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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's medical marijuana revisions pass

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, September, 10th 2013 by THCFinder


(CNN) -- The New Jersey General Assembly passed a medical marijuana bill Monday that will "ease access" and expand patient options, including allowing qualified children to consume edible forms of marijuana.
The bill, which has undergone numerous amendments, has passed in the Senate and needs Gov. Chris Christie's signature to become law.
Christie vetoed the original bill in August and said he would sign legislation that included a rule that edible marijuana would be dispensed only to minors and that a psychiatrist and a physician both would have to approve before a minor could join the program.
The final version of the bill -- which was approved in a 70-1-4 vote -- includes both of Christie's demands, according to a news release from the New Jersey Assembly Democrats.
Christie said last month he was worried about going "down the slippery slope of broadening a program and making it easier to get marijuana that wouldn't necessarily go to other people."
The bill was originally proposed after Brian and Meghan Wilson of Union City began a campaign to get what could be life-saving treatment for their 2-year old daughter, Vivian. She suffers from Dravet syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy for which anti-seizure medicine is ineffective, according to the news release.
"For Vivian and many children like her, marijuana may be the only treatment that can provide life-changing relief," Assemblywoman Linda Stender, who sponsored the bill, said in the news release. "As a state, we should not stand in the way of that, and today's vote is definitely a step forward."
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Sour Banana OG Wax

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Good luck smoking this!


Utah mother wants to see medical marijuana in a liquid form of treatment

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, September, 10th 2013 by THCFinder
liquid-cannabis-wanted-by-utah-motherWEST JORDAN — A Utah mother whose 11-year-old son has severe epilepsy is helping to launch a legislative initiative to legalize a liquid form of medical marijuana in the Beehive state, which may put a new face on the issue.
The face will be of children who could potentially be helped by a strain of the drug, not of unkempt potheads who roll their own weed.
Jennifer May, of Pleasant Grove, believes a hybrid form of cannabis offers hope to patients, such as her son, who suffer from Dravet syndrome, which can trigger hundreds of seizures a day for its victims and limit the life expectancy to 18 years or fewer. Her family currently spends more than $75,000 a year on medication in an effort to provide some relief and hope for their child in dealing with his epilepsy.
Annette Maughan, president of the Epilepsy Association of Utah, said there are at least 30 families in the Beehive state that would be affected dramatically by access to the drug. There are more than 100,000 Utahns overall who have epilepsy, she said.
Currently, a form of medical marijuana is legal in 18 states. Under Utah law, possession of one ounce of marijuana can carry a sentence of up to a year in jail.



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