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Judge Dismisses Suit Against Kansas Mom Who Used Medical Pot

Category: News | Posted on Fri, December, 30th 2016 by THCFinder

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a western Kansas woman against the state and several agencies after her son was removed from her home in 2015 when he told school officials she used marijuana.

Shona Banda, of Garden City, alleged in the lawsuit filed in March that the defendants denied her civil rights by refusing to allow her to use medical marijuana to treat her Crohn’s disease, interfered with her parenting and questioned her son without her permission. Medical marijuana is not legal in Kansas.

U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten dismissed the lawsuit Tuesday, agreeing with the defendants’ contention that Banda had no right to use marijuana and the agencies had some immunity.

Banda says she intends to pursue the case after she recovers from a recent surgery.



What strain are you smoking on today?

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Top 10 Stoner Comedies

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10 Largest Marijuana Companies Raking In Huge Profits

Category: News | Posted on Thu, December, 29th 2016 by THCFinder

After the November elections proved to be a tipping point for legal weed, the financial impact of cannabis products on the U.S. economy became a subject for researchers, economists and stock watchers across the land.

According to Arcview Market Research’s latest report, national growth in the legal cannabis market is going great, with no signs of slowing down. Sales are surging, demand is strong and by 2020, legal market sales are expected to surpass $22 billion and possibly reach twice that amount.

Analysts at Viridian Capital Advisors, a group of Wall Street analysts and bankers who focus on the money side of weed, maintain a cannabis stock index. For 2016 (through December 9),  it’s up 175.3 percent.

And if you think 2016 growth is impressive, it was nothing compared to 2014 where the annual gain was 383.5 percent.

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Nonsmokers Can Still Benefit from Medical Cannabis

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, December, 29th 2016 by THCFinder

Thankfully, our political leaders as well as doctors are finally recognizing the potential health and wellness benefits that Marijuana offers those who are suffering from many different conditions including chronic pain and spasms, to deadly diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and debilitating conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy.

Medical Cannabis can help people suffering from chronic pain, nausea and loss of appetite due to those diseases.  Many folks who are nonsmokers, may be reluctant to try Cannabis treatment due to the perception that it has to be smoked or inhaled to benefit from the healing effects of the drug.

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