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Why Stoners Will Love Lucy

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, August, 15th 2014 by THCFinder
Movies are a huge part of the pothead society. We love to watch flicks, what can we say? There are tons of movies out there that people consider stoner classics but the market is a cutthroat one and rivaling for the short attention span of smokers is tough. But thanks to the director of The Fifth Element (another awesome stoner movie that you should watch if you haven't by now) Luc Besson, the new Scarlett Johansen movie may prove to be something that stoners really enjoy. Be careful reading though... This contains some spoilers that you won't want to read if you haven't seen it!
"Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it?" is what Lucy says during the opening scenes, over the prehistoric dawn of man. A question that stoners seem to ask a lot, this would definitely appeal to most of the potheads that I know. Be sure that you've got your weed stocked up before watching this movie, as I heard that it's not as good if you're not baked. But with the futuristic cityscape of Taipei, the movie does a good job of drawing you in so at least they've got your attention. It's a little futuristic, a little "today", and definitely for stoners.
Lucy is basically forced to work for Korean gangsters and starts to smuggle drugs, something that a lot of stoners may be able to relate to (not smuggling so much but almost everyone I know that smokes weed has also sold it at some point in their lives). Against her choice, Lucy is forced to ingest bags of magical drugs that look like blue crystals, called CPH4. The drugs cause mind bending experiences, rivaling the drug that the movie may or may have not been subliminally named after.
When the drugs enter Lucy's system, not only does she suddenly defy gravity as the transformation happens, her eyes begin to flash in crazy cosmic shifts, including galaxies, animal eyes, and other strange images projected. She begins to see how the trees grow, how cell phones operate, and how the human body functions. Flashback to the Matrix and Neo, the One, who could see bodies made of binary code. Lucy also gains the ability to slow down and speed up time, basically making her a remote control to the universe.
You may like the movie or you may not. Whatever the case is, it's definitely recommended that you give it a shot. Be sure that you get nice and baked to ensure that you have a somewhat good time. Grab your popcorn (medicate that shit if you can), maybe a medicated lemonade drink, and get to watching!


Are you a Stoner couple?

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, August, 15th 2014 by THCFinder



Anti-Medical Marijuana Group Suggests Marijuana Edibles Will Lead To Rape

Category: News | Posted on Fri, August, 15th 2014 by THCFinder

The battle to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has been contentious. Both sides have raised millions of dollars. The ‘No on 2′ campaign, which opposes medical marijuana, has used some shady campaign tactics to try to scare voters into voting ‘no’ on Election Day. For instance, anti-medical marijuana supporters in Florida have suggested that marijuana leads to gay sex and AIDS. That’s despicable, even for politics.

The ‘No on 2′ campaign has rolled out a new tactic which is something right out of the Reefer Madness movie. The ‘No on 2′ campaign released an image suggesting that if medical marijuana is legalized, then marijuana cookies will become the new date rape drug of choice by predators. Below is the image:

date rape medical marijuana cookie florida

(via Facebook)

I wish I was making this stuff up, but unfortunately, I’m not. Never mind that patients are suffering in Florida. Never mind that medical marijuana can help many of these people, and reduce their dependency on harmful pharmaceuticals. Instead of focusing on the facts and the science, the ‘No on 2′ campaign is relying on outright scare tactics in an attempt to trick voters into thinking that medical marijuana will lead to date rape. To say I’m disgusted is a huge understatement.

The new tactic, and every tactic for that matter, used by the ‘No on 2′ campaign is a disgrace, and highlights just how desperate they are. Almost half of the United States has already legalized medical marijuana, yet I have never heard of a ‘cookie date rape epidemic’ happening anywhere. This campaign strategy is wrong, offensive, and should not be tolerated. Vote yes on 2!



Headband - Hybrid

Category: Nugs | Posted on Fri, August, 15th 2014 by THCFinder





Headband - Hybrid

Headband is a combination of OG Kush, Master Kush, and Sour Diesel that provides a smooth and pleasant tasting smoke. Good for pain relief, relaxing, and relieving stress.


Doctor Reverts To Medieval Marijuana Arguments

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, August, 15th 2014 by THCFinder
There are quite a few industries that would suffer if marijuana was to become completely legal. This includes paper, gasoline, and cotton, among many others. But on industry that not many people think of (probably because most people don't see marijuana as addictive) is "Big Rehab". The groups that work to help "marijuana addicts" would suffer greatly if young kids didn't have to get sent through their rehabilitation programs and adults wouldn't have to tell everyone that they're in rehab for marijuana. If you're one of those people that constantly trolls Instagram, denying the low blows that anti-potters will throw, you should absolutely keep reading.
The spokesperson of the medieval marijuana movement? Doctor Stuart Gitlow, the head of the American Society for Addiction Medicine. Gitlow blasted his opinion over the CNN website, stating "but with marijuana, people can also experience long term psychiatric disease and those who use it heavily prior to age 25 are more likely than nonusers to experience a drop in IQ". Gitlow actually repeated that statement just in case we didn't understand it the first time. Basically, all he's saying is that marijuana makes you stupid, a myth that has long been thrown out of the door. Underage (18 and under) use of the plant is not recommended (and no one's really pushing for 16 year olds to start toking up anyway).
The credentials that Gitlow referred to weren't that solid either. He quoted a study from New Zealand that said teen pot smokers lose 8 IQ points in adulthood. But what he neglected to mention in his radical opinion piece is that the study was debunked later by a researcher who actually discovered that socioeconomic factors were the cause of the drop, not cannabis. Additionally, IQs have been on the rise since the 50s, along with the explosion of marijuana support. The only correlation that I see here is that weed is making people smarter, not more stupid.
"As with tobacco, a significant number of people who try marijuana will become addicted. Research says that one in six teens who start using marijuana will become addicted. Will you die young, as with tobacco? We'll have to wait a generation to find out, just as we did with tobacco. Our children will be the guinea pigs," Gitlow also babbled in his opinion piece.
Hold up... Marijuana smoking has been around for years and years. While celebrities like Amy Winehouse, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Peaches Geldof overdose on drugs like heroin and cocaine, people like Cheech and Chong are still toking... Hard. Those that have stuck to that green only diet have definitely showed that smoking weed won't kill you... In fact, Chong beat prostate cancer using the plant and where have been studies released saying that there are far more health benefits to cannabis then we know as of right now.
Gitlow also suggested that making no money from marijuana is better than making any money, making it seem like the taxed revenue is blood money. He suggests that as a society, we will ultimately lose money in order to regulate the sale of marijuana. He compares them to alcohol and tobacco but again, I think Gitlow forgets what substances are really harmful. Alcohol and tobacco cause liver damage, lung cancer, drunk driving, deadly fires, and many other problems within society. Seeing as how Colorado and Washington haven't collapsed under the weight of the marijuana industry (maybe a little bit but only because of all the money they're raking in), it would appear that it's safe to say that Gitlow and his buddies are just genuinely worried about not getting that new Cadillac


White Russian - Hybrid

Category: Nugs | Posted on Thu, August, 14th 2014 by THCFinder


white-russian-weed-1 white-russian-weed-2 white-russian-weed-3

White Russian - Hybrid

White Russian combines AK-47 with the White Widow to produce a snowy plant with a pleasantly sweet aroma and a strong, clear high.



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