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OG Kush Wax Cannabis Concentrate

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OG Kush Wax


Extra Large Raw Joints

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Marijuana Entrepreneur Plans $100 Million 'Marlboro of Weed' Brand

Category: News | Posted on Thu, August, 1st 2013 by THCFinder
marlboro-of-weedIt looks like the kind of late-night commercial meant for people taking bong rips between "Family Guy" reruns. To a Seattle weed entrepreneur, however, the two-minute ad above is the first step toward building a $100 million marijuana empire.
Brian Laoruangroch, 29, is president of Prohibition Brands, a company that wants to mass-produce marijuana cigarettes and cigars and sell them as a standardized product. The company is little more than an idea at the moment, but Laoruangroch is telling potential investors he envisions his brand as “the marijuana version of a Marlboro cigarette.”
In the commercial, Laoruangroch takes on the guise of a stereotypical cowboy to woo financiers. Aided by two skimpily clad female models and a puppet horse, he discusses the “green rush” of investment in marijuana.
“I thought that the two most important things for an ad were to make something comical, number one, and number two, it’s no secret that sex sells,” Laoruangroch told The Huffington Post. “So we found two really comical girls and a really sexy cowboy.”
Laoruangroch said he owns intellectual property that covers the design specifications for a filtered marijuana cigarette. He said he hopes to turn that, along with a polished website and a personal pitch, into at least $5 million worth of investment before the end of the year.


MJ's Vanilla Chai Latte and Cannappuccino stoner treats

Category: Fun | Posted on Thu, August, 1st 2013 by THCFinder


Despite the many hurdles the government and city officials have been giving California medical Marijuana dispensaries, stoners are still finding innovative ways to provide their patients with relief. While flowers remain somewhat consistent, it is the plethora of smokeless treats that truly allow the stoner imagination to blossom.

Many MMJ patients are medicating for lung, bronchial and tracheal ailments such as emphysema, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and asthma, among others, so smoking (and sometimes even vaporizing) is out of the question. Cookies, brownies and chocolate bars seem to remain at the top of medicated food chain as they conceal the taste, are easier to dose and are the most familiar to the stoner community. There are also an assortment of capsules and pills available but these do little in terms of servicing your taste buds. Since variety is the spice of life, one of the most unique items that can take you higher is MJ’s Vanilla Chai Latte and Cannapuccino.

Many similar tea products that are available offer a very subtle effect. While there is a particular demographic of patients that prefer a lower dosage, the majority of MMJ users are looking for that weak-in-the-knees effect. MJ activated teas and coffees provide a safe delivery of medical cannabis in a low-fat, diabetic friendly elixir.


MJ’s “Royal Tea” Vanilla Chai Latte is a creamy blend of honey, vanilla, black tea and spices. Chai one on! MJ’s “Royal Cafe” Cannappuccino is the first medicated instant coffee in California. A happy mixture of caffeine and cannabis for all of you daily stoners and coffee drinkers out there. It is made from a premium blend of Arabica beans infused and activated in a creamy cup of Java. You can add it to your normal cup of Joe for an extra kick or drink it as is, no brewing necessary. Both of these products contain 80 mg of THC and 2.99 mg of CBD.

Both the Vanilla Chai Latte and the Cannappuccino are best prepared with hot water and milk. Though these products are already activated, THC is drawn to lipids, or fats, hence why most edibles are made using either butter or oil as a solvent. The most efficient, and delicious, way of preparing this tasty bud beverage is using a combination of hot water and whole milk. For those who cannot, or simply do not, ingest dairy, the product can still provide the high you crave sans milk. However, the milk will definitely make the product even more potent than it already is.

A word of caution must be said about these Royal Teas, however. Unlike their subtle counterparts currently on the market, MJ’s will provide a long-lasting, heavy-hitting high with a duration of anywhere from 8-24 hours depending on dosage and the user’s tolerance. This is perfect for the seasoned stoner who is looking for a new way to ingest medication that will last longer than the average smoke session.

While the recommended dose is one entire packet, each packet is resealable allowing the user to split the doses up based on his or her tolerance. If you are looking for a milder effect, drink half and save the other half for later. Next time you are at your local dispensary, ask your budtender about MJ’s Royal Teas and Cafe’s. If they do not carry them, tell them they should and make it a great day with MJ’s



Very Special OG Marijuana

Category: Nugs | Posted on Thu, August, 1st 2013 by THCFinder



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