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Reefers Medicated Peanut Butter

Category: Fun | Posted on Wed, August, 14th 2013 by THCFinder



Effort to legalize cannabis in Ohio up in smoke

Category: Legalization | Posted on Wed, August, 14th 2013 by THCFinder
ohio-medical-marijuanaCOLUMBUS, Ohio -- An effort to put a constitutional amendment before voters that would make marijuana legal for adult use and clear the way for a hemp industry in Ohio suffered a setback today when Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine rejected the group’s summary language for the ballot.
DeWine rejected a petition for the proposed End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012, citing four defects. In DeWine’s view, the language did not present a “fair and truthful” summary of the proposed amendment to Ohio’s Constitution.
The summary is intended to provide a short, concise version of a proposed constitutional amendment for use when supporters of the amendment gather signatures needed to get the amendment on the ballot.
Proponents of the amendment, the political action committee Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis, can submit corrected language to the attorney general. But before they do so, they will have to gather new signatures of registered voters.


Bad news: Monsanto Ready to Enter Medical Marijuana War

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Wed, August, 14th 2013 by THCFinder
monstanto-mmj-businessAs legally allowed medical marijuana becomes more widespread, it is no surprise that many are realizing there is legal money to be made off of this traditionally illegal cash crop. Even Illinois has adapted medical marijuana laws, and soon it will be legal to buy weed in Chicago as long as you have a prescription. With so many dollar signs hanging in the air, ready to be snatched, it is no surprise to see agriculture giant Monsanto getting poised to jump into selling genetically modified marijuana as well.
Is Monsanto Evil?
Monsanto has been getting a lot of bad press recently due to the way it has dominated the food agriculture business and for being suspected of playing a role in the mass death of honeybees. Monsanto is a publicly traded Missouri-based company, and is the leading provider of genetically altered seeds for US agriculture.  Monsanto was also recently named the world’s “Most Evil Corporation” by the NaturalNews website. Monsanto garnered 51% of the votes with second runner up, British Petrolium, or BP getting only 9% of votes
Monsanto already distributes medical marijuana grown without RNAi, and has sold genetically altered marijuana for over a decade. Monsanto also contributed funds to state-run initiatives to legalize marijuana for medical use. While the company maintains that its products are safe for human consumption, it has been widely debated that this truly is the case. While moving into medical marijuana may be a winning move for Monsanto stockholders, it may also be a strong case of “buyer beware” for the end consumers of the product.


Purple Snozzberry

Category: Nugs | Posted on Wed, August, 14th 2013 by THCFinder


Children Taken From Medical Marijuana-Prescribed Parents in California

Category: News | Posted on Wed, August, 14th 2013 by THCFinder
children-taken-for-marijuanaA family from southern California is suing the City of Coronado after their children were taken away for nearly a year because the father admitted to legally smoking medical marijuana.
According to legal filings obtained this week by the Courthouse News Service, Michael Lewis and Lauren Taylor have filed a lawsuit against Coronado, CA, San Diego County and nine local police officers for what they say is a violation of civil rights that started with a routine visit from law enforcement in August 2011.
Attorneys for the family say Lewis was recommended medical marijuana by his physician in order to counter the debilitating migraines he started suffering from after being exposed to chemicals during the Gulf War, but investigators who stopped by their Coronado home two summers ago disregarded the prescription.
The lawsuit alleges that police officers were called to investigate the Lewis residence after being told that the family was running an illegal day care center on the same site where marijuana was being regularly smoked. Following a visit during August 2011, police wrote that they found pot, but identified no other hazards — or a day care facility, for that matter. Three days later, however, agents with the United States Department of Health and Human Services returned to the residence and seized the couple’s two children, ages four and two.
According to the lawsuit, the children were removed from their parents’ care and then deposited at a San Diego County emergency shelter for allegedly abused and neglected minors.


Purple Zombie Strain review & Pics

Category: Nugs | Posted on Tue, August, 13th 2013 by THCFinder




Purple Zombie - Indica

Strain Name: Purple Zombie
Device Used: Mobius Reti Perc Bubbler
Grade: A
Type: (Indica)
Price: Sample
Looks: I was provided with a nice sized sample marijuana nugget that was dense and tight, with a deep dark purple hue giving a black color appearance with noticeable orange/red "hair" frosted over with trichomes.
Smell: Very prune and raison like ... fruity and earthy.
Taste: Similar to its smell, but more earthy with a hash like aftertaste with a hint of plumb and grape.
Buzz Type: Full Body. Relaxing and calming.
Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 to 1.5 hours)
* Review is "First Impression" as product provided was a sample and used exclusively for one day.
I enjoy "Purple" strains and its been a while since I had one so, I was glad some Purple Zombie made it in my hands even if only a sample marijuana nugget.
This strain smoked very smooth. I was able to take in a whole bowl without one cough. The buzz is first felt in the head, but before you know it, the "Zombie" engulfs you into a full body high which is very relaxing and calming. I found this strain to be very nice for pain as I immediately enjoyed this sample after one of my morning gym workouts. I was provided with excellent pain relief.
The full body high is relaxing and relieves stress. This strain did make me sink in my chair. I was not couch locked, but was a bit slow while doing my work as I mostly wanted to sit back and enjoy the nice cerebral pressure and full body tingle sensation I was experiencing.
Enjoyed for a morning only, I was able to get three nice bubbler bowls from the sample marijuana nugget provided.
I would definitely grab Purple Zombie if available!
Cheers (& Cough),



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