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Blue Dragon Large Nug

Category: Nugs | Posted on Mon, July, 8th 2013 by THCFinder


Stoner Girls

Category: Tokers | Posted on Mon, July, 8th 2013 by THCFinder


The beautiful Stoner Girls of this world play a huge role in the evolution of the future, and these Stoner Girls have a brand new outlook for life, a view of the universe that to them can only be seen though the smoke of the ganja.


Back in the day there seemed to be the perception that smoking, and smoking weed was just an all male sport. Classic movies from the yesteryears and other forms of media portrayed the “proper woman” as a stuffy, fluffy dress wearing, great cook that only prepared the tobacco for her husband and dared not to take a puff for herself. Well guess what everyone, times have changed and

we’ve also found something way more beneficial to our lives than a bit of snuff in a can.


This is Mary Jane, a girl that every pot head chic looks to for guidance and peace of mind.

It’s true that the Stoner Girls can smoke it down just as hard as the fellas and sometimes even harder.

With all the different lanes there are in the marijuana alley Stoner Girls from every crevice of the world have been able to find the right niche for them and it seems to be working out perfectly.


Not only do they inhale it but there are countless female growers an scientists that devote their delicious pink time an energy to various beautiful shades of green an sparkling trichomes.


Being able to sit in the presence of a lady while she’s getting high is one of those experiences that is captivating and stunning.

The allure of a beautiful soul consuming buckets an buckets of smoke is sexy and seductive, it does something to the psyche that touches a place deep inside you.


Being able to watch her unwind slowly, and you see it all from the beginning witnessing the relaxation of her shoulders and neck as she exhales an then inhales deep again and again, only not for you… this is for her,


her time to bask in the joy of Mary Jane an let everything else go.

She’s happy and in love simply levitating in a mind state she chooses to never let go, and you love to see her this way.






















Marley Joints

Category: Fun | Posted on Sun, July, 7th 2013 by THCFinder



Medical marijuana dispensaries a signature away from legal in Ore.

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Sun, July, 7th 2013 by THCFinder
mmj-in-oregonSALEM, Ore. (AP) — Medical marijuana dispensaries are a signature away from being legal in Oregon.
The state House of Representatives approved a bill Saturday to establish a licensing system for medical marijuana outlets. The bill, which passed 32-27, now goes to Gov. John Kitzhaber to sign.
Current law requires medical marijuana cardholders to grow the weed themselves or find someone to grow it for them. The bill would enable cardholders to purchase the drug from state-licensed medicinal pot shops.
Supporters say legalizing dispensaries will make it easier for the state's nearly 55,000 medical pot users to get their medicine and harder for the black market to get its hands on Oregon weed.
Some opponents argue the bill doesn't have enough teeth to go after people who abuse the state's medical marijuana program.


Cannabis Tat

Category: Fun | Posted on Sun, July, 7th 2013 by THCFinder



MARIJUANA GROW HOUSES: How many plants are too many?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Sun, July, 7th 2013 by THCFinder
mj-grow-houseHopefully you will remember the story The Press-Enterprise wrote about the houses in Eastvale that had been converted into marijuana grow-houses.
We also wrote about the Special Enforcement Team deputies who uproot these operations.
Well, the other day we received an email from an anonymous person who mentioned these Eastvale farming operations and correctly pointed out that there is no limit to the number of plants you can grow for medicinal-marijuana use. Good enough.
I ran this person’s letter past a law-enforcement officer I know, and he pointed out something that the letter-writer left out: Why, if these people who are growing marijuana in Eastvale are doing so for legitimate medicinal purposes, did they illegally bypass the electrical system? And why did they damage the property they were renting by making wholesale changes to the house?
Anyway, here is the letter from the marijuana advocate, word for word. These are his opinions, not ours.
“City to pass anti-pot growing ordinance soon. The City needs to be very careful in doing it so they don’t trash the rights of qualified patients who grow their own lawful medicine. One size does not fit all. Not everyone who uses med marijuana is a pot head, a drug addict, or to ‘get high’.
“Take caution and Note that Prop 215 does not establish any limits on where or the amount of med marijuana qualified patients can cultivate for themselves; none whatsoever. The Legislature tried to limit how many plants can be grown by a qualified patient, and the state Supreme Court ruled that was an “unconstitutional amendment of Prop 215″ because the voters did not vote on any such numerical limits; People v. Kelley.
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