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Could Drones Be Used to Deliver Medical Marijuana?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, August, 3rd 2015 by THCFinder

California medical marijuana patients could soon have the availability of using a bitcoin account to order weed and then have it piloted in, special delivery, to a designated location via drone. 

The San Francisco-based cannabis delivery app, Trees, recently announced that it was working on receiving approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to expand its current delivery model to include the use of drone technology when providing Bay area tokers with access to “the finest cannabis in the world.”

Representatives of the company recently told the International Business Journal that drone deliveries are still in the process of being worked out, since the legalities surrounding such a unique method for getting smoke into the hands of patients remains somewhat ambiguous.

"We're not sure when we'll be launching yet," said a spokesperson for Trees. "We are based in San Francisco and the legal situation here is not clear yet." 

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I Am So High.

Category: Fun | Posted on Sun, August, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder


More And More Large Marijuana Gardens Use LED Grow Lights To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Category: Culture | Posted on Sun, August, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder

heliospectra led marijuan grow lightThe marijuana industry is growing faster than anyone could imagine. There is more marijuana being grown right now than ever before in legal recreational and medical marijuana states. In my home state, Oregon, there are industrial gardens all over the state from Eastern Oregon to the Oregon Coast and from Portland to Ashland and everywhere in between. It’s truly mind blowing. One thing that growers and I talk about all of the time is the carbon footprint of the industry. A lot of growers in legal states grow outdoors, but many more don’t because of climate issues in their areas.

All of those indoor gardens use a lot of energy. I heard a figure awhile back from an energy industry expert that estimated that one percent of all energy in the United States is used by indoor marijuana gardens. And that claim was made before there were any recreational marijuana states in America, and I’d imagine that proportion of energy consumption has grown and will continue to do so as the industry and right to home cultivation spreads. The biggest users of electricity in any indoor garden are the lights, and to a lesser extend cooling equipment. I once visited an industrial garden that had 110 1,000 watt lights in use, and as many fans as could fit into the warehouse alone with some beefy AC units. When I asked what his electricity bill was, the owner of the garden just laughed and said ‘you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, it’s that high.’

Indoor gardens are great, and in fact I’m thinking about starting my own now that all Oregon residents can grow up to four plants for recreational use. But I want to do it in a sustainable way. Plus I like saving money, so anythings I can do that are cheap and better for the environment I try to do because it’s a no brainer. That’s how I feel about LED lights. LED lights of course have their plus and minuses compared to other lighting setups, but the lower energy usage and lower energy bill that come along with using them is undeniable. The lights use less power, and put off less heat, which means you don’t have to run as many fans and AC units.

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Which States Recognize Out Of State Medical Marijuana Cards/Patients?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Sun, August, 2nd 2015 by THCFinder

medical marijuana travel out of stateAlmost half of the states in America have legalized medical marijuana, and that doesn’t include states that have passed CBD-only legislation. More and more states are looking into legalizing medical marijuana every year, and in states that have already legalized, there are more and more people becoming medical marijuana patients.

Most medical marijuana states do not recognize out of state medical marijuana cards/patents. They require that the person be a citizen of that state, and have a valid medical marijuana designation in that state. But there are a handful of states that recognize out of state patients. This is important to know if you are traveling and want to stay legally protected. Below are states that you can travel to that recognize out of state cards:

Arizona – this state honors out of state cards, but doesn’t allow out of state patients to make purchases at dispensaries. You will have to bring your own from home.

Maine – similar to Arizona, out of state patients are legal, but you cannot purchase any medical marijuana in the state.

Michigan – Michigan recognizes medical marijuana patients from other states, and has dispensaries. However the dispensaries are not licensed at the state level, and some will sell to out of state patients while others will not.

Nevada – Nevada recognizes out of state patients, but only if they have a valid ID in the state that the card was issued. Nevada is about to roll out dispensaries (there is currently only one in Sparks as of this post) which will sell to out of state patients that fit the previously mentioned criteria.

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