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Sexy Stoner Amber Paxton

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For the entire Family

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Liquid Butter OG strain review with pics

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Liquid Butter OG - Indica 


* Liquid Butter was the first strain to "WOW" me over several years back in 2009. I first medicated with Liquid Butter OG Kush back in December 2009. Just as I was about to publish this piece, I took a look at my old notes. Given the similarities, I thought it be interesting to also include what I documented in 2009; providing a comparison of the same strain from two different years and of course batches, December 2009 and July 2011. I also vaped this batch of Liquid Butter OG and included notes regarding the vape as well!


Strain Name:  Liquid Butter OG


Date Acquired:  July 11 and 22, 2011


Grade:  A++


(OLD:  A+)


Type:  Indica


Looks:  Medium sized super sticky nugs covered in trichs with noticeable "mustard" colored hair along with patches of deep green color. Each nug appeared to look like little "balls" forming a "cone" shape.


(OLD:  Tight buds covered in frosted sticky white trichs)


Smell:  uttered greens. Pine needles and crisp "blue" mint that leaves behind a rich dank lingering smell on exhale.


(OLD:  Hints of pine, mint, and citrus.)


Taste:  Smooth hints of theater popcorn butter, but not as overpowering as my initial 2009 fill. A salty, buttery after taste is noticeable in the corner of my lips and tip of tongue.


(OLD: Just like creamy butter.)


Buzz Type:  Heavy! Full head and body high. Couch lock. Excellent pain relief and "shut down" medicine.


(OLD: Heavy and full body. It hits you very quick behind the eyes... this one is not a creeper. I literally feels like I am sinking into my chair but, I am fully aware of what's going on. Just about every ache and muscle pain I have is gone. This is some good chill out MMJ. The butter just melts the pain away).


Buzz Length:  Long to Very Long (2+ hours)


(OLD:  Typical 1 - 2 hours depending on method/amount used.)


* When seeing the words; "Liquid Butter," some might think this is a Cannabutter. If that's what you thought, no worries because this FLOWER is FIRE!
I felt like a kid in a candy store when I got home with this strain and could not wait to get into it. My very session with this strain was at 11:00pm. I finished the bowl, sat back and closed my eyes what I thought was for a few seconds. When I opened my eyes, it was 3:30am! The first bowl literally took me out. A few times I used Liquid Butter right after work, I found myself melting in the couch or in my chair at the dinner table.
This batch of Liquid Butter was super sticky! At first, I had to "hit" my bowls rather "lightly." A few hard bong hits had me coughing up a lung, scratching up my throat. Good news is I always keep Canni Soothes on hand for this exact purpose. But after a days, the strain "softened" up a bit, but really as hard as it hit me, there is no need to take really big bong hits of this strain. A little, one-hit bowl will go a long way. A little amount hit me quite heavy. Average couch lock sessions were 3-4 hours.
I tend to be a night owl, not sleeping much although my body requires and sometimes demand it. If required to be sleep by midnight, Liquid Butter comes to the call. 
Liquid Butter OG is the strain that will actually make you look "stoned!" A hard hitting and heavy strain that I used "AT HOME ONLY." DO NOT get behind the wheel with this one. Just trust me ;-)
(OLD: If you can, you must try this! Apparently, this stuff is cured in a Chinese clay pot for a month. What a properly named strained. Within minutes after taking a bong rip, I kept licking my lips. No joke... this stuff tastes just like butter! Aside from taking more rips to get more of that butter flavor, all I could think about is popcorn I used to get as a kid at the movies. I would never imaged marijuana getting to a level like this. As a side note, I topped this with some Master Kush kief. I have a very high tolerance. The added kief I use ONLY if I need to get to sleep quick. Otherwise, the Liquid Butter by itself is 100% fine since it does not couch lock me and so far this is the only strain that takes away pain but, does not put me to sleep... and that butter taste can be addictive too. )
The batch of Liquid Butter OG that I had today is almost identical to the batch I had over 2 year ago. There was really only one major difference. This batch hit a whole lot harder. Not only did this batch of Liquid Butter hit harder, but apparently previous batches (I did not have) are said to be even better than this! Liquid Butter is not a strain I see everywhere. In fact, I've never came across it my "active" collectives and as stated in the Preface, recalling the tastiness of this strain when seeing it at JLS is the primary reason why I joined their collective. Definitely a big improvement with this strain over the years (and back then it was good too!). 
Another, "IF YOU SEE IT... GET IT!" strain. 
Vape Notes:
The very first vape draw I did was not a good experience. Vape was a bit harsh and I actually coughed. Taste was more of a "vegetables with dab of butter mix in" vs. that more noticeable "butter" aspect in the bong. I did catch a slight buttery after taste on the roof of my mouth on a few vapes, but Liquid Butter is strain you also want to get for taste which was just not fully there in the vape. I had smoother and tastier bong hits with Liquid Butter OG. 
Aside from the taste and harshness, vaping Liquid Butter did provide great pain relief benefits without the typical head heavy to couch lock effect. I could definitely use this strain in the vape when serious pain relief is needed in the daytime. Also, a vape fill provided me with many vape draws. Just like with bong, a little ground up Liquid Butter in the vape will go a long way too.
Cheers (& Cough),
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Marijuana, Both Legal And Illegal, Triggers License Confusion For Doctors, Cops

Category: News | Posted on Tue, February, 19th 2013 by THCFinder
BOSTON — Tens of thousands of Massachusetts residents could be at risk of losing their jobs if they use marijuana for medical relief, as government agencies work to balance the new state medical marijuana law with federal law, which says the drug is illegal under all circumstances.
Marijuana starts on a shelf during the opening of a Seattle medical marijuana market on Feb. 13 (Elaine Thompson/AP)
One potential scenario: A doctor who becomes a medical marijuana patient would be at “significant risk” of violating his or her license to practice medicine, according to Bill Ryder, legislative and regulatory counsel for the Massachusetts Medical Society.
Ryder says the main problem for doctors is a question on the state license application that asks, “Do you use an illegal drug?” The state Board of Registration in Medicine, which reviews physician licenses and applications, may still be bound to interpret “illegal drug” according to federal law.
“So the board could require you to report that and then judge you on the basis of the fact that you may have violated federal law,” Ryder explains.
Even if the board makes an exception for medical marijuana, and a physician has a certificate from his or her doctor, Ryder says the physician who is a patient may still put his or her license at risk.
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Pineapple Trainwreck

Category: Nugs | Posted on Tue, February, 19th 2013 by THCFinder


Cville Attorney: Nix Jail Time for Marijuana Possession

Category: News | Posted on Tue, February, 19th 2013 by THCFinder
A Charlottesville attorney is trying to take away jail time as a consequence for possessing marijuana.
Attorney Jeff Fogel says it's inappropriate, and some Charlottesville city councilors agree. Tuesday night, the touchy issue will get tackled at a City Council meeting.
The argument centers on prevention versus punishment, and developing a local ordinance that goes against the grain.  Fogel said, "It is a very simple and modest proposal, simply: let's keep jail time out of this."
Fogel says going to jail for possession of pot is an expensive waste of time and resources.
"It's not an appropriate response. It doesn't serve anybody's interests, it doesn't stop people from smoking marijuana, it costs the rest of us money to keep them in jail and it's simply not appropriate," he said.
Currently, state law says anyone caught with marijuana faces up to 30 days behind bars for the first offense, and up to a year in jail for any subsequent offense. The proposed ordinance set to go before City Council would provide an option for law enforcement and city attorneys to take away the jail sentence for first offenders. Fogel says they should do away with jail sentences all together, and plans to present his own proposal to City Council Tuesday.
Fogel explains that if a proposed ordinance was adopted, whether to charge under the municipal ordinance or the state statute is a decision made by police in the first instance. The prosecutor can then also alter the charge either from or to the ordinance or the statute. He says it would be an expectation that law enforcement and city attorneys follow the city's policy.
Charlottesville City Councilor Kristin Szakos agrees jail time is extreme.



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