" rule.
The ruling is seen as an important precedent because a new Dutch government is planning to use the model to restrict the sale of marijuana and hashish by creating a "grass pass" that will be only be given to Dutch adults, reports the London Telegraph.
While marijuana is technically illegal in the Netherlands, it has been sold openly for decades in designated cafés and police make no arrests for possession of small amounts.
Marc Josemans, owner of the Easy Going coffee shop in Maastricht who initiated the legal fight, told the Associated Press that coffee shops are a successful way of regulating the drug market and preventing marijuana users coming into contact with drugs like heroin.
"All these people who visit coffee shops, they want to use and buy cannabis in a safe haven where they are not being contacted with hard drugs or hassled for other things," he said. "That place is called the coffee shop."



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