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Can Marijuana Make you a Better Dad?

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, September, 17th 2012 by THCFinder

Many people reading this know that marijuana can be invaluable in dealing with the stress of the day. And while there is a great stigma surrounding marijuana use – the hosts on The Young Turks even make several jokes about it – many who use cannabis find they are better able to deal with the people in their life, like their children.


After the hysterical cries of “neglect” and “child abuse” die down from those who oppose marijuana and know nothing about it, the issue can be examined logically. Many who use cannabis find that it enhances their concentration and slows down their mind to a point where they can appreciate things better. Of course, some find the opposite to be true; marijuana affects everyone differently. But for the dad discussed in this video, it has been a blessing.


“"But for me, at least, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks,” he writes. “I find the time I spend with my children to be qualitatively different and simply more fun when I take my medicine (always in private, never in front of them, never too much). I am able to become a kid again, to see things through my daughters' eyes and experience, if I'm lucky, the wonder of each new game, each new object and sound, as they do."


The simple fact is that for most people, marijuana is not as “inebriating” as alcohol and allows them to focus on what’s important.



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