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How to Roll a Blunt

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Starting a Collective

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Starting a Collective
To start a dispensary you need to start a collective. A legal medical marijuana dispensary serves its local community through its contribution to the physical well being and health of the community. A well run medical marijuana dispensary will adopt community friendly policies, such as a good neighbor policy to enhance the service that it provides. These are the guidelines that anyone considering opening a medical dispensary will take into account as they prepare to embark on a new medical marijuana dispensary service. The service may be referred to as dispensaries, compassion clubs, or marijuana centers, however the following guidelines still apply.
The first step in opening a legal medical marijuana dispensary business is starting a collective. However before we look into this aspect of the business we need to be informed about the legal position. Under state law, patients and caregivers are authorized to collectively or co-operatively cultivate marijuana for medical purposes. In order to comply, the collective must be a properly organized and operated association. Before embarking on such a venture, it is always advisable to seek legal advice as the above can only be taken as a guideline for consideration.
Having established that the collective will operate within the confines of the law, there will be four mandatory requirements when planning on starting a collective:
patients need to be legally qualified
medicine needs to be sourced exclusively from members
medicine needs to be provided exclusively to members
basis of operation will be not for profit
These are fundamental rules to starting a collective and organizers will seek to ensure that they are observed at all times. 
Perhaps one of the most challenging of those four criteria is restricting the supply to that received from the members. Starting a new collective will obviously mean a limited membership and supply will be short. However by gradually increasing the membership and encouraging members to return with their excess medication, it is will quickly become possible to help more and more new members.
As noted above, the trading basis for the collective will be not for profit, i.e. it will not be operated as a commercial business. In practice this means re-investing all surplus income in non commercial activity or in the provision of services for its members. This can be a particularly rewarding part of starting a collective, knowing that you will be helping people through the efficient running of the collective services. 
It is worth noting at this point that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) differentiates between Not for Profit and Non Profit companies. A non profit activity may be exempt from federal and state taxes (for example churches and schools) whereas a Not for Profit business will still be liable for taxes. Having said that, even a non profit collective will be liable for taxes. However, having said that, when starting a collective it is a good idea to start up as a Non profit Mutual Benefit Corporation. This adds credibility to the service and can assist with relationships with elected officials and the general neighborhood.
Many patients rely on collective services and very much appreciate the convenience that they offer. When starting a collective it is important to remember this, and to engage with all members of the community towards this goal of helping those who cannot help themselves.
Your members will understand if you do not have a wide selection when you first open.  Encourage those members who do grow cannabis to bring their excess medication back to the collective to help the other members. Some legally qualified medical cannabis patients are very good at growing medicine.  In fact, some have relatively large stores of excess medication. These fortunate patients will often be looking for a dispensing collective or cooperative to join.  Some people refer to these patients as “vendors.” A better term is patient-cultivator. It has been my experience that these patient-cultivators will find you when you open your collective. I am sorry to say that I cannot help you locate medication for your new dispensing collective. 
To learn more from the free guide check out here:



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Alien OG Bubba Wax


Medical marijuana activists' children taken from home and put in foster care

Category: News | Posted on Mon, April, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
The parents of two young boys who have dedicated their lives to legalising medical marijuana are struggling this week to cope with the heartbreaking reality that police have taken away their sons and placed them in foster care.  
Josh and Lindsey Rinehart from Boise, Idaho, returned home from a trip with fellow activist Sarah Caldwell last week to find that their two children and Ms Caldwell's two sons had been removed from the babysitter's care while they were out.  
According to a police search warrant, the Rineharts are being investigated for 'possible charges of trafficking, possession and injury to a child', accusations they insist are unsubstantiated.
'They say their goal is to return our children to our home once it is deemed safe,' Lindsay Rinehart told 'They say our children will be in foster care for 30 days.'
Teary: Mrs Rinehart takes marijuana for her Multiple Sclerosis to avoid the 'toxic' medication prescribed by doctors but says she'll stop if it means getting her boys back.
Mrs Rinehart, a publicly recognised member of the medical marijuana advocacy group 'Compassionate Idaho', went on to defend herself and her husband against the charges, saying: 'We were not dealing. We were not buying. We were not selling. We were not growing.' 
In fact, a long-time sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis, Mrs Rinehart takes the drug to avoid 'toxic medication' that would otherwise be administered to help with the disease.


Woody OG

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Standing up for your rights

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