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Denver Cannabis Tours

Category: Culture | Posted on Wed, December, 10th 2014 by THCFinder
denver-cannabis-toursLegal weed has hit Denver Colorado in full force and people are ready to get the tourism ball rolling. My 420 Tours has done just that. The company sprung up after legalization passed and offers tourists a five hour long ride around the city, stopping a head shop, two different dispensaries, a grow operation, and a restaurant. The price tag is steep at $150 but to get carted around in a limo smoking weed? Some people definitely deem it worthy.
Companies such as My 420 Tours offer tourists not only a round of the city to see the cannabis sites. Some of the tours even offer a bit more with a weekend package. It includes four days and three nights, staying a vaporizer friendly hotel downtown. You also get a cooking class (with cannabis of course) and a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens for the Chihuly glass exhibit. For someone who’s never really been in to the cannabis industry, a tour like this could definitely open their eyes to how the business of weed works.
The tours usually contain information about what you should eat and what you should smoke, suggesting limits for those that are new to weed. Edibles especially are addressed, with newbie dosing suggestions available for those who don’t want to have a bad experience. Tourguides also talk about the differences between smoking, vaping, eating, and the other ways that you can get marijuana in to your system.
So is the price of the tour worth what you get? Yes. Even though there may be some points where things get boring and you may have a newbie on the bus who eats too much of a brownie, the trip is definitely fun. There’s not a lot that can compete with riding around a bus full of weed in Denver all day long. With so many companies popping up that offer tours of the newly legal state, Denver is definitely America’s Amsterdam.


How The Weed Guy Saved Christmas

Category: Culture | Posted on Tue, December, 9th 2014 by THCFinder
It was a dark and snowy Christmas Eve. The roads were covered in a sheet of fluffy precipitation and the trees sagged under the weight of the flakes that just kept falling. No one was out driving, no one was outside shoveling, not even the plows were going by. On a night like this, one would definitely require the help of cannabis. But the jars were all empty, keif catchers were scraped clean, and the only thing left in the house containing THC was a small bit of resin that no one really wanted to smoke.
So the four friends sat, watching cartoons sober, wishing that someone would respond to their desperate texts to find weed. They waited and waited but no messages came. At least the power was still on for the time being. They still had their TV and music to listen to, as well as power to charge their phones that they were constantly checking in the hopes that a weed man was coming. But alas, nothing.
Minutes turned in to hours and the friends were starting to fret that their Christmas eve would be spent trapped in the house with nothing to smoke. But suddenly, a jingle chimed out over the sound of American Dad and one of the stoner friends jumped up, shouting, “He responded, he responded!” The friends crowded around the phone, grappling to see what the weed man had said. “He said he can make it!” the holder of the phone said. The friends all cheered and asked when he would arrive.
Meanwhile, the weed man was suiting up. He donned his boots, a heavy jacket, and two pairs of mittens. He placed the bag of weed inside of his jacket and made sure that it was safe. It was a big bag, so at least the trip would be worth it in the long run. If he could even make it there! The snow wasn’t showing signs of slowing and he hadn’t seen a car in hours. The weed man opened the door to the outside, looking at the blanketed world. He sighed and shut the door behind him, dragging his heavy feet through the snow around his buried car to the bike that he had posted up against the side of the house. He brushed off the bike quickly and got on, pushing the pedals extra hard as they dipped in to the snow. 
The trip was only a mile but now, it seemed much longer. He couldn’t see the road and the streetlights weren’t helping much, as they were blotted out by the driving snow. He pedaled hard, wishing that it wasn’t snowing but at the same time, enjoying the quiet of the night. It had only been snowing for three hours but at 6pm, it felt like 3 in the morning. Pedal, breathe, pedal, breathe. He kept on pushing, hiding behind the brim of his hood.
Suddenly, the front wheel of the bike slid out from under him. He tumbled off the bike, landing in a small snowy ditch on the side of the road. For a second, he didn’t get up. Was this really worth it? The trip never seemed so bad in the car. Sure, these people were his friends but really? He got up and brushed the snow off of his jacket. The bike was buried in the snow and he tried to just grab it, falling over again. He frustratedly kicked at the snow, cursing it for falling so heavily. Digging at the snow, he located the handlebars of the bike and pulled with all his might, freeing the bike. Slowly, arduously, he climbed up the side of the ditch back to the road and got back on the bike. Before pedaling away, he made sure the bag of weed was still safe inside of his jacket. Once he knew it was still there, he started pedaling again.
He pedaled for what seemed like hours. That is, until he looked up to see that he had made it to the house. He threw up his hands in silent relief and pulled the bike in to the driveway, leaning it against the side of the house. He removed his mittens and knocked on the door. After waiting for a minute, he started to get angry. Did they just stand him up? Just when he was about to walk away and begin the journey back, the door flew open. Four smiling faces were staring back at him and what was this? A cup full of cocoa, topped with whipped cream.
The weed man smiled and kicked off his boots, making his way in to the warm house. His friends crowded around him, congratulating his perilous journey. He took a sip of cocoa and pulled the big bag of weed out of his pocket. The friends cheered and one of them pulled out a bong and a grinder, offering it to the weed man. He plucked a bud from the bag and ground it up, letting the smell of weed fill the house. He packed the bong and took the first hit, letting the smoke trail out of his mouth while he handed the glass piece over.
“Thanks, dude,” one of his friends said, slapping him on the back. “You really saved this Christmas."


Agent Orange - Hybrid strain

Category: Nugs | Posted on Tue, December, 9th 2014 by THCFinder


agent-orange-weed-3 agent-orange-weed-1 agent-orange-weed-2 

Agent Orange - Hybrid

The Agent Orange strain of marijuana is a three way cross between Space Queen, Jack's Cleaner and Orange Velvet Skunk that delivers its wonders within just 55 and 65 days when cultivated indoors. AO is a hybrid mix of Sativa and Indica the develops very heavy buds, coated with white crystals and blazing orange hairs. It smells like stinky cheese mixed with a bit of diesel fuel and various spices. The taste is likewise spicy, yet sweet and full. The buzz is trippy; mixing feelings of calming body stones with energetic mental lucidity.


How long would it take you to smoke all of this Cannabis?

Category: Fun | Posted on Tue, December, 9th 2014 by THCFinder



Researchers Working On Creating A Marijuana Breathalyzer

Category: News | Posted on Tue, December, 9th 2014 by THCFinder
researches-working-on-a-mj-breathalyzerThere’s a handful of people working on a marijuana breathalyzer right now. Some have been at it for a few years, and others, like some researchers at Washington State University, are just starting. Per Oregon Live:
Hill said he and WSU doctoral student Jessica Tufariello are working on a handheld device that uses a technique called ion mobility spectrometry to detect THC in someone’s breath.
Right now, officers and prosecutors rely on blood tests to determine how much active THC is present in a driver’s blood. Those test results aren’t immediately available to patrol officers who suspect someone is driving high.
There was a lot of media buzz last week when the research was announced out of Washington, with even many marijuana media outlets claiming that its going to be the future of how marijuana DUIIs are determined. However, I doubt this research, or any research involving a marijuana breathalyzer, will ever be used by officers in the field. Marijuana breathalyzers are built on junk science. Yes, they may eventually be able to detect if a person has marijuana in their system. However, they won’t be able to tell what level of active THC is in a person’s system, or how long ago they consumed marijuana, or most importantly if the person is impaired or not. Marijuana does not affect the system like alcohol does.


Skywalker (Hybrid)

Category: Nugs | Posted on Tue, December, 9th 2014 by THCFinder





Skywalker - Hybrid

Skywalker is a hybrid product of the blueberry and mazar strains. This 100% indica strain is known to provide above average pain relief, headache management, appetite stimulation and heavy sedation. The skywalker strain is sticky and mildly fragrant with fruity undertones and a flowery scent similar to other indicas. The effects are immediate and last up to two hours.



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