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What Are The Best Marijuana Industry Investment Opportunities Right Now?

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, February, 29th 2016 by THCFinder

marijuana money cashEarlier today I posed a question on my Facebook page – “What do you think are the best investment areas in the cannabis industry right now?” I made sure to state ahead of time that I wasn’t talking about any particular companies, because ‘invest in this company’ blah blah blah, it gets old. I was talking about areas or sectors of the marijuana industry that present good investment opportunities. To be very clear, I am in NO WAY an investor in anything, other than retro arcade games and consumable cannabis, and even then only on a personal level (up to 8 ounces legally in Oregon!). So take my opinion for what you will.

It’s no secret that investor dollars are flooding into the marijuana industry at an ever growing pace, and there’s no end in sight. The marijuana industry is exciting and full of potential, so it’s understandable why everyone wants in. There are a lot of really, really crapping investments being made out there. Again, what do I know since I don’t have anywhere near the dollar amounts that I read about being reported in investment articles, but I know a lot about cannabis and know people that know virtually everything about cannabis, and all of them have been scratching their heads at some of the things we talk about.

I think that a lot of people invest in the wrong things because they are new to cannabis, and think that just because something works in other industries that it will automatically work in the cannabis industry. That’s not the case from what I’ve seen in the over 6 years I’ve been helping run this blog. Like I always say, marijuana is different. The consumers are different, the rules are different, societies view of the industry is different than it is for any other industry. There are so many nuances that it’s impossible to compile a list of all of them, especially since they are almost all in flux and could be gone tomorrow. To say that the marijuana industry and world around it are evolving is a huge understatement.

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Chappelle's Show - O'Dweeds Commercial

Category: Videos | Posted on Mon, February, 29th 2016 by THCFinder


Bills To Decriminalize, Legalize Marijuana Introduced In Michigan Senate

Category: News | Posted on Mon, February, 29th 2016 by THCFinder

michigan marijuanaSenator Coleman Young II introduced a bill and a Resolution related to marijuana in the Michigan Senate on Feb. 24.

Senate Bill 813 would establish the “Nonmedical Marihuana Code”. It would legalize marijuana and allow possession of one ounce and 5 flowering plants per adult, plus an unlimited amount of marijuana generated from the plants, provided that stash is kept where the garden is. Out-of-state visitors are allowed one-half an ounce of flower. Hashish: 5 grams for residents, one gram for tourists.

On the positive side, the bill allows for marijuana lounges; transfer of up to one ounce and six immature plants to another without compensation;  smoking and driving could result in a small fine for first and subsequent occurrences, with the possibility of suspended license;

Slightly disappointing are the provisions requiring marijuana gardens to be hidden from view by anyone and criminal protections for commercial extract makers agaist individuals making the substance for their own use. Although water- and glycerine-based extractions seem to be available to everyone, all other extraction methods are only legally performed by licensed marijuana products manufacturers- and violation is a three-year felony.

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What Does Super Tuesday Mean for Cannabis Legislation?

Category: News | Posted on Mon, February, 29th 2016 by THCFinder

The biggest day of the primaries is upon us, with more delegates up for grabs on March 1 than any other time in the race. While marijuana reform is not a priority for most primary voters, the candidates' positions on cannabis could have an impact on how voters perceive them – especially in states where marijuana policy is being discussed. 

Only two out of 22 Super Tuesday races are happening in a state or territory where cannabis is completely illegal. Most states have some form of medical marijuana in the books – even if it's just provisions for non-psychoactive CBD oil. Then there are the cannabis-friendly states of Colorado, which is having Democratic and Republican caucuses, and Alaska, where Republicans will be caucusing. 

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