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Greek Official Calls for Marijuana Legalization

Category: Legalization | Posted on Wed, October, 18th 2017 by THCFinder

On Greek TV, a Greek official calls for marijuana legalization for recreational purposes. The official in question is Yiannis Tsironis. He’s the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, originating from Greece’s Green Party. Yeah, we figured as much.


Like many other countries, our own included, Greek federal policy outlaws cannabis.

Despite the country’s history of producing hashish, authorities officially criminalized the plant in 1890. Although the cultivation and possession of hashish were illegal, Greek citizens continued to use it. Particularly after the first World War. Greek soldiers, as well as refugees from other countries, used cannabis. The prohibition was not particularly forceful or effective at that point.

Although cannabis (and other drugs) is still illegal in Greece, lawmakers have eased the policies regarding it.

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - White Rabbit

Category: Videos | Posted on Wed, October, 18th 2017 by THCFinder


California Cannabis Company Donates Space to American Red Cross Fire Relief

Category: News | Posted on Wed, October, 18th 2017 by THCFinder

California’s largest medical cannabis manufacturer donates 12,000 square feet for American Red Cross to stage its regional headquarters.

The State of California is having a particularly rough season of wildfires this year. While cannabis farms have likely been affected by wildfires in the past, this is the first year (at least in my recent memory) that so many media outlets have reported on the number of cannabis crops that are actually threatened with burning down.

I have been so happy to see the number of cannabis companies that have stepped up to help with this state of emergency in California, and felt it was important to share this news release that crossed my desk today...

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Who’s Currently in Charge of Federal Cannabis Policy?

Category: News | Posted on Wed, October, 18th 2017 by THCFinder

As Donald Trump took office in January, cannabis advocates across the country braced for what seemed like a looming and inevitable federal crackdown on marijuana. While the president’s views on cannabis were as erratic as his stance on many other issues, Trump’s cabinet nominees eliminated any doubt about the track the administration would take toward weed. Trump appointed folks with extremely anti-cannabis views to the three positions directly involved with federal marijuana policy. But with the Trump administration bleeding staff like a stuck pig, many are wondering who’s currently in charge of federal cannabis policy?


As the shape of the Trump administration came into focus back in January of this year, many commentators feared that the federal government was preparing to jump start a new chapter in the failed War on Drugs.

But over the last few weeks, high profile resignations in the Trump administration suggest the federal government couldn’t coordinate a crackdown on cannabis if it wanted to.

That’s because two out of the three most important positions regarding federal weed policy are currently empty. So who’s currently in charge of federal cannabis policy?

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