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Category: Videos | Posted on Sun, November, 19th 2017 by THCFinder


Michigan Police Are Ignoring Medical Marijuana Law

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Sun, November, 19th 2017 by THCFinder

A trend is growing in the State of Michigan; police are arresting patients, confiscating their property.

And turning their lives upside down, despite the fact that the patients are legally registered in the State of Michigan’s medical marijuana program (click here). “Police across the state are either confused or resisting compliance with the medical marijuana law,” said ACLU attorney Dan Korobkin.

When asked about it, Roseville Deputy Chief James Berlin was brutally honest, when he said, “We may spend three weeks investigating, and then bust in and traumatize people, only to find out they’re legal.” WHAT A DICK! Instead of wasting tax payer dollars for three weeks, maybe the police should have just checked with the State, found out there was a medical marijuana patient registered at the address, and simply knocked on the door. Or even better, when the police find out that there is a medical marijuana patient at the house, they can go somewhere else and fight REAL crime!

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California School Limits Restrooms To Stop Students From Vaping

Category: News | Posted on Sun, November, 19th 2017 by THCFinder

This week, California high school students and their parents received a letter saying that their school limits restrooms to stop students from vaping. In other words, school administrators are so concerned about a vaping “trend” that they are restricting bathroom use. Here’s what’s happening, and why it’s a terrible idea.

At Oak Ridge High School, teachers and administrators have been noticing a trend among their teenaged students. According to the school’s principal, Aaron Palm, there is a growing number of students who have developed a habit that is both reminiscent of the past and vaguely futuristic. The students in question have taken to vaping in the restrooms during school hours. According to Oak Ridge High’s teachers and administrators, the vape devices that the students use contain THC and nicotine.

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What strain are you smoking on today?

Category: Fun | Posted on Sat, November, 18th 2017 by THCFinder



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