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Hazy OG Shatter

Category: Concentrates | Posted on Mon, June, 10th 2013 by THCFinder

Hazy OG Shatter - Medical Cannabis Concentrate


Oregon voters would likely pass marijuana vote

Category: Legalization | Posted on Mon, June, 10th 2013 by THCFinder
It could happen as early as 2014.
In the wake of ballot measures legalizing marijuana in Washington state and Colorado, it’s not at all out of the question that Oregon voters will have another shot at legalizing marijuana in this state.
Now, it’s true that Oregon voters just last November rejected another initiative, Ballot Measure 80, which would have legalized marijuana. But our sense is that voters were reluctant to ratify that particular measure because — well, because it was loony.
If there’s a pot-legalization measure on the Oregon ballot in 2014 — and if the measure appears to have been crafted with somewhat more care than went into Measure 80 — our hunch is that the measure will pass.
And Oregon state law on marijuana will lurch into head-on conflict with federal law.
The Obama administration hasn’t given much guidance on this matter to its federal attorneys in Washington state and Colorado after the marijuana votes in those states. In fact, Obama himself said that his administration had “bigger fish to fry” than figuring out strategies to help cut through the thicket of contradictions between state and federal drug laws.


Teaching and old dog new tricks ; )

Category: Fun | Posted on Mon, June, 10th 2013 by THCFinder


The Hollywood Princess Who Keeps Snoop Blazed

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, June, 10th 2013 by THCFinder
In the annals of weird things that happened in childhood, there are few odder experiences than smoking pot for one's first time with Snoop Dogg. That's what happened to Dr. Dina, the Jewish daughter of a psychologist and a mortgage broker (her sister is a golf pro), who grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the 1980s. "I was a total goody-two-shoes and a tattletale – I literally got the 'Biggest Brown-Noser Award' my senior year," she says.
One night, she went over to a friend's house, whose dad happened to be David Kenner, Snoop's lawyer during his murder trial in the 1990s (he was acquitted). "Snoop was in the backyard smoking a joint, and the kids said, 'Oooh, you better be careful around Deeny Weeny, she's going to rat you out,'" she says. "And he was like, 'Oh, yeah? Come on over here, girl. You hit this.' I said, 'No way.' He's like, 'You hit this right now.' So I did. He made me hit it so I wouldn't tattle on him."


Goji OG

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, June, 10th 2013 by THCFinder


MMJ Collectives Shutdown in the OC

Category: Dispensaries | Posted on Mon, June, 10th 2013 by THCFinder


Today, Sunday June 9, 2013, is a day of mourning for medical marijuana patients in Orange County. Today is a day that our voice as California citizens is silenced. A day that has been whispered about and will not soon be forgotten. On this day, the MMJ collective at which I provide quality medicine to patients of all cultures and backgrounds, will be legally tending its last buds.

Orange County has been feeling the marijuana crackdown since 2010-2011 when several shutdowns, raids and property seizures occurred leaving South County and Costa Mesa, areas that were once stoner friendly cities, devoid of all collectives. Santa Ana, Garden Grove, and Anaheim became the only cities in Orange County that were still rich with medical marijuana collectives.

As to be expected in this topsy-turvy governmental structure, Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Anaheim were eventually targeted. Each collective was hand delivered a letter stating that all MMJ storefronts must be closed down voluntarily or else will be fined, seized and/or raided by the DEA and local authorities. Many shut down, too afraid and not invested enough to risk a raid. Others crumpled that letter, threw it in the wastebasket, and carried on with their business as usual.

We were one of the others who threw caution to the wind, or rather letters in the bin, remaining open. Having been successfully operating for almost 5 years, this clinic runs a tight ship which is the reason for its longevity. The final day of reckoning was scheduled as June 9. If we do not close today, every day we remain open is illegal and the volunteers risk being hassled by the fuzz.


Just like the old Prohibition days between 1920-1933, we must become a speakeasy, only allowing select VIPs (Very Important Patients) with a special card and ID number assigned by us, to enter. This means we are accepting no new patients and even turning away most current patients. All day, my normal array of smiling faces has turned to expressions of concern and anguish as many members are disheartened by the idea of losing their right to medicate, a legislation that Californians fairly voted on.

Though these California medical marijuana legislations have been around for over 15 years, it is still an evolving concept that will remain flawed until it is completely decriminalized. The Federal Government grants states their sovereignty to run based on the votes of their people. These votes, however, are futile as the Feds will always subjugate state law. California voters have, numerous times, chosen to legalize the use of medical cannabis. Why then are we still taking one step forward and two steps back?

In this case, it is actually the cities that are making these decisions. Many non-stoner residents claim that the medical marijuana dispensaries have “gotten out of hand.” State Council meetings have been overflowing with heartbroken patients whose rights were stripped away from them. Of course, the reform of the MMJ legislation is nowhere on the agenda. Mary Lochen addressed the council stating that “I’m coming out of the closet as a medical marijuana patient. You see, there are a whole lot of us that are invisible to you.” How much longer must we be invisible?

I do not know what my future holds with this collective, but I do know that I will remain steadfastly by its side. Volunteering here gives me purpose, satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment. This is a sentiment I have never felt anywhere else. Seeing a patient in excruciating pain return with a smile, telling me that my suggestion improved his or her quality of life, is the most precious reward.  If this ship goes down, I am proudly going down with it, only because I know that even if we sink all the way to the bottom, we will find our way back to the surface and feel the warm sunshine once again. Long live Mary Jane.




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