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Colorado’s Marijuana Revenue Is So High, The State Has To Give Residents Money Back

Category: News | Posted on Tue, September, 8th 2015 by THCFinder

Colorado has collected so much marijuana tax revenue since the plant was legalized, that now a state law may return some of the overall tax money collected directly into residents’ pockets.

The Colorado state constitution puts a limit on how much tax money they are legally allowed to collect. Colorado has brought in so much that the state actually has to give some of the revenue back.

That means that the $50 million in recreational pot revenue collected in the first year alone of legalization is going to tip the scales of legality itself, and require some of the money to be given back. This has put law-makers and politicians in a bit of an awkward situation, as neither Republicans nor Democrats want to give any of the money collected back.

“I think it’s appropriate that we keep the money for marijuana that the voters said that we should,” Republican Senate President Bill Cadman said.

“This is a little bit of a different animal. There’s a struggle on this one,” Republican Sen. and budget writer Kevin Grantham said.

“It’s just absurd,” Democratic state Sen. Pat Steadman, said.

“I have no problem paying taxes if they’re going to schools,” a Colorado marijuana consumer, Maddy Beaumier, 25, said as he shopped at a local dispensary.

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UFCW Urges California Legislature To Pass Medical Marijuana Regulations

Category: News | Posted on Tue, September, 8th 2015 by THCFinder

california capital marijuanaJim Araby, Executive Director of the United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council, issued the following statement today urging the Legislature to pass long-overdue regulations for the medical cannabis industry. The UFCW is the only union representing cannabis workers in California.

“After months of negotiations, no significant policy disagreements remain between the major parties, a significant achievement made possible because law enforcement, local government, labor, and industry worked together to protect the public by moving critical legislation forward.

“We applaud Governor Brown’s leadership in recognizing that regulation of the medical marijuana industry is long overdue and for facilitating a collaborative process to provide guidance for what an acceptable bill would look like.

“Now is time to finalize legislation that will protect consumers and workers in this fast-growing California industry. We must pass a bill this year. The current ‘Wild West’ system has gone on for far too long.

“Regulation is good for workers, good for consumers and good for California. Consumers will gain new assurances that they will get a safe, accurately labeled product and industry workers will gain the kind of training and workplace protections employees in other industries have long enjoyed.

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Albuquerque Lawmakers Attempting to Decriminalize Marijuana

Category: Legalization | Posted on Tue, September, 8th 2015 by THCFinder

Lawmakers in the largest city of New Mexico are pushing once again to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Later this week, Rey Garduño and Isaac Benton of the Albuquerque City Council are expected to submit a proposal aimed at stripping away the criminal penalties associated with low-level pot offenses. The two lawmakers are suggesting a replacement code that would simply allow people busted for pot to pay a small fine rather than being sent to jail.

In addition, a secondary measure will be filed in conjunction with the decriminalization bill that would force the Albuquerque Police Department to make marijuana enforcement their lowest level of priority.

“Incarcerating people through this failed War on Drugs for possessing a small amount of marijuana is creating criminals where none exist,” Garduño, president of the Albuquerque city council, said in a statement

The latest effort to reduce pot penalties in the city of Albuquerque is a comeback crack at putting to bed some unfinished business from last year. A similar measure received almost unanimous approval by the city council in 2014, but it was ultimately snuffed out by the veto power of Mayor Richard Berry.

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This is so true.

Category: Fun | Posted on Mon, September, 7th 2015 by THCFinder



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