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The Marijuana diet could help you loose weight!

Category: Culture | Posted on Sat, November, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
the-mj-diet-marijuana-dietJust when you think you've tried every fad diet to shape up and slim down -- you might be surprised at a new one stirring up controversy these days. Its called the Marijuana diet.  Our Liz Bonis  takes a look at what obesity experts say -- about dropping pounds with pot. When it comes to the power of pot -- a number of states now say it can legally be used to treat a number of health concerns.
You might be surprised however to hear that it's hotly debated if weight loss is one of them. Unless you talk to Art Glass, author of the book, The Marijuana Diet. We talked to him by Skype from a state where he admits he can't legally use pot yet for this purpose -- in spite of that he claims that after several years on the diet.  
Glass has dropped 65 pounds and says "The marijuana diet has proven to lose weight in people better than anything else." Here's how he says the marijuana diet works: You smoke one to three inhales of marijuana Eat super foods such as blueberries or green leafy vegetables Juice with green smoothies and fast intermittently. Then you do what Art calls sofa exercises - which he showed us by skype.
Glass says the weed is what works for weight loss, and he has studies and testimonials to back it up. "Because marijuana has cannibinoids in it is the only plant that has that, and cannibinoids do incredible things for people's minds and their bodies," Glass said. So the real question we had to ask is, is it really then the marijuana or perhaps the reduced calorie intake that might be leading to weight loss, and as you might imagine, experts have a bit of a mixed opinion about using controlled substances to help you lose weight.
Doctor George Kerlakian is a bariatric surgeon who reviewed the marijuana diet and some of the studies Glass claims support weed for weight loss. 


True OG Medical Marijuana

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Phoenix lawmaker pushes for full legalization of marijuana

Category: Legalization | Posted on Sat, November, 30th 2013 by THCFinder
lawmaker-pushing-full-legalizationPHOENIX -- Saying legislation is better than a voter initiative, the Number 2 Democrat in the state House wants colleagues to legalize marijuana for recreational use.
Rep. Ruben Gallego of Phoenix pointed out that proponents of making marijuana legal for adults are gearing up to put the issue on the 2016 ballot. And Gallego said he believes that Arizona voters, who approved the drug for medical use three years ago, may be ready to take the next step.
But Gallego warned that anything adopted by voters is pretty much cemented into place: The Arizona Constitution sharply limits lawmakers from tinkering with anything approved at the ballot, even if they find major flaws.
So Gallego is proposing to have the issue debated through the legislative process, with the idea that lawmakers are better suited to coming up with a comprehensive plan -- and one without unforeseen problems -- than outsiders circulating petitions.
The head of the House Judiciary Committee, through which Gallego's measure would have to pass, acknowledged that attitudes about marijuana in Arizona are becoming more liberal. In fact, Rep. Eddie Farnsworth, R-Gilbert, said voters might even approve a legalization measure at the ballot.
But Farnsworth said he's still opposed to the idea. And he said just because it might be approved at the poll is no reason for him and others who don't want marijuana legalized to vote to support it at the Capitol.
Gallego, who said he's never tried marijuana, said one reason to legalize the drug is purely economic: the costs to the state of jailing people for marijuana possession.
He acknowledged that a 1996 voter-approved measure generally allows first- and second-time offenders to escape incarceration. But Gallego said prosecutors use the fact that someone had marijuana when arrested for something to boost their prison sentence.
He also said that those with marijuana possession convictions face other problems, like becoming ineligible for federal Pell grants and federally backed student loans.


Ace of Spades

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Florida Couple Smuggles 11 Pounds Of Bud...On Accident?

Category: Odd | Posted on Fri, November, 29th 2013 by THCFinder
Smuggling marijuana takes a lot of thought and skill. Getting caught is always the last option on the list. So how does a Florida couple manage to smuggle 11 pounds of pot in their luggage without even knowing that it's there? As unbelievable as it sounds, it happened to a couple from Key Largo. The husband and wife transported the 11 pounds of pot in their suitcases for 900 miles before discovering the green cargo.
The couple rents properties in other states, including a home in Louisiana. One day back in July, a package arrived at the rental home and was found by the housekeeper,. She contacted the owners of the home, who were in Florida at the time. The owners said to send the package back to UPS. But the shipping company sent it back for a second time and the housekeeper put the box inside the rental home.
On a recent vacation trip to the rental home, the couple found the box that had been left there. They opened it, finding it to be a few suitcases. Thinking that the luggage was being returned after a lost trip, the two packed the bags in to their car and began their journey back to Florida. When the two went back to Florida they opened the bags, which had been locked shut, to find that they were full of marijuana. They immediately called the sheriffs office, which in turn led to the weed being confiscated and "destroyed".
As said above, it's ironic that two people who had no idea that they had the pot on them managed to get 900 miles from point A to point B without getting caught. Lucky for them, however, because depending on the state that they were in at the time, it could've been a serious problem for the couple had they been pulled over and searched. Morale of the story? Don't carry strange luggage on long trips if you're unsure of what it contains.



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