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Atmosphere OG Wax Concentrate

Category: Concentrates | Posted on Mon, December, 30th 2013 by THCFinder



Grow Bigger Buds

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, December, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
grow-bigger-budsGrowing cannabis is a serious pain and can be very frustrating if you're working hard to get a plant healthy when all it does is droop. Getting a plant to yield the amount that you want can be extremely difficult so that's what this article is about. If you follow these ten guidelines that were put forth by the botanical brilliance of Marijuana Growers HQ, your buds should look better, smoke smoother, and all around just be a better harvest.
1. Research
Education is everything and I will preach that until I'm blue in the face. By reading and studying the cannabis plant, you'll get to understand it better. If you understand the plant, there's more you can do to improve it's growth and health over the course of it's life. Marijuana is not a tomato plant and is far harder to grow so while this step might seem slightly mundane, it's very important to the growth of the plant.
2. Proper Space
If you can't grow more than five plants, you shouldn't be trying to grow more than five plants. Cramming a ton of plants in to an overcrowded growroom will result in stunted plants and less than satisfactory buds. The room should be spacious, clean, ventilated, and organized.
3. Separate The Room
Veg rooms and flower rooms should be separated, unless you're only growing one crop and all of the plants are at the same stage. A flower light cycle shouldn't interfere with the veg cycle. Separating these two rooms will ensure that your grow room functions the way that it should.
4. Light Per Sq Foot
Light can be infuriating when you don't know how much you should be using when growing. The standard that MGHQ has set forth is 30 watts of light per square foot of space. Of course, the more light you add, the better as long as the heat is controlled.
5. Ventilation
Keeping an airflow will ensure that your plants are growing strong stalks, stems, and leaves. The wind causes the plant to grow stronger, since plants use Co2 to photosynthesize. Constantly flowing air also prevents humidity from building up and therefore, mold growth.
6. Keep It Simple, Stupid
You're not going to grow a huge, epic harvest your first time. The only way that this scenario will happen is if you have a professional grower helping you out. Start with easy strains and save the heavy hitters for when you know what you're doing. That way, you're not going to kill a bunch of awesome plants on the off chance that you do something wrong.
7. Nute Brands
Stick to one brand of nutrients for your plants (Foxfarm for example). Each different brand will produce all that you need to get the plants in tip top shape. If you mix brands, you could be getting different amounts of certain vitamins and it could throw off the chemistry of the plant. It could also cause lockout, among other issues.
8. Cleanliness
Keep the room clean! Mess and clutter will stress the crop out and you definitely don't want that. Throw away trash and clean up spills. Any buildup of spills, trash, or dead leaves can be an invitation for pests to invade the space.
9. Silence
Don't broadcast to your friends that you're growing, especially if they know where you live. Marijuana can bring a lot of money in and robbers will risk a lot to get their hands on your plants. Not only that but snitches seem to be able to hear for miles and the last thing you want is to get busted.
10. Genetics
Growing a plant from a seed that you found in a bag of crappy mids obviously isn't going to bloom in to a beautiful plant. While your first try should be a slightly less tough to grow strain, you shouldn't try to grow something that no one will want to smoke when it's harvested and cured.


Would you rather have a Blunt or Joint?

Category: Fun | Posted on Mon, December, 30th 2013 by THCFinder



Cannabinoids Can Treat Neuroinflammation

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Mon, December, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
cannabis-treats-inflmationA new study published in the journal Cell Immunology has found that activation of the body’s cannabinoid receptors - something done naturally by cannabis and cannabinoids – has neuroinflammatory capabilities.
According to the study; “Here we showed that Gp1a, a highly selective CB2 [cannabinoid receptor 2] agonist, with a four log higher affinity for CB2 than CB1, reduced clinical scores and facilitated recovery in EAE [experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, a disease of the central nervous system] in conjunction with long term reduction in demyelination and axonal loss.”
The study continues; “This is the first report on the in vivo CB2-mediated Gp1a inhibition of Th17/Th1 differentiation. We also confirmed the Gp1a-induced inhibition of Th17/Th1 differentiation in vitro, both in non-polarizing and polarizing conditions. The CB2-induced inhibition of Th17 differentiation is highly relevant in view of recent studies emphasizing the importance of pathogenic self-reactive Th17 cells in EAE/MS.
Researchers conclude that “the combined effect on Th17 differentiation and immune cell accumulation into the CNS, emphasize the relevance of CB2 selective ligands as potential therapeutic agents in neuroinflammation.”


Blackwater OG - Hybrid

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, December, 30th 2013 by THCFinder


Best Winter Smoke Spots

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, December, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
fav-winter-time-smoke-spotsFor most people, this time of year includes a world full of cold snow. Even though the temperature may be freezing, stoners still love to smoke in different places, even if it means bundling up! Winter is a gorgeous time of year for some people and smokers who deal with this white stuff six months out of the year always have a favorite spot to chill and smoke when it's cold outside. These are the top five places to smoke during the snowy winter!
- Fireplace
Of course smoking in front of the fire place would be on this list! While some stoners don't have the liberty of being able to do this, those that can take full advantage. There's nothing like sitting in front of a nice warm fire while a snowstorm rages outside and you share a joint/bowl/bong with someone you care about, whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, or group of buddies.
- Igloo
Most people who live in snowy areas know how to make an igloo. What else are you going to do with the four feet of snow on the ground? Making an igloo not only provides a dope spot to toke, but you will be enjoying nature but yet staying out of the real cold. You can make igloos big enough for friends or just yourself. Just make sure that you make a chimney or the hot smoke may collapse your creation!
- Car
Hotboxing a car in a blizzard is an epic experience. Watching the snow fall can become a seriously time consuming activity. This situation can also be spent driving around but it's not recommended if it's actually snowing. Best to wait until the storm stops if you're going to cruise, otherwise it's fun just to park somewhere and get high.
- Mountain
Skiers and snowboarders alike love to smoke weed on the chairlift and it's pretty awesome. Sharing a joint while the lift takes you above the treetops is seriously epic. The scenery is great, the feeling of being on the mountain is great, and it's just an awesome place to be getting stoned.
- Hikes
If you have the option, taking a hike can be a cool way to get high. Roll a joint or a blunt, bundle up, and travel along the snowy woods. If it's just snowed, the woods get eerily quiet and definitely beautiful. Hikes are a favorite of cold weather stoners.



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