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Being Stoned On A Scale Of 1 To 10...

Category: Culture | Posted on Mon, August, 11th 2014 by THCFinder
Being stoned comes in levels, as most seasoned stoners know. Sometimes, you only get a little high and then other times, you're totally blasted. It depends on how much you smoke, what you're smoking out of, and the weed that you're smoking. So there must be a scale to measure how stoned a person really is! Thankfully there is a scale that you can measure, on a scale of 1 to 10. Next time someone asks you how high you are, you can use this guide to give your answer, rather than just saying "very".
0-2. Sober
This is the stage where most people start. They haven't smoked anything so they may be slightly cranky or snippy. This stage lasts until you take that first beastly hit... And then you'll feel better.
2-3. Buzzed
As the bud takes hold, you'll begin to notice that colors seem a little brighter and your mood seems to be improving. While you're not incredibly baked, you feel the effects and that's definitely a good thing.
3-5. High
Maybe after a few hits, you start to really feel high. The weed will begin to cause the munchies to form, the dreaded feeling that you haven't eaten in weeks. You start daydreaming a little bit more than normal perhaps and you're kind of going off on tangents when speaking. Yeah, you're high.
5-7. Very high
This is the point at which you may or may not pass out. A lot of people like to get to this point before bed in order to help themselves get some much needed rest. This is also helps people with anxiety to calm down. Like I said, you may pass out. Keep those eyes open.
7-8. Holy hell I'm high
The stage at which realization makes itself apparent. You're stoned. Really stoned. You may start to hear things that aren't there, adding to the paranoia factor. But if you know how to handle it, this state of highness is awesome. It's easy to relax, unwind, and just feel good at this point. Just don't start freaking out.
After you've taken like 20 dabs, smoked a few bong loads, and a number of blunts, this is where you should be at. You're so stoned that you can't even think of a number to describe how you're feeling. So on a scale of 1 to 10, at this point, you're Jell-O.


Animal Cookies - Hybrid

Category: Nugs | Posted on Fri, August, 8th 2014 by THCFinder


animal-cookies-weed-2 animal-cookies-weed-2 animal-cookies-weed-2

Animal Cookies - Hybrid

This extremely powerful and loved strain is a hybrid cross between the incredibly beloved Girl Scout Cookie strain and the Fire OG strain. The strain is a fast flowering plant, making it extremely popular among growers. It flower in about 9-10 weeks and grows as a dense plant. The strain is incredibly strong, not for the weak lunged smoker, and is highly recommended for patients that are suffering with pain or insomnia. Needless to say, Animal Cookies is a heavy indica strain that you're sure to love. The aroma of the flowers is sweet, with a tart sour bite. It smells earthy and strong, a strain that you don't want to be carrying if you're not going to be keeping it in a sealed container. The buds are a gorgeous hue of green, covered in frost, tipped in a dark purple that resembles the ripest of grapes. Trust me, you'll be in love with this strain just from smell along but once you smoke the smooth, gorgeous flowers, you'll be keeping Animal Cookies in your bong for a long time. For patients looking for a good medicine, Animal Cookies assists patients dealing with ADD and ADHD, as well as severe anxiety, asthma, gastrointestinal disorder, and the dreaded cancer. With so many positive benefits of the strain, it's a wonder that more people aren't talking about it. In addition the the illnesses listed above, this bud will also make the user feel euphoric and happy. This characteristic is especially important for people dealing with anxiety and depression. Many patients (as well as recreational smokers) should definitely be smoking on these buds.


Modern Uses Of The Hemp Plant

Category: Culture | Posted on Fri, August, 8th 2014 by THCFinder
Hemp and cannabis are not the same thing. While they are similar, they do not share the characteristic that all potheads are after -- getting high. Hemp doesn't get the user high and will instead, give you a massive headache if you try to smoke it. While some people pay little to no attention to the hemp side of the family, it is probably the most beneficial part of the plant to our economy. Not only would it spare the trees but it would improve the overall health of the earth where ever it was planted. In addition, hemp can provide many different industrial necessities that we currently make with more harmful products.
Hemp needs far less space to grow than trees. It grows faster, without pesticides, and doesn't really need the help of humans. It is a weed and it really acts as such, flourishing wherever there is soil to grow. The plant grows fast, sprouting up in months as compared to years it takes to grow trees. The roots grow very deep, aerating the soil and allowing future crops to flourish in the nutrient rich dirt left by the hemp plants. Since the roots of the hemp plant are so brutal, they also choke the life out of smaller weeds trying to overtake the garden.
The stalks of the plant are incredibly important to industrial business. The strong fibers provide an amazing material that can be used to make clothing, paper, diapers, denim, and other fabrics as well as paper products ranging all the way from printer paper to billboards and banners. And that's just the beginning. The stalk can also be made in to things like rope, nets, canvas, tarps, brake and clutch lining in vehicles, and carpets. And it's not just the stalk that people can use to their benefit. Looking for a dogbed? You can get one made from the leaves of the hemp plant. Working on a project at home? Maybe building a gazebo or pool? Hemp can be made in to concrete, insulation, and mortar/stucco, giving it even more versatility in our crazy world.
The list goes on to include the fact that hempseed is incredibly beneficial to human health, creating a better working system without our bodies. Hempseed oil could replace things like butter, food supplements, and cooking oil. Creams made from hempseed are said to help assist with aging, facial lines, and skin condition likes rashes and eczema. The benefits of this plant are endless and since it has been illegal for so long, we honestly don't even know about the full potential that hemp has to offer. With more research, hemp may end up taking over our entire industrialized society, creating a more fine-tuned (and functional) machine.


Astronaut Joint

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, August, 8th 2014 by THCFinder



Colorado Highway Fatalities At Near-Historic Lows After Legalization

Category: News | Posted on Fri, August, 8th 2014 by THCFinder
highway-fatalities-at-low-in-coRemember when marijuana legalization opponents made claims before Colorado and Washington legalized that there would be an epidemic of stoned drivers on the roads after legalization? And remember when they made it sound like there would be all kinds of carnage on public roadways as a result? Even after legalization in Colorado and Washington, opponents continued to make those claims, and they are currently making those claims in Oregon and Alaska where voters will see marijuana legalization initiatives on the ballot in November.
I’m curious if these same opponents know that fatalities on Colorado highways are at near-historic lows after legalization? That’s right, not only is there not an epidemic of stoned driver related issues on Colorado highways, but fatalities have actually gone down. This is no doubt an inconvenient fact that opponents will have a hard time spinning in their favor. Per the Washington Post:
As you can see, roadway fatalities this year are down from last year, and down from the 13-year average. Of the seven months so far this year, five months saw a lower fatality figure this year than last, two months saw a slightly higher figure this year, and in one month the two figures were equal.
There have been studies that have shown that traffic fatalities have also dropped in states that have legalized medical marijuana. There are multiple studies out there that show that marijuana consumers are very defensive drivers, and that they ‘stoned driver epidemic’ is nothing more than reefer madness propaganda. I’d imagine opponents will continue to use their scare tactics during the 2014 Election and beyond, but I’m hopeful that people will do their own research and realize that claims by opponents are unfounded.


Skywalker OG Wax Concentrate

Category: Concentrates | Posted on Fri, August, 8th 2014 by THCFinder



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