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What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, October, 1st 2013 by THCFinder
cannabis-autoflower-seedsMy cousin recently asked me what ‘autoflowering cannabis seeds’ are and how are they different than ‘regular’ cannabis seeds. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure since I have always used the cloning method for my gardens in the past. I haven’t researched seeds all that much as a result, but figured this would be a good time to do so.
Based on my research, autoflowering cannabis seeds are ones that automatically switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase as time goes by (usually two to four weeks). This is different from ‘regular’ cannabis seeds which require changing the amount of light the plant gets in a given day to trigger the change in phase (photoperiod).
At the end of the day, the real question is ‘why are autoflowering cannabis seeds better than regular cannabis seeds?’ There seems to be many benefits according to what I’ve read. The obvious benefit is that the plant will change to flowering automatically, which can be a good thing for a newbie grower that doesn’t really know when to change their light cycle. People that have used autoflowering cannabis seeds have reported that their harvest comes sooner, which is significant.
Something that was pointed out to me from a friend on Facebook who lives in a non-medical marijuana state was that the plants that come from autoflowering cannabis seeds are shorter in size, which is better for ninja gardens that need to be kept secret. This isn’t as big of a deal for a legal garden, but definitely has it’s benefits for some recreational gardens in many parts of the country.
It seems to me like the biggest benefits would come from using autoflowering cannabis seeds in a sun grown garden setting (outdoor). So many sun grown harvests that I have seen over the years look like they were in the veg stage for too long and therefore didn’t get enough time in the flowering stage. The finished nugs are airy and ‘larfy’ as I always describe them. This is largely due to cold climates and short summers, which would be mitigated with plants that originate from autoflowering cannabis seeds. Many people have reported that they were able to do two harvests in the same summer using autoflowering cannabis seeds, which should sound good to any grower out there!
Have you used autoflowering cannabis seeds? If so, would you recommend them to someone else? Is there anything that you would like to add that I didn’t find in my research? Please post your comments in the comments section so that others can benefit from your knowledge and experience!


Cartman Bong

Category: Glass | Posted on Tue, October, 1st 2013 by THCFinder



Pot Curing; Worth It!

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Tue, October, 1st 2013 by THCFinder
curing-your-budsGrowing pot is an extremely difficult thing to do. I'm pretty good at making edibles, making tincture, and even selling but growing... That's a whole different story. There's so much work put in to these plants that you can't help but respect the people who grow it, especially the people who grow it well. There's so many different ways that people grow this place. Everyone has a different method for growing their plants. I've been debating on how I want to smoke my end result from my tiny grow and one of the things I've been thinking about is curing the buds before smoking them.
Curing would be the process of letting the buds sit in jars for a while after they've been dried in harvested, for those of you that don't know. This process isn't the same as drying, where the buds are hung to let the moisture escape. Curing allows the chlorophyl to dissipate and the sugars/starches contained in the plant are turned in to THC. So not only will smoking fresh dried buds be a little harsh from chlorophyl but I don't believe that it will get you as stoned.
To properly cure weed after drying it, it works well if you put the buds in to mason jars. Keep them in a cool, dark place out of the sunlight. That'll just torch them and no one wants that. A few times a day, open the container that the weed is contained in and wipe any condensation from the inside of the lid. Rotate the buds a little bit so that they don't all stick together. You can leave them in the containers as long as you want. There's no such thing as overcuring. The buds will just get better with time. Leaving the buds in there for too short of a time is the part that you have to worry about.
When you get weed that smokes like garbage and it's super harsh, the grower probably didn't cure it. While the effort to grow the plant is appreciated, it is definitely better to cure the weed before letting it out in to the world. Pot that's not cured isn't nearly as good as pot that has been. To the growers that do cure their bud, thank you! And to the ones that don't, I hope you will! I don't know if getting uncured bud is an issue out on the west coast. Here on the east coast, getting weed that is not cured is a likely scenario and happens way more often than it should.


GDP Shatter - Medical Cannabis Conentrate

Category: Concentrates | Posted on Tue, October, 1st 2013 by THCFinder



Gaming High

Category: Fun | Posted on Tue, October, 1st 2013 by THCFinder
Video games. Everyone has a favorite. Some prefer first person shooter while others love open world RPGs. These days, video games are a huge part of stoner culture, especially following the release of games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 that now feature the option to smoke pot and interact with a man who claims to support legalization... Although from what I know, he gives your character acid and not weed so beware! Having a bad day? Smoke a bowl while playing Halo. I assure you that after blowing up some aliens and getting baked, you'll feel a little bit better.
My personal favorite is open world RPGs. Leveling up a character and watching them improve while simultaneously running around and completing missions is a surefire way for me to lose a good chunk of time out of my day. I never played Skyrim though... That one was a little too intense for me and I was afraid I'd never stop playing. I love to smoke and play Fable however or most often, Pokemon, as the nostalgia of the game just adds to the fun of playing it.
Mario is also a popular stoner game as well. It's nice to play to old school game sometimes too, where everything is 8-bit and scrolls to the side. Trust me, 8-bit looks amazing when you're stoned. The music of the older games is also pretty awesome, even though most of the games from around the 8-bit time sound exactly alike. Again, playing games like this is definitely a great way to fondly remember the time you punched your little brother in the face because he beat you once (Sorry, little brother :( ). Note to readers; video games shouldn't lead to violence! Don't punch other players!
The top games for stoners must include the first person shooters that can also be played online. Yelling at some noob four states away helps to blow off steam when you're in a bad mood. Almost every stoner I know owns a PlayStation or an xBox although these days, I'm not exactly sure which one is more popular (an argument similar to the east coast vs west coast battle... Really pointless and can never be won). I prefer PlayStation personally, even though the Internet is shoddy, at least it's free. I also liked kicking ass online with my Little Big Planet game.
Gaming while you're high is a great experience. The graphics are cooler, the music is better, and the idea of achieving your goal and receiving the reward is a good feeling, whether you're leveling up or you scored the most headshots in a round. It can be a solo thing or a group thing (Get stoned and play Super Smash Brothers Brawl with your friends! So fun!). Video games paired with weed can make a bad day not so bad or a good day even better. Just don't waste your WHOLE day playing. ;)


Smoke more Dabs ; )

Category: Glass | Posted on Tue, October, 1st 2013 by THCFinder




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