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Netflix Producing A Dispensary-Based Sitcom Starring Kathy Bates

Category: News | Posted on Sat, July, 16th 2016 by THCFinder

Netflix announced yesterday that they will be producing a new sitcom starring Oscar-winning actress, Kathy Bates. The show is the brainchild of “Big Bang Theory” creator, Chuck Lorre, and is based around the everyday happenings at a dispensary in Los Angeles.

According to reports, Bates character is a long time marijuana advocate who is fulfilling her dream by starting a dispensary with her 20-something year old son and a “deeply troubled” security guard.

The series is set to have 20-episodes, and was landed by Netflix after being shopped around to other broadcast, cable and streaming networks, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The series is entitled, Disjointed, and does not have a premier date yet.

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Police say Man USed Brain Preserving Fluid to Soak Marijuana

Category: Odd | Posted on Sat, July, 16th 2016 by THCFinder

CARLISLE, Pa. (AP) — A central Pennsylvania man was charged Thursday after police say he sprayed fluid used to embalm a human brain on marijuana that he then smoked.

State police in Carlisle charged 26-year-old Joshua Lee Long with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy.

Court records indicate Long’s aunt contacted detectives on June 21 after finding a human brain in a department store bag under a porch while cleaning out a trailer.

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What strain are you smoking on today?

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, July, 15th 2016 by THCFinder


Whatever’s in Synthetic Marijuana, It’s the Opposite of Chill

Category: News | Posted on Fri, July, 15th 2016 by THCFinder

YESTERDAY IN BROOKLYN, 33 people from a single neighborhood wound up in the hospital after smoking synthetic marijuana. Those afflicted could barely hold themselves up. Some were outright sprawled across the pavement. Bystanders said it looked like a zombie flick. Cops and newspapers called the culprit K2.

Maybe the people using it used the same slang, but then again, maybe not. Spice, Scooby Snax, Black Mamba, Bliss. Not that it matters. Synthetic marijuana is a catch-all term for a huge variety of chemicals engineered to mimic weed. Problem is, these chemicals are way too good at their job. Another problem: The people using them usually have no idea what they’re actually smoking, so figuring out the right dose can be difficult—and dangerous.

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