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Is Nature wrong?

Category: Culture | Posted on Thu, February, 7th 2013 by THCFinder


King Kush Review

Category: Nugs | Posted on Thu, February, 7th 2013 by THCFinder


King Kush - Indica

Disclaimer: Review is based on the personal opinion of IE420Patient. Batches of the same strain can produce different results due to many factors thus, as with any "review" use as a guide, not as pure fact.


Strain Name:  King Kush


Date Acquired:  May 5, 2012


Grade:  A/A+


Type:  Indica


Looks:  Deep green, spiky fully crystallized marijuana nuggets with deep purple/black hues.


Smell:  Funky like old musty cologne. Hints of cheap red wine.


Taste:  Unlike the smell, this was had a sweet tea leaf taste with a sweet after taste.


Buzz Type:  Relaxing full body high. Slightly euphonic, very mellowing.


Buzz Length:  Above Average to Very Long (1.5 to 2+ hours)




*  For a strain that smokes very smooth and produced large smoke exhales as well as a loaded bowl providing many good rips, King Kush initially had a smell that reminded me of my garbage can after the trash man emptied it. King Kush was a very flavorful kush strain providing a sweet tea taste in my large bong. My bubber produced the same "taste" with an added hint of sweet mint such as Wrigley's Spearmint gum. This is one strain where the initial scent was nothing like its taste.


This strain was very "thick" and marijuana nuggets were very sticky to the touch. Even after a few weeks of storage, this strain kept its stickiness. I had to clean my scissors often snipping up this strain.


King Kush was a nice chill out stay at home and sit on the couch watching sports kind of strain. This one really did not couch lock me, but on nights when really tired and sore this one aided me into a really good night's sleep. I smoked a bowl and drank a can of Rockstar Relaxed and I was knocked out.


I really liked this strain after a long day of work or just heading off to bed. King Kush was really great in relieving my "eye pressure" after staring at a computer and data all day. It was a very excellent strain at handling pain relief as my muscle aches and pains were well managed on just a single bowl without the need to reload often. Thus, this was a nice strain to medicate with have after a workout or jog.


My only negative... although my eyes felt great "internally;" if that makes sense, I did catch some serious dry eyes. I noticed I had to use "artificial tears" quite often while medicating with this strain. Due to this, King Kush was for when I stayed indoors at home and/or not driving (especially at night).


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New Jersey Medical Marijuana Fight Leaves Patients In Pain

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, February, 7th 2013 by THCFinder
With only one legal dispensary for medical marijuana in New Jersey, the sick are lining up in wheelchairs. Three years after medical cannabis was legalized in the Garden State, the fight to make it available has only just begun.
Most nights, 52-year-old Marta Portuguez wakes up crying from pain—jolted out of sleep by horrifying muscle spasms that occur without warning. “I cry my eyes out,” she tells The Daily Beast. “It feels like someone is chopping up my legs with a machete or burning them with a torch from the inside out.” Diagnosed with 11 illnesses over the course of 9 years—including severe fibromyalgia and gastroparesis—the former Comcast executive and mother of 6 now knows only 2 levels of pain: excruciating and unbearable.
One of more than 1,000 on the waiting list at New Jersey’s sole legal dispensary for medical marijuana—Greenleaf Compassion Center—her patience is wearing thin. “I keep waiting for them to call,” she says. “I have my card. I’m ready to go. I passed.” Exhausted from the chronic pain that pulsates through her body day and night, she chokes up on the phone. “This is my body. I should be able to obtain any medicine that I deem OK for me. This is not the government’s right to decide!” Her audible anger is telling: Greenleaf won’t be calling anytime soon. There simply isn’t enough medical marijuana to go around in New Jersey—and she knows it.


Big Blue Octo pipe

Category: Glass | Posted on Thu, February, 7th 2013 by THCFinder


Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary Says It's Getting Fine Medicine To Patients In Pain

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, February, 7th 2013 by THCFinder
BIDDEFORD, Maine — A type of store Massachusetts has never seen before could soon be opening in a neighborhood near you: a medical marijuana dispensary. The new state law that went into effect last month allows up to 35 of them. And some communities, worried they’ll be a negative influence, are trying to ban these businesses.
In the state of Maine, eight dispensaries have opened over the last couple of years. So we visited one in the city of Biddeford to see how it works.
“We try and keep a very low profile,” says Canuvo owner Glenn Peterson, a rebellious-looking middle-aged guy with a shaved head and goatee. “There’s enough controversy without having neon marijuana signs flashing.”
Peterson says he hunted for a location for his dispensary for a year and kept striking out with hesitant landlords, banks and zoning boards. Finally, despite the objections of some of the other tenants, he bought the condo in the complex he’s now located in and opened for business. And he says he later helped fight –successfully — for a change in state law to prohibit towns from banning dispensaries.
Patients need a doctor’s approval to buy the dispensary’s marijuana, which Peterson grows on a separate property about an hour away. In the so-called dispensing rooms, there are display cases of pipes and grinders for sale, and stackable plastic drawers filled with jars and bags of dried marijuana. This pot isn’t just for smoking. Patients can vaporize it using a device similar to an asthma inhaler. They can eat or drink one of Canuvo’s homemade medical marijuana edibles, from chocolates to Rice Krispies squares to tea. A big chalkboard lists the specials of the day, including cannabis butter. Patients spread the butter on toast or spaghetti and then have a “medicated meal,” according to Peterson.
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Banana OG

Category: Nugs | Posted on Thu, February, 7th 2013 by THCFinder

Banana OG - Hybrid

A cross of OG and Banana, this 100% Indica has an earthy, fruity bouquet and great for pain relief with sedation. Banana OG is a High CBD strain with heavy medical effects. This strain is an excellent treatment for Insomnia, Chronic pain, Muscle Spasms, Digestive Disorders, ADHD, MS and Anxiety. Some of the effects experienced include heavy Body Relaxation and Sedation.



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