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How Alaska Gun Nuts May Save Legal Marijuana in California (And Beyond)

Category: News | Posted on Thu, February, 23rd 2017 by THCFinder

In the last month of 2012, much of America was in the grips of a mass psychosis. 

A disturbed, mentally ill young man who had access to military-grade weaponry and a cache of ammunition used his arsenal to murder his mother and then a roomful of 5- and 6-year old schoolchildren, their teacher and their principal. 

Rather than question the state of affairs that could have led to such a thing or take action to prevent a redux, immediate reactions to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School included denial—like insisting the tragedy of inconceivable scale was a conspiracy to take away Americans’ 300 million firearmsfollowed by a flurry of NRA-funded lawmaking to ensure such a conspiracy could never come true (and simultaneously preserving both “gun rights” and the likelihood that similar gun massacres could continue unimpeded, as they have in the ensuing four years). 

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What strain are you smoking on today?

Category: Fun | Posted on Wed, February, 22nd 2017 by THCFinder


Comedian Greg Proops On The Best Cities for Weed Gifts

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Wed, February, 22nd 2017 by THCFinder

Best known for his quick wit and sharp rejoinders on the beloved improv-driven television show Who’s Line is It Anyway?, comedian Greg Proops lately stakes his claim to being the thinking man’s comic on his popular The Smartest Podcast in the World and as a headlining stand-up act. Long a devoted cannabis enthusiast, and well known among his fellow comedians for always (allegedly) carrying incredibly strong joints to share (the secret is he sprinkles hash on them!), Proops even included a short history of marijuana in his new tome, The Smartest Book in the World.

On a national tour to promote its release in paperback, Proops recently shared a smoke and a few laughs with us on the way to his next public appearance. So we asked if he gets a lot of herbal gifts while on the road, and who’s got the best stuff.

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Harold and Kumar - Smoking Scene

Category: Videos | Posted on Wed, February, 22nd 2017 by THCFinder



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