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Texas Wants to Raise Cannabis Industry Licensing Fee to Over $1 Million

Category: News | Posted on Wed, October, 26th 2016 by THCFinder

Those entrepreneurs hoping to sell cannabis oil in Texas may have to dig a lot deeper inside their respective piggy banks before the state will allow them to get in on the action.

report from NPR’s Morning Edition revealed on Monday that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is considering raising the cost of the state’s medical marijuana licensing fee from $6,000 to a whopping $1.3 million. The rate increase would apply to every cultivation operation and dispensary interested in participating in the state’s low-THC cannabis trade.

The Public Safety Commission originally drafted a set of rules that would have made a buy-in for the state’s restrictive cannabis trade a modest investment of $6,000—allowing a number of companies to take advantage of the new market. But the commission has since restricted the number of businesses that will be permitted to deal in cannabis oil, forcing about the need for a $1.3 million licensing fee, the agency said.

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Knocked Up - The best thing for a hangover is weed

Category: Videos | Posted on Wed, October, 26th 2016 by THCFinder


Oregon Counties Vote on Legalization…Again

Category: Legalization | Posted on Wed, October, 26th 2016 by THCFinder

On Saturday I was able to attend a Lift The Ban rally and fundraiser put on by the Oregon Cannabis Business Council (OCBC) with all proceeds going to the Vote Yes on 24-404 and 24-405 Campaign’s political action committee (PAC).  The event was held at Gildamesh Brewing in Salem, Oregon, just minutes away from our state capital.

While many people go under the assumption that all of Oregon’s counties will be able to continue to have legal cannabis businesses and sales, this simply is not the case as evidenced by the number of ballots that will have these 2 measures on them.  Marion county is one of those counties.

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You’re Not Against Cannabis Legalization, You’re Against Corporate Weed (And That’s Cool, But…)

Category: Politics | Posted on Wed, October, 26th 2016 by THCFinder

When it comes to the cannabis industry, it’s time for the weed heads to ban together to keep out the greed heads. And that starts with how you vote this November.

I’ve been a cannabis journalist for fifteen years, and just published a book called How To Smoke Pot (Properly) that includes a lengthy section titled, “Cannabis Should Transform Capitalism, Not the Other Way Around.” I’ve also had the honor and privilege, as a longtime HIGH TIMES editor, of spending quality time with countless “Mom & Pop” cannabis growers, infused product makers, extract artists and retailers. I love this community, and what we stand for—liberty, reason, resistance, compassion, inclusion and stony solidarity in the face of terrible injustice.

So yeah, I’m staunchly opposed to any kind of corporate take-over of cannabis. And yeah, it’s already happening, and has been happening for years—aided and abetted by the suddenly weed-friendly corporate media.

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