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Awesome Rolling Skills

Category: Fun | Posted on Mon, August, 5th 2013 by THCFinder



Marijuana receptor key to possible anti-anxiety drug

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, August, 5th 2013 by THCFinder
mj-anxietyScientists at Vanderbilt University have developed a drug that may relieve anxiety by triggering the same molecules in the brain that respond to marijuana highs.
The drug, chemically modified inhibitors of COX-2 enzyme, has been shown to to work with mice, according to a paper to be posted online Sunday in the journal Nature Neuroscience. It relieves anxiety behaviors by activating natural “endocannabinoids” without gastrointestinal side effects.
These receptors are also found in the gastrointestinal system and elsewhere in the body, the scientists said, and there is evidence that they play a role in wide range of physiological and pathological processes. The Vanderbilt team hopes to begin clinical trials in humans in the next several years. They also see the potential of of activating endocannabinoids by substrate-selective COX-2 inhibition, including relieving pain, treating movement disorders, and possibly preventing colon cancer.
“The door is really wide open,” said Dr. Sachin Patel, assistant professor of psychiatry and of molecular physiology and biophysics. “We’ve just scratched the surface.”


Cotton Candy

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, August, 5th 2013 by THCFinder


Robin Thicke reveals he's spent more than $500,000 on Weed

Category: Celebrities | Posted on Mon, August, 5th 2013 by THCFinder
weed-crutchThe Blurred Lines hitmaker revealed his expensive habit as he confessed he even gets medical marijuana from a friend of his.
‘I do smoke. I do everything I’m not supposed to do,’ the 36-year-old said.
‘Weed is my crutch, my muse, the lesser of all evil. I’ve spent a good $500,000 on pot. I’ve tried to quit smoking. I’ve quit everything once.
He told The Sun: ‘My buddy runs a store, I can get medical marijuana. When I’m at home, I’m a non-stop chimney.’
Thicke was detained by police last year after he was caught smoking a joint in his car in Manhattan, New York.
A police source said at the time that the singer was not driving and only a small amount of weed was found on him.
According to CBS News, he was given a desk appearance and released, but there was no comment on the situation from Thicke’s reps.
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Beast OG

Category: Nugs | Posted on Sun, August, 4th 2013 by THCFinder


DEA Continues Crackdown on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Sun, August, 4th 2013 by THCFinder
dea-crackdownLast week, federal agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration raided a series of medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state. Marijuana and employee cell phones were apparently the intended targets of the raid.
Surprisingly, for an agency that makes money from drug-money seizures, marijuana money was largely ignored. At one dispensary in Olympia, agents left $1,000 dollars in cash untouched, as well as the store’s computers.
A spokesperson for the DEA told the Associated Press that the raids were part of a two-year investigation.
That the DEA should be launching any prolonged and costly investigations into state-sanctioned marijuana operations should be cause for outrage and alarm. That said, these most recent raids in Washington may not turn out to be as bad as they appear.
Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, told Takepart last May that the fed were targeting dispensaries and growing operations whose product was being sold across state lines.
“They have pursued cases in which they believed medical marijuana was being diverted out of state, and they sent letters to 57 medical marijuana businesses informing them they were within 1,000 feet of a school and needed to relocate or shut down.”
Whether or Tvert’s take on previous raids holds true with the recent Washington DEA actions remains unclear. The agency hasn’t commented on the nature of the raids, nor why these particular dispensaries were targeted. What is clear is that several of these dispensaries had already been on the Feds’ radar for some time, and were raided previously in 2011. No convictions were ever secured, however.



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