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Amazing Dragon Glass

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Marijuana: The Next Diabetes Drug?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, September, 24th 2013 by THCFinder
cannabis-the-new-diabetes-drugPatient comments were that: "Marijuana alleviates my pain," and "I started smoking marijuana to help my pain and it cured my Diabetes". With these two comments, I decided that I must browse the web to see if anybody else found that marijuana really did alleviate the Diabetes neuropathy pain.
It has been known in Great Britain where Cannabis as medicine was first introduced for obstetrical pain with Queen Victoria about 1850 that Cannabis/marijuana was effective for pain. The news got to the U.S. in a few months and the greatest use was in our Civil War to get wounded Veterans off opium and alcohol, which it successfully did.
In addition to its medical use, "Turkish parlors" (hash parlors) sprung up like mushrooms and were presumably used mostly by women who back in those days did not work outside of their homes. This was in the pre-"wine in the afternoon days".
Most people today are not aware that marijuana was very much socially acceptable, especially in the United States, between 1880 and 1941. Here is an excerpt from "...New York City, where marijuana "tea pads" were established about 1920. They resembled opium dens or speakeasies except that prices were very low; a man could get high for a quarter on marijuana smoked in the pad, or for even less if he bought the marijuana at the door and took it away to smoke.
"Most of the marijuana, it was said, was harvested from supplies growing wild on Staten Island or in New Jersey and other nearby states; marijuana and hashish imported from North Africa were more potent and cost more. These tea pads were tolerated by the city, much as alcohol speakeasies were tolerated. By the 1930s there were said to be 500 of them in New York City alone."
Getting to the subject, I looked up Marijuana for Diabetes and found a few references to pain (neuropathy) but when I punched up marijuana for diabetic neuropathy I discovered a tsunami with maybe about 35,000 posts. What I found was astonishing!
I found that millions of patients are afflicted with Diabetic neuropathy and it can affect almost every body system with neuropathy in the feet being the most troublesome. I also discovered the most common medications were, in a word, ridiculous. Those were: Tricyclic anti-depressants, other anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, opiates and opioids, and gabapentin (neurontin). None of these work well for the pain, and in effect cause Zombification.
Another list from 1999, by Dr. Aaron Vinik, included: Capsaicin (from chili peppers), Clondine, a brain depressant, Gabapentin (neurontin), Carbomazpine (an epilepsy drug), Dialantin (another anti-epileptic), and anti-depressants, again. I shuddered at this list.
The next oldest reference was from 2003 by Dr. Derrick Wade, at Oxford University, who wrote about neuro-genic symptoms which I conclude is "pain".
It is interesting to me that Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his "WEED epiphany" mentioned that marijuana was used in the U.S. to treat neuropathic pain until 1943. No reference was given. One reference in Nat Med Talk stated that the U.S. Government has a patent for the use of Cannabis for the treatment of neuropathic pain.


Bubba Kush - Indica

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, September, 23rd 2013 by THCFinder


Family credits rare medical marijuana with helping epileptic son

Category: News | Posted on Mon, September, 23rd 2013 by THCFinder
cannabis-helps-healA California family says a rare type of medical marijuana has helped control their 7-year-old son’s severe epilepsy, Fox 40 reported.
Jayden David suffers from a debilitating form of epilepsy, which causes him to experience frequent seizures – some lasting up to 90 minutes. Until recently, Jayden took up to 20 types of medication every day in an attempt to control his condition.
However, when Jayden’s father, Jason David, discovered cannabidiol (CBD), a rare type of non-psychotic medical marijuana, he said it changed the young boy’s life.
David said the CBD, which he administers to his son in liquid form, has improved Jayden’s condition dramatically, reducing the number of seizures he suffers and allowing him to cut back on his medications.
“Jayden’s seizures are down approximately 80 percent. Jayden is functioning now,” David, of Modesto, Calif., told Fox 40. “The doctors told me Jayden would never walk or talk.”
However, the family says the drug is difficult to obtain – especially since the one pharmacy dispensing it in Modesto was shut down.
On Tuesday, David plans to appeal to the town’s city council to make it easier for his family to obtain CBD.
“It is a life and death situation for our children. We are parents, not pot heads. I consider myself a caregiver. I should not have to feel like a criminal,” David said.


Lets Get High

Category: Fun | Posted on Mon, September, 23rd 2013 by THCFinder



Fourth marijuana dispensary to open in Aspen

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Mon, September, 23rd 2013 by THCFinder
new-dispensary-aspenA new medical-marijuana dispenser plans to open in Aspen, with two more dispensers awaiting approval.
Chad Harbin has received approval from the city to open Advanced Growing Technologies on Spring Street. He plans to submit his medical-marijuana retail application to the state on Tuesday, eight days before the Oct. 1 deadline to be considered for recreational-marijuana retail conversion.
Ron Radtke, owner of Green Essentials dispensary in Glenwood Springs, has submitted his medical application to the state. He is awaiting business approval from Aspen for a space at Hyman Avenue and Mill Street.
A third group, from Durango — also awaiting Aspen’s approval — plans to operate in the Bidwell Building, located on the Cooper Avenue pedestrian mall.
City staff recommended that for the first year or two, the number of recreational marijuana retailers in Aspen be no greater than the number of established medical dispensaries by Oct. 1. There are now four medical operators in Aspen — Alternative Medical Solutions, Leaf Aspen, Silverpeak Apothecary and Harbin’s business Advanced Growing Technologies.
The proposed pot-shop limit drew some discussion at the Aspen City Council’s Sept. 16 meeting.
Jeff Wertz — who serves on the Liquor License Authority, the entity that will distribute recreational-marijuana-retail licenses — pointed out that Aspen has never capped liquor licenses, so it shouldn’t do it with retail marijuana, either.
“If someone has a clean background, they get the (liquor) license,” Wertz said.
Jordan Lewis, owner of Silverpeak Apothecary, and Damien Horgan, owner of Aspen’s Alternative Medical Solutions, both spoke out against allowing more retailers into the market. Radtke said that from a competitive standpoint, he understands where they’re coming from.
“If I were in their position, I would do the same thing,” he said.
The City Council will discuss the pot-shop limit at Monday’s regular meeting. The council also will review land-use amendments, which will define zoning and operating procedures for recreational marijuana.
Medical dispensaries can begin selling recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, nine months before non-medical applicants. Similar to liquor retailers, recreational-marijuana retailers will be charged a $2,000 operating fee by the city. That’s in addition to the $500 state application fee, half of which the city will collect.



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