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Major Rights Group Calls for Decriminalization of All Illicit Drugs

Category: News | Posted on Sat, October, 15th 2016 by THCFinder

Since the federal government insists on treating American’s drug problem through incarceration rather than treatment, law enforcement agencies all across the nation are having a field day locking people up for drug possession every 25 seconds, a rate that surpasses arrests for all violent crime, according to the latest report from Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union.

That means most days there are around 137,000 people sitting in jail because they were caught in possession of an illegal substance. The report finds that most of these folks, many of whom cannot afford bail, are being forced to reside in county jails while they wait, sometimes months, to appear before a judge to answer to the changes.

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My Kind of Cake

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, October, 14th 2016 by THCFinder


The Nightly Show - Panel - Legalizing Marijuana

Category: Videos | Posted on Fri, October, 14th 2016 by THCFinder


Cannabis Tour Guide in Colorado Describes Shift in People Seeking Marijuana Information

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, October, 14th 2016 by THCFinder

Working as a tour guide in the cannabis industry, I interact with lots of different people from all over the world.  The intrigue around this new industry spans the globe, and people come from all directions to see and experience this mostly foreign culture.

As strangers light up joints, discuss effects of different strains or edibles, and test the waters of a vape pen for the first time, I’m reminded of how surreal this is to most people. I agree, lighting up a bong as you’re blazing down the highway in a party bus is a crazy thing to do…pretty much ever, but we do things legally and responsibly, and try to make sure that everyone has fun.

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