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AK47 - Sativa

Category: Nugs | Posted on Fri, October, 31st 2014 by THCFinder





Ak47 - Sativa

Despite its aggressive name, AK-47 has many peaceful tendencies. First bred in 1992, the name suggests the power packed in its dark, resinous, compact buds that bristle with red hairs and glistening trichomes. AK-47 has a spiced aroma bordering on skunk, with a hint of sandalwood, but tastes sweeter and more floral than the smell would lead one to expect. The AK-47 buzz is immediate and long lasting with an alert but mellow cerebral effect. Lab tests have rated the THC content at over 20 percent, making it a "one hit wonder" for many smokers. This variety can be a little spacey, but is great for playing and listening to music, or other social activities. AK-47 helped put Serious Seeds on the map with a 2nd place finish in the hydroponics competition and a 3rd place in the overall category at the 1995 Cannabis Cup in the Netherlands.


Simple Extraction Using Acetone

Category: Concentrates | Posted on Fri, October, 31st 2014 by THCFinder
hash-oil-extraction-with-cannabisThere are many ways to get extracts from cannabis using different solvents. Most popularly used solvents include butane, water/ice, and isopropyl alcohol. You can also use high proof liquor as well, if that’s what you prefer. However, you can also use acetone to extract THC from plant matter and according to the Cannabis Cultivation; A Complete Grower’s Guide, this is one of the best ways to obtain an extract for making hash oil. This process is very easy and the tools needed are easily obtainable in everyone’s state. If you follow the directions properly, you will be left with a desirable product that will get you seriously stoned.
Step 1 - 
If you’re using pot directly from the garden, be sure that you separate the stalks from the buds and leaves. While leaves contain low amounts of THC, they can still be added to the extraction process to add a little more to your final product. It’s recommended that you use buds, as extracts from buds are two to three times more potent than those with trim, leaves, and stems. Be sure that you remove any seeds that you find, as they can effect the final product’s taste and leave a not so desirable flavor in your mouth when smoking. 
Step 2 - 
Super- dry your buds by using a microwave oven. Put the plant matter in the microwave for a few minutes at a time until it crumbles to a powder at the touch. This is to help activate THC in the plant matter and will also help more THC absorb in to the acetone. 
Step 3 - 
Using a blender or coffee grinder, turn your now super-dry plant matter in to a powder. Once it is ground up thoroughly, use a flour sifter and sift the pot powder in to a large Pyrex dish. 
Step 4 - 
Take the acetone and pour it over the plant matter in the Pyrex dish. Be sure that the all of the plant matter is covered and then place a sheet of aluminum foil over it, like a lid. Let this dish sit in a cool place for at least two days, away from naked flames. Be aware that acetone is EXTREMELY flammable and it’s important to keep flames away from the solution while evaporating.
Step 5 - 
After two days, take the remaining liquid (not all of it will have evaporated, thanks to the tinfoil lid) and pour it through a funnel lined with unbleached coffee filters (two should work, just be careful to let the liquid fully drain in case it takes a bit… You don’t want to waste any!). Pour this liquid in to a new container. If you’re using a crockpot for Step 6, you can pour the liquid directly in to your ceramic crockpot container.
Step 6 - 
The last part of the process requires a slow cooker or a crock pot. Add your acetone solution to the crockpot and put it on low heat. This step needs to be done outside! Acetone fumes are very volatile and can ignite easily. By leaving this solution outside, you allow the fumes to evaporate directly in to the air. Once all of the liquid has evaporated, you are left with oil at the bottom of the container. Scrape it with a razor or another sharp object and wipe it on to parchment paper. You now have a smokeable product that is sure to get you stoned. Enjoy!


Green Ribbon - Hybrid

Category: Nugs | Posted on Thu, October, 30th 2014 by THCFinder


green-ribbon-3 green-ribbon-2  green-ribbon-4

Green Ribbon - Hybrid

Green Ribbon is a head-clearing strain that is great for concentration and daytime use, when a patient needs to medicate but also get things done.


A Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Category: Recipes | Posted on Thu, October, 30th 2014 by THCFinder
Even though Halloween is the next holiday coming up, we must prepare for the ones after, of course. Plus, places like Walmart have already started selling Christmas decorations. So us stoners are going to start preparing for Thanksgiving, a favorite of stoners since the whole point is to eat. The munchies are total bother for stoners but with this super easy way to make your turkey this year, you’ll solve the issue of getting stoned and the munchies in the same meal. 
What You’ll Need;
1 tsp thyme leaves
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp sweet basil
1 tsp poultry seasoning 
1 medium sized turkey
1/4 cup chicken broth
1/2 cup marijuana butter
1/2 tsp sage
Start by melting the cannabis butter in a small saucepan over low heat until it is melted and then mix in the remaining ingredients. While the contents of the saucepan are simmering, season the turkey with salt and pepper if you wish. Then, make a small incision in the turkey and force a finger between the slit, separating the skin from the meat. Using a meat injector, squirt about half of the butter mix under the skin of the turkey. 
Put the turkey in the oven and cook it the way you like it (everyone likes their turkey differently, you may have a family secret for cooking the bird). Use the remaining butter mix to bast the turkey while it cooks, basting it about every half an hour. Once the timer runs out on the turkey, pull the bird out and let it cool a bit. Then you’re ready to enjoy! Pair the bird with your favorite medicated side dishes, such as medicated mashed potatoes, ultimate fried green beans, and THC infused cranberry sauce!


Holidays are just around the corner

Category: Fun | Posted on Thu, October, 30th 2014 by THCFinder



New Mexico Governor Candidate Vows To Protect Medical Marijuana

Category: News | Posted on Thu, October, 30th 2014 by THCFinder
new-mexico-gov-says-he-will-protect-medical-marijuanaGary King is running for Governor of New Mexico. Below is a press release he unveiled involving his views on medical marijuana:
Statement: A Vote for Gary King is a vote to protect medical cannabis patients.
Caring for our own is a strong New Mexican value and a fundamental King family value. When people are in pain we should do everything we can to lessen their suffering. As your Governor I will use my power to protect and improve the Department of Health’s medical cannabis program and improve patient access to this medicine for all New Mexicans who need it by asking my Secretary of Health to make it a priority in his or her department.
All around the state people come up and tell me what being able to legally access marijuana means to them. I can see the truth in their eyes as they speak to me. During this campaign, patients and their loved ones have given me a deeper understanding of how absolutely critical the medical cannabis program is for thousands of our sickest and most vulnerable patients and their families. Whether a veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange and is undergoing chemotherapy, a terminally ill cancer patient or a victim of violence suffering post-traumatic stress who hasn’t slept in 36 hours and cannot rest, I am committed to ensuring that all patients who need medical cannabis have safe and affordable access to their medicine.
Medical marijuana, a history of compassion in New Mexico…
I am proud that the New Mexico Legislature passed the Lynn Pierson Therapeutic Cannabis Act passed in 1978 and the Lynn Pierson and Erin Armstrong Compassionate Use Act in 2007. This compassionate response to the desperate needs of patients suffering from cancer, glaucoma and other debilitating diseases paved the way for hundreds of New Mexicans to find relief for their symptoms in a regulated system. Brave New Mexico women advocated for the passage of these laws, which not only provided relief for hundreds of New Mexicans, they also paved the way for 19 other states to enact similar legislation. As Governor I pledge to protect these laws and honor the legacy of the women who stood up for themselves, their families and other New Mexicans in need.
Medical marijuana and overdose death prevention…
Overdose death rates are at epidemic proportions across the nation and in our state. Medical marijuana is a safe and non-toxic alternative to opiate pain killers. Many people say that medical marijuana helps them abstain from self-medicating with alcohol or using more harmful
substances like narcotics to control their pain.
As New Mexico’s Governor I will reinvigorate our harm reduction efforts and will support Department of Health efforts to educate licensed health care providers in New Mexico about how medical marijuana can be an overdose prevention tool and about certifying patients through the New Mexico Department of Health.
Medical marijuana and pharmaceutical drugs…
Pharmaceutical drugs are helpful for many people, but not for everyone. For many people medical marijuana simply works better than pharmacy pills do to take away their pain, symptoms of post-traumatic stress, etcetera without giving them debilitating side effects, like suicidal ideation, that they have when they take pharmaceutical drugs.



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