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Category: Tokers | Posted on Thu, August, 7th 2014 by THCFinder



Washington D.C. To Vote On Marijuana Legalization

Category: Legalization | Posted on Thu, August, 7th 2014 by THCFinder
wa-dc-to-vote-on-mj-legalizationI met Washington D.C. marijuana legalization organizer Adam Eidinger at the 2012 National Cannabis Marijuana Business Conference in Denver the day after the historic 2012 Election. We had a brief discussion about his desire to pursue a legalization campaign in Washington D.C., and I told him that I thought an effort would be worth it, at the very least to push the issue and conversation. Here we are almost two years later, and his efforts have not only brought attention to marijuana reform in Washington D.C., but his efforts have also landed marijuana legalization on the ballot in Washington D.C. this November. Per Washington City Paper:
The District got one step closer to legal marijuana today, thanks to a D.C. Board of Elections decision that will put a measure legalizing the drug on November’s ballot.
After months of legal wrangling and often tumultuous signature gathering, the board ruled that the organizers behind the D.C. Cannabis Campaign successfully collected the required 23,780 signatures to make the ballot. The District decriminalized marijuana last month.
If the initiative passes, residents of Washington D.C. will be able to posses up to two ounces of marijuana, and cultivate up to six plants. Sales will still be prohibited, mainly because initiatives dealing with revenue are limited in Washington D.C.. Congress decides revenue issues in Washington D.C., not the city itself. Residents can give away up to an ounce for no consideration if the initiative passes.
Washington D.C. joins Oregon and Alaska for the 2014 Election. The battle in Washington D.C. will be fierce, and the campaign needs every dollar it can get to ensure a victory on Election Day. Click here to donate to the campaign. Below is a press release from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition about the ballot qualification:
The DC Board of Elections revealed today that the DC Cannabis Campaign has submitted 57,000 signatures, more than double what was needed, to get Initiative 71 on the ballot. This initiative would allow adults over 21 to legally cultivate up to six marijuana plants (no more than three of which can be mature) and possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana. The DC Council is concurrently weighing a bill that would tax and regulate sales, which, according to DC law, remain unaddressed by the initiative.
According to an ACLU report released last year, Washington, DC has the highest arrest rate for marijuana possession in the country, with blacks more than 8 times as likely as white to be arrested, despite similar rates of use.
“This initiative comes at a great time and in a great place,” said Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “The District has one of the country’s highest rates of racial disparities in arrest and is right at Congress’s doorstep, where more and more political leaders from both sides of the aisle are beginning to follow their constituents in recognizing that drug policy reform is one of the most effective ways to address the problems of our current criminal justice system.”
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a group of law enforcement officials who, after fighting in the front lines of the war on drugs, now advocate for its end.


Hogs Breath - Sativa

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Hogs Breath - Sativa

Great for stress relief, pain relief and treating anxiety, Hog%u2019s Breath is the winner of the 2002 Cannabis Cup for best indica. It was bred from Hindu Kush and Afghani in Tennessee. The buds are light and dark green with orange hairs and a healthy amount of crystals on the dense buds. The taste has been described as cheddar and provides an overall tingly mind and body high. The THC content is up to 13% and CBD up to 0.47%.


THC In The Body

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, August, 7th 2014 by THCFinder
Even though the laws are beginning to change, some people are still stuck on the idea that marijuana should be illegal. What's worse is that some of these people happen to be the ones that sign our paychecks. That's right, the employers. Even residents of legal states still stand to lose their jobs if they're found to be using marijuana. Those who are looking for jobs need to refrain from smoking just in case their future employer requires them to pass a drug test. It's severely unfair and incredibly frustrating, especially those who use their cannabis for medical reasons that have no other alternative medicine.
When someone smokes, the THC is stored in their fat cells. So that means that almost everyone is different. Some people can pass a drug test within a few days of smoking while others will smoke, abstain for two months, take the test, and still fail. I personally have failed a drug test after more than two months of not smoking, something that I didn't think was possible (or my parents fudged it and lied to make me admit to smoking... Oh yeah did I mention my parents used to drug test me when I lived at home with them? Awesome...). But other times, I have been required to test for work related reasons and passed within a week of toking up. So even the individual varies from themselves. This makes it incredibly hard to pass drug tests for stoners, even those who just smoke to relax a bit at the end of each day.
There are three main ways that people will test an individual for cannabis use. The most common is the urine test. Pee in a cup, they tell you, so we can see what you've been doing by studying your bodily waste. If you're a light smoker, the THC usually will stay in your system for up to six days. Those that use a little bit more will have THC in their systems for up to thirteen days, daily users will test positive up to fifteen days or more after their last use and heavy users may take more than thirty days to clear the compound from their bodies. There is no designated time because, as said before, everyone is totally different.
Other ways that test for THC are the saliva test and the hair test. The saliva test will show THC use providing that the substance has been ingested no more than twelve hours prior. This method is probably not the one that will be used to test for jobs, seeing as how it's not as accurate for longer time frames. The hair follicle test is also something that occasionally gets used to test people for THC consumption. This method involves taking hair from the person that is in question and testing it for THC. Since THC doesn't always bind to hair follicle, this method isn't looked at as the most accurate but a hair test will show THC use after seven days and stay in the hair for up to (or possibly more than) ninety days.
THC testing is an invasion of patients rights. If employers are not testing for alcohol or tobacco use, there should be no reason why employees can't get stoned when they're not working (or when they are, depending on what job it is). To deny people jobs simply because they enjoy lighting a plant on fire is completely unconstitutional. Even the government is having issues with their THC testing policy, seeing as how they tried to hire computer geniuses to fight cyber terrorists and couldn't hire the best of the best because (you guessed it), they were potheads. If you're worried about passing a drug test, the best advice that I can give you is to use fake urine. Other methods may work for some and not others so the fake stuff is the best bet.


Purple Kush (Indica)

Category: Nugs | Posted on Wed, August, 6th 2014 by THCFinder


purple-kush-weed-2 purple-kush-weed-1 purple-kush-weed-3

Purple Kush - Indica

This pure indica medicinal strain comes from California. In that state's medical community she is considered an "elite clone", meaning that it is only available as a cutting. Not to worry if you are a medical marijuana patient in California - this strain can be found at various dispensaries throughout the state. Patients there praise Purple Kush's deep body stone as a good treatment for pain and depression.


Chronic Chai Drink Recipe

Category: Recipes | Posted on Wed, August, 6th 2014 by THCFinder
When you're trying to relax, or just need a dope drink for your daily grind, the chronic chai is sure to be a good choice. The drink can either boost your mood or chill you out, depending on what situation you're in and can be served both hot and cold. The recipe is super simple and you can multiply or divide the recipe as you need to, in order to make ore of less of this delicious drink (but of course you're making double, right?!).
What You'll Need:
1 tbsp instant coffee
6 cardamom pods
1-2 grams finely ground hash
4 cups of milk
3 cinnamon sticks
1/8 teaspoon grated nutmeg
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/8 teaspoon allspice
Take all of your ingredients and put them in to a medium sized saucepan. Simmer everything together, making sure to avoid the liquid boil. If it does boil, you risk losing the effects of the hash that you've added, therefore making your drink less potent. Only keep it on the heat for about 5 minutes and be sure that the burner is on low while you do this. After the 5 minutes is up, let the mixture steep for 25 minutes, letting everything soak together. Then strain everything through a clean strainer. You can either store the mixture cold or drink it hot, whichever you prefer. Enjoy!



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