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Macka B - Medical Marijuana Card

Category: Videos | Posted on Sat, December, 24th 2016 by THCFinder


Guam Governor Wants Territory to Legalize Cannabis

Category: News | Posted on Sat, December, 24th 2016 by THCFinder

In 2014 Guam voters legalized the medical use of cannabis. Now, Governor Eddie Calvo (R) believes the island territory should take things a step further and begin looking at the legalization of cannabis for personal use.

“We’re talking about cutting what would be red tape and concerns about funding for required enforcement on the new marijuana legislation that became law” Governor Calvo said in a Faceook post made yesterday. “I want us to look at how states navigated into recreational marijuana; let’s figure it out and then tax the heck out of it and use those taxes to help fund our hospital, public safety and education.”

The idea of taxing “the heck out of it” probably isn’t the most appealing approach for cannabis consumers, who aren’t going to like the idea of ridiculously high taxes that will artificially inflate the price of cannabis. However, it’s very likely that the large majority of cannabis enthusiasts are willing to pay a higher price for cannabis (or at least a price that isn’t less than it is now, as legalization would undeniably due without massive tax rates) in exchange for the removal of the possibility of them going to jail for using it.

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Study Says Medical Marijuana States Have Fewer Traffic Fatalities than Those Without

Category: Tokers | Posted on Sat, December, 24th 2016 by THCFinder

One would think car crash rates would be higher, especially among younger drivers, in states where people are smoking more pot. But researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health found an 11 percent reduction in traffic fatalities on average in medical-marijuana states.

The study also found the presence of medical-marijuana dispensaries correlated with fewer traffic fatalities.

Dr. Silvia Martins, faculty member in the Epidemiology Department at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health and the study’s senior author, theorized that lower traffic fatality rates in legal pot states might be related to reduced levels of drunk driving, as young people substitute weed for booze.

“We found evidence that states with the marijuana laws in place compared with those which did not, reported, on average, lower rates of drivers endorsing driving after having too many drinks,” Martins said in a written statement, reported the Washington Post.

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The Dab Star

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, December, 23rd 2016 by THCFinder



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