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Vermont Marijuana Decriminalization Law Takes Effect Monday

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Sat, June, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
vt-dispensariesVermont will become the 17th state to decriminalize marijuana at 12:01 am EDT July 1
MONTPELIER, VT – Vermonters will possessing small amounts of marijuana will no longer be subject to arrest starting Monday, when a bill adopted this year to remove criminal penalties for marijuana possession will go into effect.  Vermont will become the 17th state to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.
House Bill 200, sponsored by Rep. Christopher Pearson (P-Burlington) with a tripartisan group of 38 cosponsors, passed the House in April before sailing though the Senate less than a month later.  Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) signed the bill into law in early June.
It ends criminal penalties for the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana or five grams of hashish and replaces them with fines of $200 for a first offense, $300 for a second offense, and $500 for subsequent offenses.
Possession of more than an ounce remains a criminal offense, as does cultivation of any number of plants.
“This is a much-needed step forward toward a more sensible marijuana policy,” said Matt Simon, legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project, which lobbied in support of the legislation. “Nobody should be subjected to life-altering criminal penalties simply for possessing a substance that is objectively less harmful than alcohol.”
The bill had the support of Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell and Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn, who both testified in favor of the bill in April.


XXX OG Cannabis

Category: Nugs | Posted on Sat, June, 29th 2013 by THCFinder


California Supreme Court Decides Police Need Warrant to Open Package That Smells Like Marijuana

Category: News | Posted on Sat, June, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
Yesterday, the California Supreme Court decided that police needed to secure a warrant to open a package that smelled like marijuana. Santa Barbara County prosecutors argued that packages should be searched using the "plain smell" logic, and extension of the "plain sight" rule which allows authorities to seize and search anything clearly visible. 
Authorities were allowed to seize package, they just needed a warrant to open it. This all stems from a case where a FedEx package contained 444 grams of marijuana; the sender was accused of shipping and selling it. Police seized the package after a FedEx employee complained that it reeked of marijuana and later opened it at the police station.
The case's defendant is definitely happy, as the evidence has to be suppressed because it wasn't searched lawfully. 


Wiz puffing on some Joints

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Sat, June, 29th 2013 by THCFinder



Stoners Live Life

Category: Culture | Posted on Sat, June, 29th 2013 by THCFinder


Stoners believe in a world that can live in peace and harmony. Live your life the StonerDays way! Arise from your sleepy slumber and wake & bake with your favorite pipe. Smoke weed with stoners around the world. A united “one love” between any and all. We live StonerDays.


Today is gonna be an radically awesome day because happiness comes from within. One of my favorite quotes I’ve come across in life is “Happiness is a choice”. I truly do believe happiness is by our own design. Everyday we have a choice to live the life we were given to it’s fullest. Do not take this for-granted. As stoners it is our duty to live peacefully. Our hippie brothers and sisters started a revolution “Peace not War”. Let us not forget our past but embrace it. Live StonerDays.


Create from within yourself a life that has no limitations of love. Retrain your brain. Smoke freely. StonerDays a way of life.


Our good vibes shine brightly and vibrantly! We bring only good vibes to your lives. This is our mission statement and we promise to provide a peaceful unity with stoners of all walks of life. From California to Australia, from New York to China, we want you to express yourself! Shine through that crystal glass bong. Live your life through StonerDays.


Show the world we are more than just stoners. We are the people of tomorrow, today. We believe in a higher state of mind. Endless possibilities will open from this higher state, your mind is your own drawing board. Write, draw, shape, and form new ideas while you inhale Gods gift to man – marijuana. Live StonerDays.


Set sail with us as we journey to a new world. No stoner will be left behind. We are united as one and created to live a life of great happiness. We are home grown, nurtured and carefully hand picked individuals. We are the future!




Marijuana dispensaries banned in Bakersfield

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Fri, June, 28th 2013 by THCFinder
bakersfield-dispensariesBAKERSFIELD, CA - Local marijuana advocates are looking for options after the Bakersfield city council voted Tuesday night to ban all medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, starting in August.
The city attorney's office says a small task force will be formed to help clear out the pot shops after the ban kicks in.
"We really believe that 65 percent of the people in Bakersfield support the legal use of marijuana," said marijuana advocate Nathan Acuna.
But starting in August, with the new city ordinance, city officials hope to have none.
"This ordinance gives us some additional teeth should we decide to move forward and actually have to use the court power to close a medical marijuana dispensary," said City Attorney Ginny Gennaro.
Marijuana advocate Nathan Acuna says the decision is disappointing.
"It's sad when Bakersfield's city council, five, six, select few people went against the wishes of the people in Bakersfield and voted to ban it," said Acuna.
The city already has a resolution banning pot shops, but the new ordinance will provide more legal power to close them down.
Genaro says within 30 days, a small task force will be formed.
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