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Category: Videos | Posted on Sat, August, 26th 2017 by THCFinder


“Disjointed”: The marijuana sitcom made for killjoys who don’t smoke pot

Category: Culture | Posted on Sat, August, 26th 2017 by THCFinder

Sometimes smoking pot can make a person feel stuck — as in, the body can’t move, or be moved to move. Such a state goes well with the “Netflix and chill” ethos because if you’re locked inside it, odds are you have nothing better to do. Or even if you do, you’re not going to do it. Weed is hilarious like that.


Such a haze may also lead to heady musings, such as the notion that “bad” and “failure” can be mutually exclusive terms when it comes to television. Most of us know terrible television when we see it. But for reasons unknown, or the reason specified above, we keep on watching. Weed has a tendency to make failure bearable.

Then there are puzzles like Netflix’s “Disjointed,” premiering Friday. Created by David Javerbaum, formerly a writer for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” and network comedy generator Chuck Lorre, “Disjointed” blunts its potential by tracing the linework of an established and well-traversed comedic niche with the same broad strokes Lorre employs in shows like “Two and a Half Men” and “Mike & Molly.”

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Why Are California Cops Raiding Legal Marijuana Grows?

Category: News | Posted on Sat, August, 26th 2017 by THCFinder

Marijuana legalization can be best described as a partnership. For cannabis to become a commodity that is bought and sold like alcohol, tobacco or tomatoes, everybody involved—lawmakers, law-enforcement and the people who grow, sell and consume marijuana—has to come to some kind of agreement on how things will work.

This is how everything else in our society works. If one party decides that they don’t like the rules, it can throw the whole affair into chaos.

To date, among those three players mentioned above, most of the stubborn, recalcitrant resistance has come from the police. (Shocking. Nobody could have predicted this.) And in certain northern California communities, where marijuana is the major economic driver and where local governments are offering permits for commercial marijuana activity, it’s the police who are choosing to create havoc by behaving as if legalization never happened.

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What strain are you smoking on today?

Category: Fun | Posted on Fri, August, 25th 2017 by THCFinder



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