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Colorado Health Department Grants Millions for Cannabis Research

Category: News | Posted on Tue, December, 20th 2016 by THCFinder

Colorado’s Health Department has announced that it will be providing researchers with millions of dollars in order to study cannabis.

According to the department, $2.35 million will be spent on researching cannabis and its impact on driving – both individually (how it effects individual drivers), and societally (how it effects accident rates).

“This research will be invaluable in Colorado and across the country,” says Dr. Larry Wolk, executive director of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. “The findings will inform our public education efforts and give people additional information they need to make decisions about marijuana use.”

According to Wolk, funding will also be spent on researching cannabis’ impact on breast milk, including how long it stays in the milk of mothers who are nursing.

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Colorado Plans to Restrict Home Grows

Category: News | Posted on Tue, December, 20th 2016 by THCFinder

Thanks to the most expansive plant limits in America, there’s no better place to be an at-home marijuana farmer than Colorado.

This has also meant there’s no better place to grow cannabis under legal protections in order to ship it around the country and sell it on the black market than Colorado.

And Colorado is tired of it—as is federal law enforcement, which is leading authorities all over the Rocky Mountain State to ponder paring back those plant limits.

Medical marijuana patients in Colorado can grow up to 99 plants, Westword notes, with recreational cannabis users—read: anyone 21 and over—able to cultivate six plants per person. And both patients and rec users have the ability to join up with other adults to form a larger co-op of plants.

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What strain are you smoking on today?

Category: Fun | Posted on Mon, December, 19th 2016 by THCFinder


New DEA rule on extracts, CBD causes commotion in cannabis industry

Category: News | Posted on Mon, December, 19th 2016 by THCFinder

A little three-page document published this week in the U.S. Federal Register sent some fairly big shock waves through the cannabis industry.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration filed a final rule notice to establish a Controlled Substances Code Number for “marihuana extract,” and subsequently maintaining marijuana, hemp and their derivatives as Schedule I substances. According to the notice:

This code number will allow DEA and DEA-registered entities to track quantities of this material separately from quantities of marihuana. This, in turn, will aid in complying with relevant treaty provisions.

The filing published Wednesday goes on to state that a new code number is needed because the United Nations Conventions on international drug control treats cannabis plant extracts differently than marijuana or tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). The rule is expected to take effect Jan. 13, 2017.

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Cheech & Chong - What do you guys want?

Category: Videos | Posted on Mon, December, 19th 2016 by THCFinder



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