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Obama Commutes Sentences For 14 People Serving Life In Prison For Drug Offenses

Category: News | Posted on Mon, July, 13th 2015 by THCFinder

barack obama marijuanaToday, President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 46 people incarcerated in federal prison. This follows the commutation of eight people incarcerated in federal prison for drug offenses in December of 2014, and 22 in March 2015. Fourteen of the people who received commutations today were serving life in prison for nonviolent drug offenses.

In taking this step, the President has now issued nearly 90 commutations, the vast majority of them to non-violent offenders sentenced for drug law violations under draconian sentencing laws. President Obama has been under significant public pressure from advocacy groups and family members of people incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses who are serving long, mandatory minimum sentences.

“We can’t end mass incarceration until we end the drug war. The President’s actions today are welcome, but we need much more action,” said Michael Collins, policy manager at DPA’s office of national affairs. “The public overwhelmingly supports ending the drug war and letting states decide their own drug policies. It’s long past time to rectify the US’s embarrassing record on mass incarceration.”

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DEA Monitoring Internet Activity in Colombia, Is the U.S. Next?

Category: News | Posted on Mon, July, 13th 2015 by THCFinder

Dope-sniffing agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration are reportedly spying on all of the Internet activity in Colombia, according to a leaked email transmission regarding the federal agency’s surveillance tactics inside the South American country.

Last Monday, an email sent by Eduardo Pardo, who works as a Field Application Engineer for Hacking Team, began spreading on Twitter indicating that the DEA has purchased software that essentially gives them the power to Big Brother home computers and smartphones – not just in Colombia, but potentially in the United States. 

Hacking Team is a Milan-based tech company that provides law enforcement and intelligence agencies all over the world with highly advanced spy ware. The company, while having made proclamations to not sell to nations boycotted by the U.S and NATO, is suspected of doing business with questionable regimes from Sudan to Egypt.

An article published earlier this week in Forbes reveals that since the company has expanded its offices to Maryland, the DEA and FBI has been working more frequently with the company “as they seek to break common encryption across mobiles and desktops.” 

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Dab Art.

Category: Concentrates | Posted on Sun, July, 12th 2015 by THCFinder


Illinois approves 1st medical marijuana workers to grow legal pot

Category: News | Posted on Sun, July, 12th 2015 by THCFinder

Sunlight streaming through a glass roof in a rural warehouse will likely soon be feeding one of Illinois' first legal crops of marijuana seedlings.
The company that owns the warehouse, PharmaCann LLC, is preparing for a final inspection from state regulators Tuesday. Once that is secured, along with IDs for workers who have passed background checks, Illinois' fledgling medical marijuana industry will finally be able to get down to business — growing pot — nearly two years since a change in state law made it legal and after a series of hiccups in the rollout that followed.
Since the state began issuing the worker IDs earlier this month, at least six cultivation centers have been approved to receive them, Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Kristi Jones said via email. The cultivation houses must pass a department inspection before receiving written authorization to commence operations but should begin growing "very shortly," Jones wrote.
In March, the state issued preliminary licenses for 18 cultivation centers, whose owners have since been busy overseeing construction, buying and securing equipment and hiring employees. On Friday, the state announced that it had authorized the first two to begin growing and expected to greenlight more in coming days.



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