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A false link between marijuana and mental illness

Category: News | Posted on Wed, February, 9th 2011 by THCFinder

The article published today in "Health News" makes the claim thatsmoking marijuana is "linked" to early onset of mental illness.

However, although the article implies some sort of cause and effect, that conclusion has no scientific basis. In fact, the authors of the study don't even bother investigating whether marijuana use causes mental illness or if people with mental illness have a higher rate of smoking marijuana than the general public.

If marijuana caused mental illness, then cultures that have a higher rate of marijuana smoking than the U.S. should have a higher rate of mental illness. But in fact, the opposite is true. Cultures with higher rates of marijuana consumption have lower rates of mental illness than the United States. This would indicate that rather than marijuana causing mental illness, as your article implies, it is people with mental illness who are self medicating with marijuana in order to alleviate their symptoms.

This (more correct) reading of the data, however, does not fit the narrative being presented by the politicians who are making their careers by "getting tough" on marijuana smokers, nor does it fit the narrative of the manufacturers of the currently legal psychotropic drugs, like Prozac and Zoloft, who stand to lose billions of dollars ifmedical marijuana is legalized, and who funnel millions of dollars to those politicians who present their dubious science as fact.



Is marijuana the fix for Washington's budget problems?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, February, 9th 2011 by THCFinder

You have probably heard most of the arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana. The pro folks say it costs too much money to prosecute the crimes, and pot is no more dangerous than alcohol. Opponents claim it's a gateway drug, and legalization would make it far more accessable to children.

Those and many other popular arguments have been sung for years. One Seattle lawmaker is changing the tune. State Representative Mary Lou Dickerson is making the debate about dollars and cents. With the state in such financial trouble, she believes that Washington needs to get into the drug dealing business to put the balance sheet in the black.

"The only people that are profiting from this prohibition are the drug cartels and the black market criminals who are involved," she told a State House committee on Tuesday. "Why shouldn't Washington reap the financial benefits of legalization?"

Representative Dickerson has introduced a bill that would legalize the drug, tax it and make it available at state-owned stores. It's the second time that she's made this pitch in Olympia. She told the committee the state could pocket $400 million every two years if marijuana was legal. Most of that money would go to fund health care in the state.

But opponents like State Representative Christopher Hurst worry the federal government will spoil the party, since marijuana possession and distribution would still be a federal crime. "Would we ever really keep any of that money and what would we do to our state employees who would be going to federal prison on a consistent basis?"

Dickerson admitted that any legalization effort would be bogged-down in the courts for years, but she told the committee Washington should be pushing the issue. "Some state has to take the lead," she said. "I say to you that Washington State can lead, and because we take the lead we will reap the benefits."

Here's how Dickerson's bill would work. Marijuana would be legal for people older than 21. The state would impose a 15 percent tax on each gram sold. People could grow their own in small gardens that aren't visible to the public, and the state couldn't advertise. The bill would also allow for hemp production which Dickerson believes could be an economic boon to Washington.



Bow Wow Amazed By Cannabis In Amsterdam

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Wed, February, 9th 2011 by THCFinder

Bow Wow is currently touring Europe as part of his Underrated Tour and the rapper took time out of his busy schedule to check out Amsterdam's oldest cannabis coffee shop while he was there.




The 'Ain't Thinking Bout You' rapper, who is touring with Tyga, kicked off his tour on 4th February and had sell out shows at the weekend. While wearing a grey hoodie and a lumberjack hat, Bow Wow checked out the cafe and we're not sure he took advantage of the goods on offer.

But, the rapper did tweet: "This sh*t is crazy. They wake up smoke weed for breakfast In Amsterdam. There like restaurants. Walk in and order what u wants off menu."


New rules released on Medical Marijuana in AZ

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, February, 9th 2011 by THCFinder

GLOBE — On Jan. 31, 2011 the Arizona Department of Health Services released revised rules for the regulation of the approved medical marijuana bill that passed in the November general election last year.

The revised rules place a substantial amount of responsibility on the prescribing physician, who must “identify the debilitating medical conditions” had by the qualifying patient as well as provide a statement that the physician agrees to assume responsibility for providing management and routine care of the qualifying patient’s debilitating medical conditions.

The physician must also submit a statement that he/she has established a medical record for the qualifying patient and is maintaining these records throughout the treatment. The physician is also required to review all medical records for the qualifying patient from all other treating physicians within the previous 12 months, and review the qualifying patient’s response to conventional medications and medical therapies.

An in-person exam is required to diagnose the debilitating condition that would qualify for the use of medical marijuana.

These precautions are hoping to prevent a lax system that may lose oversight and control of who receives a medical marijuana registry ID card.

Arizona is now the fifteenth state in the U.S. plus Washington, D.C. that has legalized the use of medical marijuana. Cities and towns in the state of Arizona will begin placing bids to locate a medical marijuana dispensary in their city limits on May 1, 2011. Applications will be accepted for 30 days. Globe is among the cities vying for a dispensary to be located within the city limits. According to City Manager, Kane Graves, the city is looking to have the dispensary located in the vicinity of the Globe Police Department. High security measures will also be in place. The dispensary would be professionally run by Globe Farmacy. The exact location has not been decided at this time, but a public hearing to discuss the matter is set to take place today Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

According to the Department of Health and Safety rules, medical marijuana can be prescribed by a physician for the following conditions:

1. Cancer;

2. Glaucoma;

3. Human immunodeficiency virus;

4. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome;

5. Hepatitis C;

6. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis;

7. Crohn’s disease;

8. Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease;

9. A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment for a chronic or

debilitating disease or medical condition that causes cachexia or wasting syndrome;

10. A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment for a chronic or

debilitating disease or medical condition that causes severe and chronic pain;

11. A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment for a chronic or

debilitating disease or medical condition that causes severe nausea;

12. A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment for a chronic or

debilitating disease or medical condition that causes seizures, including those

characteristic of epilepsy;

13. A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment for a chronic or

debilitating disease or medical condition that causes severe or persistent muscle spasms,

including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis; or

14. A debilitating medical condition or treatment approved by the Department under A.R.S. 

36-2801.01 and R9-17-106.

A qualifying patient registry ID card would cost $160. The Department also reserves the right to revoke an ID card or deny a card to a qualifying patient on grounds established in the rules, including the lack of evidence of a debilitating condition, or if evidence of misuse of the substance is found. Patients are not allowed to give marijuana to other patients, and can be prosecuted if they do so.

The Department of Health and Safety has established Community Health Analysis Areas, based on the number of chronic ill patients, which will be used to determine the location of the dispensaries throughout the state. The public is invited to provide their comments to the Department at the website:



Toronto Judge Rejects Pot Smoking As A Religious Right

Category: News | Posted on Wed, February, 9th 2011 by THCFinder

A religious group has lost its bid to be exempted from Canada's marijuana laws. The Church of the Universe uses the drug as a sacrament and argues the law infringes on their freedom of religion rights under the charter. Prosecutors had told a Toronto judge that allowing the church's application would effectively legalize marijuana, as others would claim a religious right as well. Justice Thea Herman ruled against the church today.




The constitutional challenge came in the case of two church members charged with trafficking marijuana. Peter Styrsky and Shahrooz Kharaghani allegedly sold pot to undercover officers in 2006, and their case is back in court Feb. 21. Last year, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an application from church founders Walter Tucker and Michael Baldasaro for leave to appeal their 2007 marijuana trafficking convictions.

The men sold small amounts of pot to an undercover police officer who posed as a new church member. On its website, the church refers to marijuana as God's "Tree of Life" and that God's children have a right to use it as a sacrament in "their lives and worship." "Church members are encouraged to surround themselves with the holy Tree of Life, not just inhaling it, but wearing it, growing it, writing on it, eating it, etc.," the site reads. "They decide for themselves ways and times to use God's Tree of Life."


Colorado teen battles to attend school and continue medical pot use

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, February, 8th 2011 by THCFinder

A Colorado teen has been told that if he consumes his legal medical marijuana, he cannot attend classes at his school or he will be “in internal possession” of the drug.

According to the Colorado Independent, Michigan Messenger’s sister site, the boy has been prescribed the medical pot to control his rare neurological condition diaphragmatic and axial myoclonus. A letter from his physician shows that the teenager has tried numerous other medications to intervene with the condition which causes seizures that can last 24 hours or more.

Treatment: Sinemet 25/100 mg tablets, 2 tablets by mouth three times per day Zoloft 50mg at bedtime THC 10-50mg as needed for episode of breakthrough myoclonus

Rationale: Failure to respond to a host of other medications including Keppra, clonazepam, valium, morphine, benadryl, Xanax, inhaled lidocaine, Dilantin, Tegretol, Depakote, Flexeril, Artane, IVlg and Solumedrol. Previously, (redacted name) was taking benzodiazepines while at school for episodes of breakthrough myoclonus which was sedating and ineffective to control the symptoms. We now have (redacted name) on a medication regimen which actually helps reduce the frequency and duration of his spells, and have found a medication which reliably aborts the attacks (THC) when they occur.

He has no significant side effects to the THC and is functional on this medication. I strongly recommend that (redacted name) return to school on his current medication regimen and be allowed to take the THC which has been prescribed by a physician to treat his medical condition.

But school officials have said if the student takes his THC lozenges, he can’t attend school.

“They say if he takes his medicine it is ‘internal possession’ and he cannot come back to school,” the teenager’s father told The Colorado Independent. The boy attends Sierra High School




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